Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Are Still Who You Are!^^

Weekends seems to end so fast yet weekdays are like so long. Well, it has been a pretty well spend weekend for me this week. Went to 1B yesterday and helped in a food fair this morning till 3 pm just now. All are tired works but give thanks to the Lord that I am really really happy. Tomorrow will be the start of another week and more things are going to happen. Good luck to all and all the best in overcoming all the obstacles ahead.

Here I would like to clarify a few things. Yes, humans are weird as all of us has all kinds of different thoughts. We don't think the same thing all the time. It's normal and let's not make it a really big deal. Whatever you think is right doesn't necessary means that it's right to all the people around you. What to do? This is how the society is. Don't ever try to deny it as this is the fact.

Some people can suddenly turn bad mood just because of a few words that you express and you might not even realize it. Well, I suggest that we just leave that person alone for a while before we start talking crap again. Take a rest might just help. Oh well, have a nice days people! By the way, 19 more days to Sibu!^^

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