Sick + Busy = Disaster

Haiz...the worst thing that can happen to oneself is dropping on me right here right now!! Yeah..being sick..not cool at all.. Maybe it's all because of too much junk food and Cadbury Drinking Chocolate... Lol..gotta go for more exercises then.. But but but..the time just doesn't permit me to do so la.. Oh my..wat a long and tiring schedule ahead.. Tonight rosary,tomorrow handball com..nite church gathering..fri continue handball com,nite convo dinner.. Sat outing,nite church party.. May God bless me abundantly!!^^

Omg..wat a more slot for u dy.. After listening to more and more advice, I feel like a super tiring robot who is gonna burst anytime soon. But one thing I like is to be a good listener rather than a good speaker. Books oh books...i really hope that I can spare some time to listen to u too... Oh well, I will try my best ba..but no promises made...^^ You will always be an important piece in my life...


DoRa Priscilla said…
Allen, hope you get well soon and then we will go jogging with the rest..
Allen said…
ok..sure..haha..i also hope to get well soon.. Lol..jogging jogging!!

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