Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sometimes we just don't admit that we have actually change. Change to something which is really dangerous. Dangerous till really scary. Scary till the one beside them ran away. In the end,they are left alone in the darkness. They strive for survival in the darkness. While some manage to ran away, some were trapped in there for a long time before they can come back to the light. Light can save us by conquering the darkness. No evil can beat light. Our life doesn't end like this. We must earn the best life possible. Do not get overexcited over something which may be nice at first sight. There is no love at first sight in this world. You have to experience a lot before you can actually call that love. Please wake up if you are still lying there like a dead body which is not used in the right way. To be precisely, you can actually cause a lot of trouble to others. You are too selfish to think for others. No point in doing so. People will hate you. Your one moment of happiness will end in the most dreadful way. Your eagerness has turn you into someone who you are not used to be. You have changed. We often say you have turn over a new leaf. We can also say this about you but then you are a new bad and rotten leaf. You bring no good to this society. Please change for a better tomorrow and not turn into someone who make the darkness to win over others.



Friday, August 29, 2008

Everyone Be Alert

Helo,everyone.. So sleepy la..but I just can't afford to sleep this kind of period. I know I want to but I just cannot do so. I have to do something more essential. I cannot go towards the wrong direction. It's wrong. Hmmm...not good,not good.. Sleep needed to be cut short from now onwards. 2nd trial falls on the 22nd of September. About 3 more weeks till that day. But I am already very anxious. Anxious about how hard will I fail again this time. Anxious about how I will have to see my own face after seeing my results. I have been hit for 5 times already!!! I have never achieve such a feat in my whole life. Now,who can break tat record of mine? Michael Phelps also have to think about it first.. The last time is coming soon and I think I will once again be doing the same thing this time around. So sad. Unwell. Pessimistic. Down-hearted. Stupid. Not good jiu shi not good. I always cry to myself asking myself why am I treated so cruelly everytime. Why can't I be treated more fair? Why I can't be like Mr.Teo? Why is Ah Kuok so pro? How can they maintain their high marks ah? Why why why??? What can I do to be like them?? What are they doing now? Studying? Sleeping?? Haiz..I am still here.. That's what I know.Here I leave you guys with my deepest wishes for everyone to be success in the coming exams!!!

Chelsea FC!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sad Day With Rotten Toppings+_+

Shocking,shocking,shocking.... I really can't believe what I heard oh... How can this be happening to these people now? How can they grow into like this? What are they really up to now? Don't they realize what they did are wrong and should never occur at the first place?? I am really sad and disappointed. I don't want this to happen. Such a tragedy. So angry come to think of it. These people are really out of their mind. OMG....some are my friends too. I can't do anything to change this sad tragedy anymore now other than pray hard for them to turn over a new leaf. They are not young little kids anymore. They can be called grown-up. Please don't let us be worry of you. This kind of actions would just let you and the people who care for you down. I am really speechless whenever I think about it. Headache,stomachache,pain here and there. can this thing be happening?? What's up with this world now?? Upside down once again? Really STB!!!!!!!!Not cool... Oh well,my quote these few days... Mai gong mo la..doh nv pa suo lat!!! Haha..if you think that I can lessen your anger,just tell me or you can just hit me. I don't mind. Just don't do anything stupid anymore. Haiz..dunno what to say anymore. You people really let me down. You might as well throw me from the highest storey of Parkson. I just can't stand it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is It Too Late Now?

Few months back, I broke up with a girl which I really love. And all this while I may be happy but inside of me felt unhappy and full of regret. After so many months I still can’t forgot about her. I really don't know what is that makes me love her. And I never know that I could in love like this. When I saw her my heart beat very fast and I became speechless, when I never saw her I felt something is missing and wish to see her right away. Now I try to win her heart back but I know it all too late. I know she’s different now. I don’t know what to do? I think it time for me to give up.

· 莫问前程有愧,只求今生无悔

Sunday, August 24, 2008

End Of The Holiday

Oh well,it's time to rethink of what have I done over the last week... Hmmm,basically I can say that I did nothing that can do much help to my studies. I got study la but I don't think it can do much help too. I felt sorry for myself but then I still deeply hope that I can do something to recover what I have lost. Feeling won't help. I know this cause I have been through these feeling far more times than anyone else in this big big world. I will have to strive for more. Harder than before. No matter how hard is life,I won't give up. Please do keep this in your mind for this is really really essential to you all if you want to live a great and wonderful life. la la.. Tomorrow the school reopen and it's time for us to face the exam papers. This reflects how we have done before the exams. The results may not be like what we expected but we must all learn to take it easy. Don't get too excited or disappointed just because of the marks we got. Not good,not good. All I know is that we must always be happy with what we got cause these are all the things which God has given us and we must appreciate it the right way. So,I wish everyone to enjoy the last day of holiday. Have a nice day!! Haha,today's weather is so fine!! ^-^ Smile always...

Friday, August 22, 2008



GOD' love & grace


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


在你怀里 舍不得放弃

不能再陪你 但不要忘记

在你怀里 舍不得放弃

不能再陪你 但不要忘记


Monday, August 18, 2008


Friends,friends,friends...I have a lot of them.. Yet sometimes I just kind of neglected them. So sick of myself. Why can't I just be a good person to everyone? So la,is really hard.. To be someone so great is kind of exaggerating your own ability to the limits. You just can't do it. You can overused your own potential. Pain may be felt now. But then,the future is always there for you. In life,there is certainly a lot of ups and downs. Don't ever be too sad over some small stone which are just trying to block your view in front of you. These stones may be the main reason you fail your life. So,let's just wake up now and don't wait till it's too late before we finally notice them. Life's unpredictable but we are the one living it. As I have been saying all this time..God granted us life to live in this world,we must appreciate it with the best way possible. Don't disappoint the one who care for us. Hehz... That's all for now.. Everyone must add oil towards our different life..[^-^]

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Where's my direction?

Well,2 days are gone.. I still haven do anything meaningful yet this holiday. Just Olympics all the time. Really sad. what I said the other day,I will just waste my time doing nothing. 这种生活方式真的很不健康啊。。但我又能够怎样呢?世界上的诱惑真的是太过多啊!!!不好不好。。I can spent the whole day sitting in front of the computer online.. But I can't stand a minute looking at a book. How desperate can I be when I can't touch my computer or my hand phone? Who knows what will happen when the books in this whole world suddenly disappear in the black hole. Rejoice,rejoice!! Hmmm...patience,patience,patience...i have none of it... Help is needed la... Anyway... Holidays still have 8 days to go...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Nice One Here

I like this drama very much.... So...i decided to share the preview with all of you lo... Jia you ba...


Some nice and meaningful pictures to share with all of you guys.... Lolz...jia you ba!!!

Happy Holiday ma???

La la la...10 days of holidays(starting today).... So,is it really enough for me to do a lot of things? Haiz...can I really make use of this time to revise my book? I really dunno the answer to that question la. I wanna do it but sometimes there is just no heart for me to do so. I am there but my soul is not there for me to finish my job. This is really not good. I dun like it but then what can I do? I am the one who will sit for the exam during year-end. No one can help me. Or shall I say that I can depend on God's guidance for me.. Can He really help me? Ah...really really really hard la............ STPM is really sot de.............No time to study during last minute. This is 100% correct. What to do if I can't study well and hard enough? I fail my exam once again. I just can't help it. My results are super ugly. I dun the face to face it. So ugly. No one likes it.Holiday,holiday, long yet so short. Nothing to do if I dun study. Or do u want me to watch Olympics? OMG....sometimes watching tv also very tiring la. Dun like to sit in front of tv so often la. Later become potato couch qu... Not nice... Haiya,tis not nice, tat not nice!!! Then,wat is nice? No comment is usually the answer I will received from my friends. Miserable life,not good,aloha!!!! Anyway,Happy Holiday to everyone!!!!!!!!! Gambateh...................:D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Hard Feeling *-*

A day of happiness with the toppings of tears. While we can always keep things to ourself, it is hard to lie to others. Different perspective via people with different mindset. Positive is not necessary good. Negative is not totally bad. Wrong feeling on something or someone will occur normally. No one can stop it. You are doing so without noticing it. You can do nothing to compensate. Chances are not given. Work need to be done. Talk is easy. Hard is never something to say. To do it the right way is complicated. What you see may not be what you see. Don't feel strange. This is the truth. Uncovering the truth is not your business. Not your problem. People's heart is brighten by who. No one knows the truth. It is brittle. Break easily. Happy ending. Goodbye my love.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Debate Competition 2008

Yeah...I am very happy and high now... Haha,why leh? Because I just accomplish my first mission as a 团长 for my Legion Of Mary. I have just finish organizing the debate competition for the whole Legion Of Mary in our church. Wow,we certainly have come a long way in doing so. So many time,money,works put in making this competition a success. We must really praise God for what He has done for all us. Praise the Lord!! I never enjoy my time in the Legion of Mary as much as this time. This is the best experience I have gain. I love all my members. All of you have done your best for this competition. No matter what happens,I will always keep this memory save and sound in my heart. Anyway,we are all the best!! happy ah...

To Continue Or Not

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