Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bye bye 21~~ Come on 22!!

A few more hours to go in my 21st. After this, I will be a 22 year old boy! Haha, come on. I wish for a better life, a better surrounding and of cause a better resolution. Along this year, many have happened and mostly are great. I love my life and I appreciate all those who have came along with me all this while. You all have been magnificent and I love you all. Things come and go all the times but our friendship shall always bond together no matter where you are or whatever you are into right here right now.

A Trip to Manukan~~

Maths Nite 2011 was magnificent~~

Trip to Mahua~~

Tanjung Aru Beach with classmates before exam period

School visiting~~ This is Wandy!

My first camp in IP..

A Trip to KL(5 days 4 nights with Ichum n Wandy)

Lok Kawi Trip!

Class Photo during PJ Amali

Tanjung Aru! Makan-makan~

Ranau Trip with classmates! friends, I guessed? hahaha...

Ham President n Vice President!

6 people at 6 different places around the world!! 

Best Friends Forever!!

Many of the things I have been through are quite new as well, you all indeed bring me many fond memories. There shall be many more years for us to go on together. Life is just like riding a roller coaster. There will always be ups and downs but we shall face them with our bravest heart all the time. Fight them with all our wills, remember guys and gals, Never Give Up! Let's enjoy the last few moments of my 21st ba. Hehe..^^


Mixhedryanson said...

Let's create a beautiful memories and one day we talk about it in front of our child or maybe grandchild.

Allen said...

I agree with your statement and this is what I am going to do. It's a nice and great idea indeed!

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