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My Church's Friends

These are my church's friends(Francis, Lawrence, Bernard, Cynthia, Clare, Carol). We goes to church every Sunday at 6.30am! Haha, from 3 persons at first, now we are proud to announce that our community has grown to 7! Well, one will be leaving at the end of the coming semester...but no harm, with God's presence I am sure that our community can grow as time goes by! Come on...have a nice days people...^^

Maths Maniac's Story!

Alright, now let's talk a bit of Maths Maniac~~ A lot of u might be curious what Maths Maniac actually I seems to post a lot on it in my facebook status... So, let me introduce to u my classmate for my degree course in 5.5 years... Maths Maniac is a maths class which consist of 21 students from different areas in Malaysia. We have Malays, Chinese, Dusun, Iban and some other races in it. Anyway, we are all good friends.
 I have went through 4 years with all these guys and gals...which means another 3 more semesters with them, 1.5 years to go. It's not that long and not that short either. Time passes really fast especially when we are busy with so many things as the semester pass by. From strangers to good friends, from people who never smile with each others to people who are the ones who we can laugh with all the time and most importantly from individualistic to cooperation!

 Most of us has our own stand most of the time and quarrel do happen once in a while. But the…

Imma Back After 4 Months!

Ok, so now we have 3 weeks of holidays... Haha, I still don't have any clear idea of what to do actually in these 3 weeks... Gosh, come to think of it, it is really a long long weeks ahead if I keep on doing nothing. So, before anything, I shall be blogging more now... I am back after 4 months away...away because of all the busy-ness... Honestly, this few months has been my busiest months of all... I shall post a few photos on what have I done so far this few months, enjoy ya guys and gals...I shall be back really really soon...^^