Friday, September 30, 2011

Well, how swift time can pass by this very last week. It's another Friday nite where I am enjoying the time quite much. Thinking back the past weekdays, I feel that I have not really done anything which is meaningful except for the PJ Amali. Most of the time I had no class, no lecture and too many free time. With this, I am actually gonna say bye bye to the month of September 2011. So, let's all sing Wake Me Up When September Ends. At least I had badminton these few days with Mei Ling n Ning Ning. Which we seldom have since the last holiday.

Oh well, to the coming week ahead now. I really couldn't feel the business ahead. Just some normal presentation n stuff ahead. Lol. Oh my. Time oh time. As time goes by, my money also goes missing. The more I stay in KK, the more money I spend. Hahaha..come on. Anyway, let's put out our long arms and welcome the month of October!! It's finally my month of the year once again.. Wow wow wow...this year is gonna be a different scenario..I am gonna celebrate it at my own hometown~~ Walalala... Happy October ppl..^^

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends

25th of September seems like a normal date to the most of us in this World. Yet if we actually think further a bit, we realize that it's 3 months to the birth of Jesus Christ which is Christmas Day! Well, how important can that day be to all of us. So, how is our preparation for that day going on by now? Ask yourself. Think hard and thoroughly. 

I love the month December really really much as it's the busiest month in the year where do all sorts activities concerning Christmas. Christmas Caroling, Christmas Songs, Christmas Parties and Christmas Gatherings with friends. Nice, nice, nice. I just can't wait for that month to come. The happy times will be coming through really really soon. So, all in all, Wake Me Up When September Ends!^^

Friday, September 23, 2011

Feelings After Cell Group

A World full of Stars...what a big big world ahead of us to explore...^^

I just came back from a church cell group and there is this one question which make me thought for some time and in a few moments a bunch of other questions started to appear. What would I achieved in 10 years time? Well, the first thing which appeared in my mind was to have got married and have some kids already by that time. But then, how can I be successful in achieving that target in 10 years time? Is that all I wanted all along? Is this the meaning of life which I have been searching for all these years?

Sometimes the things we do is not for our own sake but is for the sake of^^

What are the things I need to be able to have a wife and children? Maybe car or maybe even house. The car thing just make me feel more and more headache nowadays. I am really quite desperate to own a car as I am getting very fed up of walking up and down the small mountain to and fro the classroom everyday while looking at others who own a motorbike or car. They can just go and fro to everywhere as they want. How nice. But I will never forget the petrol and maintenance issue. That's why I reflect that I am really not in a rush to have a car. Maybe I will get one during the end of semester 4 of early semester 5.

What will happen soon? No one knows except the mighty God!

Let's make some predictions on what shall be coming soon in my life as we march towards the 10 years in the future.In 3 years time, I will be graduating from here and be a teacher. Working like a normal teacher, maybe by that time my love life will have a complete different situation from now. My girlfriend will be as beautiful as the Miss World. At least for me. I would have my own car. Starting a whole new loan system. New house and new surrounding.

Nice nice world...keep up the good job, PPL!!

There must always be time when we need to settle down. So, getting married and have kids are the best solution. I would not want to wait for too long to do that. So, 30 years old is my limit. Deep in my heart, I really hope to achieve this. So, may God bless me always. Come on Allen, let's prove to this world that we can do it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh My Life!

It has been a long time since I last do this but I would never forget the process forever. The way one's life change in 3 years is not as big as one might thought it would be. It's just not as easy as one has always predicted it. 

Many paths along the road. Some right some wrong but however wrong it may be, I am grateful that I am still alive until now. Who knows what could actually happen the next second I am away from here.

Sometimes I really don't know who to express to except my blog. So, I think that actually this is my loyal companion. It won't betray me or do anything which hurt me. This is life. 

Life is like a roller coasters. There are just too many ups and downs nowadays which human can't defend against them. Human can be happy now but in just a few seconds later, things can change so rapidly that before you realize it, everything is too late already. 

Once you make a mistake or fall into a trap, it's just so hard to be accepted into the society again. People just can't think outside the box and always try to be a professional in judging others. Oh My Life!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mark My Words!

Feeling more and more tired as days goes by. Doing all the things in the darkness alone. What others said is like a direct opposite from the truth. No specific directions, once again. The way to continue is so dull. Life, life, life.


No idea what to do next. No nonsense from now on. A friend like a phone ringer is never a good choice. Rather choose to be a stranger than nothing else. Rush for the sake of what.

It's like deja vu again. Something which has been happening  before and it's a trauma since God knows when. Never repeat the same mistake. What to do. Just leave soundly and leave no footstep behind. 

Good luck to you in the near future and before I find the nice and suitable timing, I will never turn my head right in again! Mark my words.

The Eden Camp(15-17/9/11)

Just came back from The Eden Camp(15-17/9/11)..haha..a 3 days 2 nights camp.. Lol...I actually got to know lots of things through this marvellous camp. I discovered that sometimes I don't even know who I am really are. What am I doing in this world? Why am I repeating the same thing all over again? How come a life can be like this. And many more. 

Now to the life game. I was given the minister post which in the eyes of many a very very rich guy. Lol. Yeah, I did have lots of money. I have all kinds of properties like house, car, wife and I can afford to pay for all the taxes and fees. Yet I feel like my life is just so meaningless. I don't need to work and all I need to do is just to have fun. Play play play...tat's all I need to do to pass my time. The place I most often went was the casino..which in some eyes are illegal. 

Well, I was quite bored with my life and I was playing safe all the time. But in the end I discover that we are really weak and we just can't run away from death. At one moment, the death God was catching after me and I dropped all my things to be sold. My boss scolded me and she didn't give me full payment for my job. At the same moment, a policewomen came and caught me and said I did something wrong. Wow. If you think that 2 bad things are enough, then you are totally wrong. At the same moment, my wife who was pregnant and was beside me the whole time became pregnantless. Hahahaha..the disciple of the death God snatched our baby. Oh my. How can one actually imagine that. 

In the end, I ended up being a normal minister living a normal life. I didn't die but also end up in the hell as well during the night time. Everyone was blindfolded. We walked in a straight row. Many voices beside us, things passed through, screams, many pulling occured and etc. Well, honestly I was terrified and really really scared of the whole thing. I am a timid guy and I hated being scared. So, I hit back, pushed back and shuffed every pulling or the things coming through me. Lol..the food and accommodation part were really great as well. Not to forget all the organizers.. They are really great as well. Thanx a lot to you for making this camp so so successful! I will definitely join this camp again if I had the chance!^^

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Assignments and Feelings

Today let's touch more on assignments. Yeah, I know most of us or majority of us don't really like assignments. But can we imagine life here without the accompany of them? We will be living in the surrounding of all kinds of assessments, quizzes and most hated of all exams all the time. Is this how we want to be graded? Think about this. Life isn't all just about tests. We should live it the other way round. Tell me how you feel after you have done your assignments. Your life is back and you are free. So let's enjoy them while doing them and don't always complain too much about them. It's not the end of the world.

Now to the second part. A song to share with you all. Crazy In Love. " I don't dare to ask yet always think of asking whether what kind of man is hidden in your heart. I don't dare to guess yet always think of guessing. Can time be turned back? I know I am not perfect enough cause whatever you gave me was not enough. I don't switch on the light as I don't want to do so. No one can be by my side. I don't want to knock the door as I don't want to do so. There is always a chance of you coming back. I am serious in thinking of your seriousness towards me. The process hurts me so much but the conclusion is still a question mark.

I am crazy in love. Crazy enough till I didn't realize that I am hurting myself. Gave up protecting myself. I couldn't care anymore. I couldn't care if this hurt can be healed. Choosing you maybe is the wrong choice. Choosing to protect your unwell being. I respect your decision. I think I am crazy. Please respect my choice. I think I am crazy." Haha. This song has something in common with me now..hahaha...good luck people!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Foods and Bits From Somewhere

 40 days here and en-counting. It just won't end at first but after realizing the fact that it's actually week 13, some actually couldn't believe the fact that time runs so fast. We are catching it all the time. Time for assignments, for leisure, for studies and etc. Life has been destined to be like this since the day we are brought to this world. Who can deny this fact? Well. Think about this.

Being so eager to be at home doesn't necessary make me someone who miss home or my family that much. Maybe there are so many other factors such as friends around, freedom, pleasure or maybe just some normal routine. The feeling here is just so much different. I still can't feel like at home after spending nearly 2.5 years here. But I don't deny that I have got used to most of the things here. For instance, the circle of this place. Normal class(Boring) to Assignment(Tiring and Lazy) to Study Week(Too Free and Tension) to Exam(Things Every Student Hate) to Holiday(Nice).

Finishing this makes time move even faster than ever. We can't jump even one step as we don't really have much choice in front of us. So just try and take it easy ya guys. It's not hard to predict one's way of thinking once we have get used to the things around him or her. Some are good while some are otherwise. This is life. Good luck people!

Disguise is something many people like to do nowadays. You want to do this yet you went on doing that in the end. Why can't you just be a bit braver than the ones surrounding you? A coward is destined to be a coward all the time. Just do whatever things you want to do. Other people's way of thinking is not that important. You can hear a lot but you can't really accept all. Some may just cross with each other. The one who will make the final and most critical thinking is still you, yourself!

Feeling so unclear of the situation now, being panic all the time, thinking too much, night time seems so long, missing pieces start to appear, wanting to find someone to talk about and so on. Try to cope with these step by step and life shall be easier. Focus on the right thing at the right time! Have a nice day.^^

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Week in Sibu~~^^

One week of PBS(Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah) just ended just like that. 5 days spend in SJK(C) Chung Hua gone without realizing. It was just like I just went there for the first time yesterday. Haha. All in all I felt quite nice about this time's PBS. Lol. Last time there were 32 of us, now only 5. So, I thought we would have got busier but it was even more free. Nothing much to do other than assignments. Something which I spend time doing together with the 3 Kingdom game in the office's meeting room.

Well, I give credit to the principal who was actually a nice guy with a dark face. He didn't like to smile and always give some irritating comment yet actually he has a warm heart. I can see this from his smile when we gave him a present as a token of appreciation for the school. Haha. Great day it was, after he gave us the mark for PBS, I just can't wait to go back and continue enjoying my holidays!

After that, went back home and prepare for another journey around Sibu Kopitiams. Oh well, 2 more days to be back to reality once again. Swimming is another great great hobby which I like real much. 20 rounds in 2 and a half hours. Lol. Chit-chatting with a nice and understanding friend, thank you XY! We certainly talked a lot and it was really enjoying. Come on man, I can't wait for the next time.

So, I heard a lot of advice since I am back here. My secret has been leaked out and it seems like the whole world already knew it. Wow, as if something big had really happened. Lol. Come on guys and gals! Give me some time ya. I will do it but not now. One important date is enwaiting me. It's just like fishing ba. Sometimes pull, sometimes let go. No need to do so much "actions"! Haha.

One last thing, Allen is still Allen! He has never changed to another person. Once he is your friend, he shall forever be your friend. He won't let you go unless you yourself decide to let go of him. Haha. Friends come and go but true friends shall always remain the same no matter what happens! Happy Holidays and all the best kawan-kawan!! Hehe..^^

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SBE In Sibu~~

Yeah..I am back to Sibu for 9 days this time around.. Gonna do my School Based Experience(SBE) here at SJK(C) Chung Hua coming next monday.. Really hope that everything can go as smooth as possible.. Lol..come on!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Journey of Mount KK

Mount KK oh Mount KK...indeed you are not something easy to conquer... All kinds of pain in going through it and in the end came back with a first class certificate. least I achieved that.. The journey was about 2 days 1 night. We started off early at about 8.40am..i actually carried a bag of more than 10kg.. Oh my, it was so heavy indeed and the 2 straps actually got broken. Along the way, many other things happened such that my raincoat got torn.

It was a hard and challenging way to Laban Rata which is the first destination. We had to gone through the rocky paths, stairs by stairs which is in different height, rivers, waterfalls and etc. The only thing which we had been anticipating is the sign board of how many KM has we actually passed by. We walk, stop and continue on. After walking for 6 km to reach the simpang to Laban Rata, we were required to walk another 2 km to Laban Rata.

At this moment, I was walking alone. This was the hardest part of the whole journey of Mount KK. All are rocks and we were just needed to climb up. You will never know where is the end and I got really frustrated in the end. Scolded this and that and got really tired. In the end, I reached the destination point at 6 pm. Many were there already and I was thankful to reach there for the buffet dinner.

After that, we took our rest and got ready for the battle the next day. We woke up as early as 1 am in the morning for the conquering of the mountain. Had our breakfast and took off at 2.40am. Another rocky path, all ups and no downs. We had to switch on our torch lights and walk in the dark. One more challenging stuff is that we had to climb by using the ropes. Hard, hard, hard. I had been thinking of giving up for several times before continuing on up until high above the mountain.

If you only think going up was hard, then you think otherwise because going down was equally hard. You have to know where to step as the rocks are all so so slippery. I fell down for at least 20 times just because of the slippery rocks. We reached Laban Rata and next continue our journey down to the Timpohon gate.

This time was much much easier than the other 3 times. Many stairs and we were like running down the thing. 6km an d I took about 3 and a half hours to finish. was was that compared to the ones we took for climbing up the day before. Reached Timpohon gate at 3.45pm and went on for buffet lunch before departing back to the hostel. All in all, this was a very wonderful and memorable trip. I now declared that I will go again next time if I have the chance!

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...