Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year~~ Once Every 4 Years!^^'s the 29th of February today! Something which happens once every four years. A leap year to be precise. Oh well, n this also marks the last day of the month. What have I done so far? Somehow I can't remember much of what have I really done this semester although we are almost coming the end of the first half.  Life have been quite hectic for the last few weeks. With assignments, folders, church, works and etc. Sports day today and tomorrow. This year I am the treasurer for my house. So, my responsibility shall be different from years before. Oh well, no marching this year around. Sad news. T.T! After the Sports Day, we shall have a visit to KK Wetland Park. Not for fun actually but to help out in cleaning the place. Haha! For BIG(Bina Insan Guru). Anyway, 9 more days to the day I long for since 4 weeks ago. Come on!! I need a time machine.^^

Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Unanswered Questions~~^^

 Does it means that the more we hear, the more we doubt about the knowledge we all possess? Or is this what we call knowledge is endless? We can say that we are so smart till whatever level we want but still we can't overturn the most high above all of us. So what if you are best in this world? So what if you can be a perfect runner yet you can't understand how others feel. What other people feel in your shoes is totally none of your business. Is this all you search for all this while?

Try to think of how other people feel la. Fit yourself in their shoes before trying to shoot anyone as you like. It's not like the whole world owes you anything or what. Come on, the truth is that everyone care for you. Please try to change and be a whole new person. By the time you realize this, the world shall be a much better place to live in and you may even see a cheerful place around you!

Sometimes it's just so hard to deal with certain people or shall I call them species. I don't know how they actually think and what do they want from me. Why is it so hard to understand them? What a life. It's only Monday and I am having blues once again. Oh well, what to do. Life goes on. 12 days to Sibu! Wait for me patiently ya.^^

Friday, February 24, 2012

Some Weird People I Discover Lately

It's just so hard to understand how they actually think at times. Why must they make everything look so complicated? Oh my, just make them as simple as possible ba. It's not the end of the world la. Every time repeat the same thing over and over again, even if you don't feel bored, the one beside you will eventually got fed up la. Haiz, this world is really getting weirder day by day. The world is changing to another self which no one know what it is really up to.

People ah people, can't u just sit down and talk face to face like a real man? Must u have cold war over just a small misunderstanding. I dun even know how that thing would actually occur. How can good friends turn to something like tat? Misinterpret this and that would eventually turn the truth to lie and from lie to truth. Well, de ja vu rite? Have this ever happen to you? All I can say is good luck gal! Dun make things too complex and just be yourself. People started it, so what? Must u continue on like them? Dun follow their childish manner ba!

I would rather be the last one to know the truth than be the one who never even realize what had happened for the whole while. Secrets. Yeah, I know that everyone has secrets but must you keep everything in your mind and keep them to yourself? Dun you feel helpless and feel like bursting out all the truth at one go? I am indeed speechless la. Can you please dun be so cruel to me? I wonder why and how all the time. I just hope that I dun collapse in the end. Gosh.

Assignments and Time~~^^

It's Friday once again. Another week which I dun really remember what I did for the whole week. It has passed by like the speed of lightning. You just won't feel it. In a few days time, we shall need to say goodbye to the month of February. Oh well, with the passing of time, the date of submission of assignments are getting nearer as well. How great. I have two tasks in hand and I am really worry about them as I have not finish them just yet.

But then, I guarantee myself that I won't leave them till last minute! Come on la, why must we let ourselves suffer like that? We can finish them earlier and then go to sleep like every other night. So, good luck to all my friends out there. Have a nice day and all the best ya!^^

Monday, February 20, 2012

No Pain No Gain!!^^

Yesterday was a hard choice. I actually had 3 choices for me to choose from. Church potluck dinner, class steamboat dinner and lastly group discussion on Sibu's trip this coming March. In the end, I chose the third one which I thought was the priority. Oh well, choice was choice. What has been done, is done. Some were unhappy but what can I do? Lol, come on! Haha. 

Today was another different whole new experience. Was trying to take a short afternoon nap before my friend phoned me and asked me to go out. So, why not since it's not always that I go out with them. Big Apple first then to Karaoke~~ Wow, nice sing out loud!! Hahahhaa..then to Philippine Market for fish n chicken hunting~~ la la... One phrase to summarize all, "No Pain No Gain"^^ Good day people~~

Sunday, February 19, 2012

How To Choose?^^

Why do we often hold on such strong grudge on something which is actually so meaningless to us? There must be a reason behind every decision we made. Hmmm, though sometimes we must keep in mind that one can be so helpless at times. He just can't make the right choice when there are 2 nice and sweet paths in front of him. How to choose? Choose one and the other one will be hurt in the end. Haiz..what a life. Just be yourself first and help yourself before you help others ba!^^ Have a nice weekend people~^^

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Recent News!!^^

This week has been a week of ups and downs for me. Many things came by and most of them has been solved as the week come to the near end. Yeah, I feel so grateful for that. God has been so good to me. 

Sometimes we should just accept the fact that things go as it is. Heard something nice for a while may just sweeten our heart for a long time. And I just got that. Great!

Gonna join some church activities later just like some other typical Thursday! We just need to leave some time out for God. Come on.

I just realized that this half year is gonna be a long half year to go and yet I found myself struggling with the budgeting of my money. So, good luck to me! And not forgetting all of my friends nearby!

Thank you for treating me well and not saying no. It's just feel so good right now. You might just don't realize how much good has that been to me! Anyway, thank you and may all of us have a great weekend ahead of us. Have a nice time people!^^

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there! Well, this year is no different from any other year! Haha, no need to say more. Everyone knows what's tat! Anyway, for those who are already in a relationship, all the best in maintaining ur relationship! I wish you all the very best in it! Wahaha..for those who are still single..dun stay forever alone~~ Come on, show some bravery and courage in pursuing the one you like.. You can do it de la! Just need some more patience~~ Muahahaha..happy happy day~~^^

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Come On PPL! We can do IT!!^^

2 weeks after coming back here from CNY spirit. Well, as we all know how a student life may be, I am having the same old thing back once again. Assignments are coming in one by one, paperwork needs to be done by a few weeks time. And whenever I am enjoying myself, I would have a feeling of guiltiness deep inside my heart. How great. Thanx to you all!! So, good luck to all of u who r having the same thoughts! Anyway, it's still weekend ba. Have a nice one and all the best ya guys n gals!^^

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Whole CNY Period~~^^

Hi there guys and gals! With this, the 15 days of Chinese New Year for this year has ended yesterday. This year especially I felt so blessed with all the warm spirit while spending times with all my friends from different backgrounds. You guys are just great. From the first day of Chinese New Year visiting till yesterday night's Chap Goh Mei's dinner. There are just marvelous moment for me. I certainly hope for more to come in the coming years ahead. Who knows what might happen then and all we can do is just pray that we can always stay as healthy as possible ba! Haha!!^^

With this, I have added a few pictures to this blog post! Hehe, have a nice day ya guys and gals!^^ 

The Dinner For The Night Before CNY!

Chap Goh Mei's Dinner!

Breakfast With Godfather!

Gaya Street!


Pesta Ang Pau!

Gaya Street~ Nice place..^^

Hahahhaa..nice food...

SR after coming back to KK!

Nice food..^^

More, more, more!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Come on Home Works!

Home works left alone there are slowly turning into a high mountain as days gone by. Wow, how astonishing can that be. I do hope that I can really arrange my time well to finish all the tasks which require me to solve. Oh gosh, I better get going now or else things might just get worst! So, have a nice weekend ahead of all of you ya. Good luck n all the best! Smile~^^

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chronicles and Haywire!>.

2 movies today and I was deeply disappointed in the both of them, Chronicles and Haywire. Well, the way they shoot the movie was just too old fashioned and boring. I was actually spending 1/3 of the time sleeping in the cinema. Nothing actually was able to attract me in the eyes. So dull was the word I can use to describe the story line. How great of me to spend RM10 for 2 movies like that and end up wasting my time there as well. Luckily we manage to pay ourselves back with the KFC meal afterward. Hehe, yeah! Had KFC and was deeply satisfy with that part of the day. After that, we went on shopping for the things we needed before going back to the hostel at around 8.30pm. All in all, good day. Just the movies, oh well. Have a nice weekend ahead people!^^

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February~~^^

Alright, here I am once again early in the morning of the first day of February 2012. Just had a simple tea time with my friends at Hajara Curry House and now my mind is full of ideas. Somehow the feelings just flow as it is and I can't even figure out where it's landing now. What a life I have had all this while. Oh well, what to do. People do change and I know I can't do to much to cure this. I am scare that I am changing as something unexpected might just be happening slowly step by step without me realizing it. How scary would that be. Oh my. 

So swiftly one month has passed by. We are into the second month of the year and there are much more things to look forward to. Assignments and exercises rushing in. Which means more money needed to be spend on. I really hope that I can do my budgeting well so that I can spend my precious money on other stuffs. Anyway, a printer has been added into my collection yesterday. I have finally decided that it's time to own one after pursuing my studies here for such a long time. It's hard to make a decision at times but once we have made up our minds, there shall never be anymore second thoughts! Just do it, as we know that never try, never know. So, goodbye and so long to you! I shall set sail and be a goner once again! Wahahahaha..have a nice February people~^^

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