Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts During Mid Oct!~~

Doing revision while listening to some oldies might just help you in linking some of the things you used to not understand. 
Try to feel the songs and you will feel more relax than ever. 
Somethings not said may not necessary be a bad thing after all. 
That's why there are something called secrets. 
Well, I am starting to feel my home as days goes by. 
3 more days to Sibu once again. 
5 weeks plus here this time. 
Not long yet not so short as well. 
I really felt so lucky that I can be back home as some of my friends have not step in their house's for more than 4 months.

Just updated my status in facebook. 
This is how it sounds, " People are just too realistic. They will automatically find you when they are in need of your help. 
If not, don't you even dream of them thinking about you. 
Pure sadness." 
Well, can someone actually disagree with me in this? 
There are just too many this kind of people surrounding us nowadays. 
We can just see them stepping in our room once every blue moon. 
How I wish I can shut their mouth up and ask them to get lost. 

Another recent issue is that I really dislike people with last minute behavior. 
I just can't stand them doing so. 
We can finish the easy task in just a few flip but all we wanted is to rush in the last seconds. 
As if someone is pointing towards our head and ask us not to do our job or what. 
Pure craziness. 
Study last minute, eat last minute, plan last minute, everything last minute la. 
Try change a bit la. 
All I can wish you is all the best and good luck to your everyday life in the future. 
Change for a better future.

I don't deny that I can't be forcing anyone else to think just like me. 
Everyone thinks differently. 
The way you think is right may not necessary make me feel as right. 
Recently some stupid guy actually try to force me into doing something for him which I think is so damn ridiculous. 
What a childish act. 
Come on man. 
Wake up from you childish and stupid dream la. 
She won't even put that in mind. 
It's the past and please just be yourself. 
Once again I need to repeat myself. 
Respect others before you want others to respect you. 
It's not like you will always get what you wish for. 
Face it. 

It's the reality!  

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