Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A True Friend

Oh well.........what a day...my friend,Chan has gone back to My Father's place in heaven. I wish him all the best. We will surely miss him. No matter what happens,we will always keep him save and sound in our prayers everytime. I am so grateful to have a friend like him. Still remember the time when we have so much fun during form 1? We claim we were like brothers. Haha..I love you,bro!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

50 Days~~~

Oh well...today is the 28th of September already. The distance from the 18th of November is still quite far away but actually it is getting nearer and nearer to me day by day. Time just pass by faster and faster. Sometimes, I just can't catch up with it. 50 days then. What to do with this 50 days? Whether or not it is meaningful..it's not in my own hand. I can't do much too. I have to depend on my beloved God too. God, I really hope that you can bring the best out of me. I know I can do it just that I didn't make full use of my ability yet. Whatever obstacles pour on me will not make me fall down from now on. I am determine to do the best this time. No more MR.nice guy... I just hope that it rains everyday cause I doesn't want others to know that I am actually crying. I just want to live in a peaceful manner.

Saturday, September 27, 2008





































Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Do You See??

What can u see from this picture? Hmmm...a long road? A choice with no ending? Or wat ah? Lolz... Some choice we make may not suit us the most but since we have made this choice,we might as well accept it in the best possible way. No need complain so much cause they will not be any results. Just be yourself and let anything else goes la.. Life..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time of coolness*-*

Exams ah....2 more days till trial ends.. Then,jiu can rest liao... Nowadays,i wake up at 4 am in the morning everyday eh.. Haha..las minute preparation again.. Sien ah sien... Maybe just wanna make myself feel better a bit ba.. Dunno la..so many things to read ah... So tired now but I will never Give Up till the last minute!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival

I wish all my friends out there and the one reading this post here now a very warm and great Happy Mooncake Festival 2008!! Hehe..i had a nice weekend. Celebrated the mooncake festival with The Yong's Association this year. So cool..so many Yong's people at one time.. La la la...i am so pleased with my surname. I had a great time with my friends. How I wish that I can be this happy everyday? Haha..a nice mooncake festival celebrated with so many nice friends around. Life is so meaningful if we know how to appreciate it the right way. To do the right thing at the right time is really important. Don't take the road which will mislead us. Going straight might not be too good of a choice but as long as you stay happy,anything goes. We must always live our life till the fullest. Never leave any regrets behind. They is no turning back for anyone of us.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let Go

To be able to let go of something is not easy but if you really manage to do so,then you can be count as very pro liao. You manage to do what others dream of doing so every second,every minute,every hour,every day and every time. So,be grateful with what you have. Appreciate it. I know it's hard but you will certainly have to face it one day later. You can never hide from it forever. No one can overcome so much temptations placed in front of them. I manage to do so once in a while in my colorful life. Hehe,my advice to all of u..dun give up until the last minute but when it's really time to let go.. Just do what you think is right la. Do not ever hesitate in making the right choice.

Dear friends,if anyone of you face any problem out there.. Please don't mind finding me oh. I will try my best in assisting you one. Haha,jia you ba!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time T.T

We just don't know what we have done wrong, never knew that this step of us would actually lead to this kind of effect. What can we do if we don't even know where did we got wrong in our life? OMG...this is really complicated and confusing la. So hard to interpret the true meaning ah... Leaving in this world of cruelness sometimes just makes me feel so upset. So sad that I can't do so many things I like..so disappointed with someone who let me down..so unhappy because of some events which had happened in my present life.. How I wish that I can live in a world with no pressure and stress? How wonderful can that life be? Should me much better ba,I think la.. Oh well,my mindset has been turn upside down since the start of the year. I have change. I don't deny that. Haiz,sometimes change isn't the worse thing for us. I dunno why but everything seems to be passing away from me so fast. So fast that I cannot catch up with them. I am still learning how to walk yet they expect me to fly. I can never meet their expectation if life's still like this. T.T

Sunday, September 7, 2008


... ...
我就爱自个儿乱诌些有的没的 简称胡言乱语

做人 往往必须迎合社会的口味
们都是蓝星的一员 只不
是被动的一员 而不是掌控

不想因为依循别人的需求 而改变自己
我果然是个低调且惯性胡闹的人 呵呵

桌子在摇晃 屏幕也在摇晃 我的视线

也不自觉地跟着摇晃 正以迷茫的眼神凝望着


Friday, September 5, 2008

Just Be Yourself

A World of darkness standing in front of us. Standing here in the midst of us. If I can see, I can do a lot of things. With the help of the torchlight, some may be seen while others remain in the darkness. One World, One Dream. That is just pure dream. Whether it is a reality or not is another story. Why don't you just listen to Dreaming Of You everyday and you expect success from that. This is not what should be done. I have been there and done that. Failed but happy that I had been through it. In a perfect World, there is a perfect person who used to be perfect. However, in this World, no one is perfect. I don't care, I just wanna be yours. Who do you think you are to reject me? Oh well, you are who you are and I am who I am. Even if we don't meet, if our heart is strong enough, our feeling will still be the same. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be right here waiting for you. My love is bleeding while we are happy. Keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding in love, I keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding in love~...You cut me open! O....

Fell Once More

A day consist of 24 hours. God is fair. He give and treat everyone the same way. We do things our way but have we ever think that we might displease our beloved God? Why is it like this? What is going on with all of you? I don't like my enemies but I need to act happy in front of them so as that they won't hate me. No one wants quarrel to happen. Really not good. Not cool and it is bad. Haiz..life ah.. Life is short yet not so short. To be able to live a life of happiness everyday is impossible. We have all kinds of worries everyday. There will be something we did which are not good de..

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Good Feeling

I feel quite relieved on these few days... How miraculous can that be? The exams are so near. The STPM timetable is out le. All we have been for in these two years is going to arrive in 2 months time. We will have exams on the 18th till 4th of December. Oh well, we will only need to go into the exam hall for 8 times only but every test we face bring us to another step of success. My days are quite ok now. Much more happier than when I was one month ago. Time changes everything. We must always cherish the ones beside us. Do not regret when it is too late. Haha.. That's all from me.. Have a nice day!!^_^

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...