Monday, October 20, 2008


This picture was chosen to be here for a reason and only those who are wise knows what I am talking about!

Err,what hurts us the most? Sometimes we try to avoid the things so much that we don't even realize that we have started our pain and was hurt since a long time ago. Just because of our naiveness,we are still thinking how will we be hurt one day when we really got stuck in the trap. I am sick mentally for a few days for I was hurt deeply by a person who told me the truth of something. I just can't accept it for the time being. The truth is not like what all of you think. Tears rolled down my cheek a few times too. But then,I also realize one important thing. My feelings for her was not as deep as I have thought for all these while. I don't love her as much as I have like her. I doubt if anyone of you would understand me now. I am a little bit blur with the things I am saying now too. My life has suddenly change to something so different from before. She was just someone who I was lying on in making myself more happy. I was right on what I have told my friends. Oh well,the past is the past. I want to live a new beginning from now on. No more thinking of history. By the way,history is nice if you like it but it is super boring when you start to dislike it. So,I certainly won't make myself think of some unhappy memories of mine.


Barbara said...

finally, I saw you getting some of my words into that stubborn brain of yours. Allen, don't you think that she's not cruel, bt YOU are the 1 to think too much all these while? YOU chose that road, and no matter how hard we tried to pull you back, stop you, scream at you, say harsh words, you just won't listen and go on with your choice. Why blame her now? You should be relieved and satisfied that you'd done your part, she'd done hers. Just say goodbye to that not-supposed-to have feeling.

khaifire said...

haha...i finally get it liao... thanx anyway,barbara... I am the one who keep on shot sendiri all these while... Hehz...the road not taken~~~

Anonymous said...

mr.wong's quote, do the right thing and the right time... study hard!!

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