Friday, October 21, 2011

A Confession From Pasta!^^

Dear Secret Girl,

I am writing here to tell you that I never realize that you were so important to me before this. Maybe because we were just like friends. Time shall prove everything and when the time is right, then nothing can eventually stop me. How are you now? What's up with studies? I still don't want to speak out or let go of the grudge now. Maybe because of my weak courage. I like you deep into my heart. My feelings wouldn't be wrong. If someone dares to say I love you, I would dare to say I love you a million years! Take care, my dear secret girl.




Mixhedryanson said...

Nice. Don't give up.

DoRa Priscilla said...

come on man! :D haha.. Gambatte! With you all the way ^^

Cindy said...

God bless u~ <3

Candice K. said...

Dare to take the risk. I know you can do it. :D

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