Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Week Holiday

La la la...after a week of no updates in my blog,I am back again... Haha...i made a promise to myself that I would be spending my time at home with the best possible way... updates lo...unlike when I am in Maktab lo.. Anyway..tomolo i will be going back le... Yeah...after 10 days holiday in my beloved hometown... Haha...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Has been playing n limteh-ing all day long since friday... Haha...still very lazy n the assignments has been thrown to aside... Lol..tomolo still got some stuffs to deal with...go to bank.. Then...Mas office... So many things to do la... Haha...later still go out to send thn derek to bus terminal... They r going back to kuching le.. Aiks..just a few days spent together with them nia... La la la...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back at Home!!

Yoyo...everyone... I m back to sibu le oh... N if anyone wanna go limteh...can always call me ya... Wahahhahahaa...have a nice day....


Aiks...the flight back to sibu delay qu...,now have to wait in the airport here... Sien ah... Lol...but at least i have my com with me... La la la...can online n chatting... Yeah...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This Time Tomorrow!!!

This time tomorrow I will be at somewhere I's really time le... Wahahahahaha...+_+ Lol..can u imagine how cool is that? No need wake up so early everyday? Can eat whatever you the things u haven do for so long... I haven watch tv for years,sleep in air-conditioner... So many things driving car and catch up with friends who have so long been forgotten... la..jk onli la... How can i ever forget u ppl? U are all always in my heart de... Lol...tomolo nite i wanna go chin san.... Hehe...but then, i am really grateful that the line here is very good... Really unexpectedly with what Fong had said before... I m really impressed with it...will miss it... Chew..for one week nia..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Too Wu Liao...

Haha..dunno wat to do lo... Then,just take some pics with my KO lo... He is a very funny guy indeed... La la la...have a nice day...

Here are some of the things I do when I am too wu liao...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2 Goals!!

Hello..everyone.. Just to update u all xia..i played football in my IP here now.. N yesterday we played a match of football.. I became striker and I actually scored 2 goals ei... hahahaha...first time in my life.. Lol..anyway..tonight got moral class ei.. First time in my life i need to go school at night de... Wahahahahah...dunno is happy or not lo.. Hehe...another 3 more days...

Monday, August 17, 2009


88 is a nice number... Haha...and i like this number a lot right now... Coz in 88 hours time...i will be in this place anymore... I will not have to face so many many homeworks yet undone by me... I dun like to be burdened by so many works la...i wanna be at home playing n sleeping only la... Can God let these time run faster ma??? La la la...

Contrastness of Two Teachers

Oh well, eventually I be myself once again. Din do what others persuade me to do it. I still think that it is too fast for me to do so. She is really not my type la. I wanna something more near and like me. Anyway, enough of girl talk. Let's talk bout our Maths 2 test. Hmmm..the thing is I din do quite well and wasn't happy about it. I kept silent and was nearly in a bursting mood when I hear that noob teacher speaking in front. I just controlled myself as cool as I can. My rationalism is still in my hands. Mood was really down until the end of recess.. I got my confidence back as I thought to myself, if this is what I m going to be frustrated about..what shall I do in the next 5.5 years? Haha..this is just a small and simple test la.. I should be standing up firmly and do better next time to prove to Mr.Koo that I can do it. So, I am back when it's Mdm Rumba's Maths period.. I can do each questions happily and I am back to normal..... La la la..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Mind Can't Work Out

Today went by really not so well la...kept thinking of the same thing over n over again... The same girl just keep on spinning in my head now... I really dunno wat to do...who shall I ask then? Lord...can u answer my call? Today is "her" birthday...who I claim to admire a lot from the recent June youth camp... I have sms n send msg through facebook but why do I still feel not enough leh? Do I really need to call her then only I can be satisfy? Thanx to Anna and the others lo...give me this kind of idea...make me full of headache today while shopping... I even bought some presents for her...really sok liao... I dun even know how I will see her la... Plus the rain today...really show out my feeling la...crying in the rain... Dunno what to do next and dunno the consequences... I dunno if I have the daring to do so or not la... By the way, while looking at the rain...I type something in my hp..."I love the rain as my friend love it. I will learn what the nature gives us. People are never satisfy with what they have. When we are under the hot sun, we complain hot and hope that there is rain coming soon but when the rain really comes, we hope that it stops quickly. Then, how can anything satisfy human? We like this and that, dream of everything. Life is really like a roller coaster. So beautiful and mesmorizing. God bless us." Anyway, I typed this because I thought of my opposite partner...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

No Lecture Again..

Today is the day when we have class replacement for Hari Raya... Haha..n once again the lecturer disappear... N now we r playing in the class with our laptops... La la la...dunno is happy or wat now...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday,Jan!!

The first thing I did today...I mean that straight after the stroke of 12 am...I send a birthday msg to my friend... Haha...anyway, I would like to wish her again... Happy Birthday,Jan!!! Best of luck to you ya... May you have a good day and for the rest of the year... May all your wishes come true... Jia you ya... have a nice day.... Wahahaha...Friends Forever~~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Girl

I once like this girl a lot till I can anything just for her. I can just be happy for a few minutes although it’s just one single short msg reply from her. She is like everything to me. Without her, I can’t live. There was one night when I stay up till 1 am in the morning just to finish wrapping up her birthday presents n making her a wood with her name carved on it. I just wanted to do all the best for her. I never cared that tomorrow was my exam and I have not finish reading them. Anyway, this is all my choice and no one force me to do it. I still remember that nite clearly in my mind and it was the event that happened one year ago.. Lol…so,this means that tomolo is her birthday lo… Haha…tomorrow chai wish her a Happy Birthday ba… la la la..

Happy 1 Month Anniversary

After days n months of waiting..night of prayers.. It's here is the one month anniversary of the time I m here in IP Gaya.. The time has been quite wonderful..quite nice.. N the most important thing is tat I love it.. I am like a big bro in my class n my classmates are cute n friendly too.. Haha..although I would think of Unimas once in a while..i still dun regret my decision and will surely continue on silently.. The facility are ok and the lecturers are great except a couple of them.. But i will sure adopt to it de la.. La la la...every night sleep after 11pm and wake up before 6.30am.. Sometimes really feel really sleepy but quite xi guan liao la... Life in IP or anywhere far from home is like this de la..,one month just like this...tiring..full of works.. Hmmm..i actually went to lots of shopping malls le ei.. N spend lots of money le.. Wahahaha...Happy 1 month anniversary to me lo..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Malam Kebudayaan 2009

Another important post in the Malam Kebudayaan 2009 handed to me... La la la..tis time around is the Head Of Food... Lol..i need to count the budget and think of what food to prepare for the whole night... Wahahaha...n i m helped by a bunch of gals... ahha..i guess the whole Maths class got chosen as AJKs for the nite ba... Maybe too active qu ba.... Anyway,i will definitely do my best in making the night a successful one... Yeah...Maths Cool...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walala...Happy Birthday,Man!!'s still hot here while I heard that there's rain in Sibu already.. The room is like burning now.. I sweat n sweat when I was taking a nap just now.. What a way to continue my long and hardly gone over day. is my classmate's(E-cam) birthday.. Oh well,no matter what..I wish him all the best in his life as a teacher and may he enjoys his 18th birthday ya... Have a nice day.. Walala...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yesterday's Adventure..

Yesterday din update the blog since i felt that i was not free the whole day and eventually forgot the whole blogging thing.. Lol..i din go to the church yesterday as the car which supposed to pick us up din do so.. more sin.. La la la..caught up with my uncle Lok Kwong and the family.. Breakfast,Market,Lunch.. Then,off to the PC Fair in KK.. was indeed big n i bought a lot of things la.. Haha..i had "ham" tat afternoon too.. After that,went back to hostel lo... La la la...the night was ended in a special way... Chelsea won the Community Shield 2009 with the winning penalty shootout...4-1 against MU... Yeah!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long Time Ago

It's been so long...that I haven seen your face... Long time no see...Ham members... Long time no see...Ham President... Long time no see...Unimas... Long time no home sweet home... Just let this coming 13 days to pass away quicker ba... Haha...i wanna play dota and go limteh with my beloved friends and family la... Haha...

Friday, August 7, 2009


Some girls are really hard to approach sms them also hard.. Wat a life..boys.. Why can't u be a little more brave than u r now? is easy but the hard part is the do part.. So sad.. La la la..i wanna talk to her yet she say she not,the next time i wanna find her.. I..i..i..really dunno if i have the dare to do so anymore la.. strange ho.. Hehe..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Noob Maths Teac!!!

Walao got tiao by my maths teacher... Really sien him liao... After just a few weeks studies,i already really beh ta han him la... Argh.... What the hell is him made of anyway??? Sien... Haiz..half more months to go..i wish it to be tomolo.. La la la..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mr.Sun & Mr.Haze

Now it's getting hotter n hotter...the haze are thickening day by day...n the condition is really not good... Luckily i feel much better after yesterday nite's good sleep... N thanx to the pill that my mum send to me... good to be back... Now there is already 9 death case n I am really worried that it might just suddenly strike one to my IPGM here.. Then,that will really be a bad news to us.. I have booked my ticket for this holiday and if the holiday become earlier,what should I do with my tickets then? fan nao la... My friend told me that some of Sibu's school has been close down le ei.. One of them is SK.St.Mary... Oh well..wat to do.. I can just keep my fingers cross lo...hope everything to be ok and safe... la la...afterward got KK activities again... Sien tiring...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

17 to go..

17 more days to go...haha... Just got a news from a friend la..he told me tat when I reach home,all the other friends who came back for holiday have all gone back to their respective U liao la.. sad.. T.T..can't meet dao them qu..sien ah... But then,at least i can still meet dao andy n sd lo... Hehehe..not forgeting some friends who hasn't fly yet... xing feng ah..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick N Poor!@#$#

Sick again..sien.. Just recovered a few days ago the evil thing is coming to me again.. ah... Why can't i just protect me more sometimes when i can? Must you be so cruel to yourself.. I m tired..very tired of things.. Wanna get back from where I m situated now.. I m doing something i never did before in my life.. I spend too much le..i know,i know.. One day soon I will drop and will have nothing to spent.. Haha..sok le.. Every week i can spend over a hundred dollar.. Argh...too pro le la..

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Half there...

Haha..i do everything half half de.. whole mind is full of assignments.. All have been done nearly 50%.. La la la..i keep telling myself that I must finish them.. But i just can't do so.. Dunno what's wrong.. Very sien liao la..facebook can in but msn can't in de.. Anyway,i should be grateful that I have done at least half my work le la.. Muahahahahah!!

The Third Week In KK!!

My class's assistant monitor~~
Everyone is working so hard nowadays..
But I am not as pro as them la..sorry ya..
Books found in KK sad all can't be borrowed de..
Hmmm...Sacred Heart Church...seems familiar??? KK's Sacred Heart Church la..
Lol..a cat on the bed... Anyway,in case my mum drop by this need scare la.. It's not on my bed..
Centre Point during weekends...really really crowded la..

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...