Saturday, March 26, 2011


Time many times have I repeated this all this while. If only I can rewind back. But sadly no. Once gone, there shall never be any chance of going back. Haha. March 2011 is gonna end soon. How come holiday is often shorter than school days. This we will have to ask the education minister. Today is the 26th dy and April is marching in! Going back to KK once again tomorrow. After 2 weeks break at my hometown. Haha..great days this time around. No friends around. Spend more than 95% of the time with my family. Lol...good or no good..u decide yourself... La la la...see ya all KK...the land below the wind!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time For A Change

Suddenly got this feeling to change.. Lol..come on Allen, u have to change before it's really too late!! Oh my..I m determine to turn my life upside down.. Haha..from now onwards, starting next monday..I will take off 1-1.5 hours time to do some sports..whatever kind.. Yeah..I am gonna do one can stop me!! tired of all the nagging from parents and relatives.. What the..haha..aiks...hope for all the best la...^^

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Adventure!

Set on a journey to explore the food in Sibu this morning. Yeah, went from one shop to another shop. From kampua to lu mee to laksa and finally to kompia. Wow. Didn't know that I can really succeed in doing so. Come on. Next time I won't dare to do so anymore. I lost my appetite after all those food. Didn't had my lunch and I doubt if I will have my dinner later. Oh my. But then, I am still happy that I manage to finish those food the first place. Hehe.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Play The Game

Often we miss the best chance to tell someone we like them in the right way. It will all end up with nothing or just self dis disappointment. Our mouth just won't dare to speak it out to the other half. We are too scare of what if. What if she reject me? What if our friendship break down? What if this and that happen? Oh well, why don't we think of what if she accept us? Yeah, what if that happen.

Think about it, love can be so adorable at times. When we finally dare to speak up, then everything will be so much different. You will eventually grow one step higher. Breaking the long deep silence hiding inside your heart will just do good for the both of you. Everything must be done step by step. Not even one step can be missed. First, aim. Second, plan. Third, carry out. Fourth, do not rush. Fifth, think back. And sixth, make the right decision.
We must all learn to play the game. One's life shall not be as dull as it looks. Find something interesting and you will enjoy everyday as if it's new year everyday. Good luck and all the best ya.^^

Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls!! Yes,girls!!

Girls!! Yes,girls... Haiz..pressurize by my parents once again.. Lol..this is really not one of my expertise la.. It's just so hard, or maybe I m just too scare to fail... I have tried so hard to fall in love.. Sometimes feel like love, while some time later it's like normal again.. Oh my, the feeling is just like the to change so much la..

A beautiful world with so many choices around, yet I still have none..haha..^^

Alalala..seeing my friends around with their respective girl friends, just make me wanting to find one for myself as well.. But it's so hard to tell la.. I have some choices dy but.. but it's not tat easy to express!! Wahahaha..this kind of thing is really no joke la.. Once u burst it out, there shall not be a way to turn back! i must really think carefully..have a nice n useful plan before I really take my decision to do something stupid..

The target must be right!! LOL..

Haha..oh well..wat to do..pray hard for a better tomolo ba... I wish for a girl friend soon! Hehe....

The Road is still so long...hehe...come on!!!^^

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 Weeks in Sibu!~!

Back in Sibu!! Haha...come on...this time for 2 weeks.. With the accompany of my assignments and tonnes of homeworks.. Lol..i really hope that I can finish them... Haha...but then...1 or 2 days off ba... Walalala..Happy holiday everyone... Yeah...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chill Out!!

2 more days to go guys...after waiting for 4 weeks plus... Hehe...come on, I am really in need of this long awaited rest from all the junks I tasted so far... Lol...ISL by ISL, Tutorial by Tutorial... Assignments in the last minute... What I feel now is really really tired..n just wanna go away to taste the feeling of freedom once again.. Haha...this time around, I will be bringing lotsa assignments n ISL back home... Gonna do the PBS research things as well... Just thinking bout it already make me feel so sick dy...wat about doing it... Chew...oh my...why dun u just kill me... Alalalala...sot sot sot...God, pls save me ya!!! Hahaha...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marching n Camp~~

Sports Day tomolo...and I will be in the marching team for Perdana yet another time.. Haha..I just love it so much.. The glory..and i certainly hope for no.1 once again.. By the way, we are the defending champions ba.. Haha...come on Perdana!! I know we can do it ba...hehehe... La la la...after tomolo, it will be a friday le.. Hehehehe..great great..coz this mark another week has gone by n I will have a magnificent camp this coming weekend!! At aristo resort... wahahahhaa...^^

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