Sunday, October 9, 2011

An Example of Informal Letter

6B, Lane 2.
Merdeka Road,
96000 Sibu,

9th October 2011

Dear Helen,
            How are you these days? I sure hope that you are doing fine there all the time. My life has been so far so good here as time goes by. You don’t need to worry about me here. How are those wonderful kittens you have been raising since you were young? Pass them my greetings.
            I went back to our former primary about 3 weeks ago for my School Based Experience ( SBE ). Do you still remember our former school? Yeah, you are correct. It’ SJK© Methodist. The 45 year old school is still in good condition and many things have been change. For instance, the principal, teachers, more classes are added and etc. There are much more students in the school compare to 10 years ago when we were both still in the school pursuing our studies. Well, how time flies and suddenly a nostalgic feeling started to fill me.
            As I had a task to do at the school, I had made a few observations in the school for that past 5 days there. I discovered lots of nice and interesting things there. There were actually only 6 toilets in the school and some of them were actually unisex as well. Another weird thing is that the canteen was only open from 8 am till 11 am with an auntie who was always with a smile on her face selling food. These few things made felt that the school was such a special one and I felt proud to be one of the members a few years back. I am sure you felt that way too, right?
            After doing observation on these things, i wrote a report on them and the principal of the school, Mr. Chong took a look at it. He smiled cheekily and gave me the marks of my SBE this time at SJK© Methodist. I happily ended my SBE time and pack my things before going back to my home.
            Finally Helen, I would like to wish you all the best in your studies and all your endeavours. Don’t forget God. I love you and miss you: can’t wait to see you again.

Take care,

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