Friday, December 17, 2010

My Experience in Discipling Timothy 2010

I first received a message from Jarnice whether I can help out in Discipling Timothy. At first, I didn't know what actually is Discipling Timothy. So, I just accepted the offer as I am free at that time and it was actually a camp which replaced Youth Congress this year. I was placed in the Programme and Workshop group together with Joyce and Daniel. Jarnice often send me some documents on some paperworks on the camp and the minutes of the meetings they had before hand which I was unable to attend. I looked through the documents and tried to find out what should I be helping in this camp. My group were required to learn the "Joy to the World" dance. After that, we need to teach the participants to dance as they will perform this on the Christmas Procession Nite. Other than that, we were required to prepare some games for the participants. So, my part was to prepare a Bible Game. This Bible Game was played in the Treasure Hunt style.

And now to the camp, I was quite excited to be able to help out in this camp. It's like a tradition for me to join a church camp every year end. Everything went quite smoothly in this camp. There were only 60 plus persons who joined this camp including committee members. So, there were not much problems which occured in this camp. The committee works together in a very well manner. No fights or quarrells occured which is something I like. Every night after all the programmes ended, all the committee members will have a short meeting. And these meeting was done swiftly and in the right way. There were no nagging and I totally love this. We worked together and discussed the right thing.

On the camp itself, it wouldn'd have been successful without the help of the participants. As we all know, this is a leadership camp which will train the leaders of the church for the coming years. The participants was just great. They knew what they were required to do. They finished their respective jobs and were really responsible. The speakers of each sessions was magnificent as well. They really provided nice and useful inputs for all of us. Moreover, the programmes of this whole camp was very nice and I can see that many people really love them. One of the programme which I want to highlight is the washing of feet. This is one programme which I suggest we do more often next time around. I would be more grateful if we can see this in the coming Youth Congress next year. Not forgetting Maranatha Night, which I thought was a very useful for us teenagers nowaday to sit down quietly to repent and think back what we have done. As we all know, with all the problems and obstacles in life nowadays, it's really not an easy to sit down quietly.

Other than that, I am very grateful to meet all the friends which I made in the camp. Some were new ones and not forgetting my long known friends. You were all very awesome. God is really great. Praise the Lord for everything. Thank God for all the food, the accommodation was nice, games was just so cool and etc. Truely, if there is any more chance, I would like to help out in the youth again next time. This is a great and wonderful experience. Have a nice day, people and Happy Holiday!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Miss You!

I miss you. Yeah, i am officially telling you that i miss you here! Haha..really long time din chat n see you le...what more to say hear your voice... Lol..this holiday may be fun but..without you, it's just not so perfect.. Walala...3 weeks to go... Come on...^^

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marsi Tagged Me...^^

1) selalu bangun pukul berapa?
Erm...around 7-8 ba...hahaha...i mean at home la... At school..6.30 lo..^^
2) ramai kawan lelaki ke perempuan?

3) bila 1st time bercinta?
lol...sensitive issue...hahaha!!

4) tau memasak ke tak? masak apa? (paling superb la yang anda tau masak)
lol...not really...the most is maggi plus egg..haha!!

5) perkara paling lucu yang pernah berlaku dalam hidup anda.
Lol...too many...but hardly remember any now..haha!!
6) perkara paling gila anda buat.
lol...same answer..haha

7) jawatan anda semasa sekolah menengah.
many many posts...13 clubs...all gt posts...prefect...hahaha..^^

8) selalu keluar dengan member tak? berapa kali sebulan?
lol...quite often..haha!!

9) dengan kawan-kawan guna bahasa aku/ saya/ atau nama sendiri?
lol...wat's this? haha...

10) dah berpunya atau tidak? kalau sudah, berapa lama anda kenal si dia?
now is single..hahah!!

11) perkara yang paling pantang sekali apa? means memang yang anda tak suka lah. idea...i hope no..haha

12) if ada orang yang baru dikenali mintak no. telefon, apa respon anda?
erm...see first how my mood is tat time..haha!!

13) bila ada je duit, anda suka beli apa?!! wahahhaha...

14) nama glamor anda masa sekolah?
allen ba...haha..nothing glamorous..
15) anda selalu habiskan kredit (sms/call) untuk siapa?
For my dear friends call call...

16) sudah tercapaikah hajat anda? cerita pasal hajat anda.
i think not yet...haha..dun wanna share here...malu ba..
17) apa yang korang paling geli?
lol...small insects...all kinds of them..
18) pernah accident/ injured teruk tak selama ini?
19) perkara yang paling menarik minat anda sehingga lupa kat bf/gf/husband/wife?
20) perkara terakhir yang anda nak buat dalam dunia ini?
go out to the whole world..
21) tag 10 orang yang blog nya cantik:
erm...barbara...lin wei...jan...vivienne...tat's all..haha...^^

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