Defeat Is Still Defeat!^^

Come on la guys and gals, we celebrate the win is not because we hate them so much ba. It's just not so nice winning all the things every time. Erm, share share ba. Didn't anyone taught u to share your things with others? Dominating the whole league for so long make u grow into a giant. And when there comes a David vs Goliath, u just can't accept the defeat huh? Oh my. Accept it. A lost is still a lost. It's only 3 points by the way but just that it create another big history to your page.

When you win, u will celebrate. While when you lose, you will just try to find all sorts of excuses for your team. What type of loser are you? Ask yourself how u handle the problem. The more supporters you got, the more anti-supporters will follow in. Haha. Although I just can't stop laughing last night but eventually my smile fade away as well. Cause Lee Chong Wei lost and Chelsea lost as well. Come on, it's only 3 points. The winner of the night was Manchester City!! So, here I have attached a few photos in one go. Enjoy guys and gals!!


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