Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sem Break!

Haha...i am back to my hometown once again... This time for a period of one month... Lol...sem break.. Sem 3 is coming soon...which means i m entering year 2~~ Haha...n senior to be... One has gone by...not tat swiftly...but still ok de la... la la la...i will surely enjoy this holiday of mine to the fullest! Hehe...HP Ko...quickly come back la...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In A Complicated Mood

It's just causing so much pain... Seeing the things you always not to see. But the things you don't wanna face will just show up in front of you no matter you like it or not. What can I do to make amends? Headache ah's just so hard. Relationship between people is just so complicated ah.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some Thoughts

I might end up with nothing based on the condition now. But I keep on telling myself not to ever think of giving up. Not good and definitely will do harm to myself even more. They have their own choice. No one can do anything to your perception. What you live may not be the best but it's still your life,rite? Can others steal it from you? I guess not.

It may be still too early to think of these now. No one can stop it so why bother then? Just live it out of yourself. There may be some good behind it, who knows? Problems are not good but if you live and obey problems, you are the one who is not good. Time spend are not possible to be taken back. Whatever things poured out can never be taken back. Whether they are taken for granted is another matter.

What a person can change into every second are really unthinkable. Every second is just another chance for you to strive for a better self. Help yourself more than others. Wasting your chance may not benefit others but it will surely bring losses to you. No one wish that as a present. Why do it even when you know it's not good?

As much as you can do shall be a good solution to a lot of things. Forcing one to be like a different person than he is now will never help. A good person will be a good person. And otherwise. A life is so brief that before we start realizing, we have the last two decades of our life on this small planet which seems very big to a lot of people.

A day well spend is a blessing from our beloved God. We must be grateful and pray for a better day for the coming days of our life. Never be too complacent with the things you have. Think and grow as you live. Friends can be enemies and so do the another way round. Love all of the people around and remember this, it's better to have one more friend than to have one more enemy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Her once Again!

Is dream a real thing or just pure abstract? matter how tired i can get, i will still dream... Lol..last nite i had a wonderful dream once again... I dreamed of "her" once again...after so long... Haha...i din expect that i would still be missing her... But i guess i did... Haiz...when can this end? Or can this be the start of something good for me? Hmmm...heavens know... hehehehe...allen oh allen.... la la la....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Come on,Sibuans n Finals!!

Yesterday was the by-election day for my hometown,Sibu... And miraculously DAP won... Haha...Mr.Wong eventually did the job... The people trusted in him... Hahaha...come on... N now the place shall be ready for change.. This will surely impact the coming state election... Oh well...tomoloI will have the first paper for my final exam this semester...sem 2!! It's English...nothing much to,i feel so relax now.. I guess i will just sleep early tonight ba... La la la...i wish all my friends good luck n May God bless u all!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ready For U!!

After a week of fun, studies, sleep...I decided to sum out something... Tat is whether I m ready for the coming finals or not... MT2..quite confident, the last paper, trial did,MT2 good! MT1..still ok de la..tat day flip through the notes n questions dy..not tat hard but just need some polishings... Ok,MT1,good! tell the truth, I really dunno wanna study wat..summary? essay? comprehension? Lol..onli grammar..which i can do in a few minutes!,BI also good!! Now to the last thing,'s this paper? Argh..tension? No la..actually i feel just alright..morfologi n sintaksis is just left some memorizing of the kesenian and kebudayaan!! Hahahhaha...which means, everything is Good!! So, finals is coming in less than 5 days...n i m happy to declare tat i m ready~~ Thank you,God!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swimming In Likas!!

Today spend a lot once again...ate lunch for rm7... hAHA..then go KFC...spend more... N in the end,went for swimming... nice, first time swim in KK... The swimming pool was so nice, the water was so cold... N i swam till so tired... la la... A relaxing day...for a study week...i din study much... Lol... Come on...tomolo continue ba...^^

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today our class got no.2 for the handball competition...not so satisfy but happy overall... Haha...enjoy jiu ok le ma... Then, went to 1 Borneo...coz got PC fair... But i bought nothing...dunno wanna buy wat... Lol...met happy mo... Finally saw someone from my hometown... Hehe...back to CP... As usual, went for a movie.. There shall be no weekend without movies la.. 10 pm chai back to hostel... Without realizing, it's Mother's Day le... Hahaha...Happy Mother's Day!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live Your Life

I find it so hard to myself at times. People will just complain. Hate it but this is the society this era. No one will stop it anyway. Why care so much of what others think? Does your life really depend on them? Or are they just some stumbling blocks in your life? Just remove them and live your nice long life la. It's just so annoying. I don't like to be controlled by others and I am sure no one do. Yeah. Go on, live your life.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Come n Go..wait!!

Yeah..all trials for all the subjects are done le... Now left the waiting for the real exams to come...which is in less than 2 weeks time... Come on..i know i can do it... Just bring it...maths1,maths2 n BI~~all pretty confident.. Only one more...BM ah...u bring trauma all the time... La la la...oh well..i will do my best de la... Hehehehe...

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Time To Grow Up

There will always be some crazy ppl around u...who always do some unusual things... They just can score so such a different person in ur life... They might affect you eventually... Oh well..we must actually not look so much on them... Envy is of no must always try to improve yourself... No one can help u unless you try it... Love the one who is the closest to you...n not the one who don't even care about who n where you r... Come on...grow up!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

2 Third To Go!!

Aloha~~~ Hi there everyone!! Happy Labour Day! Which means today is the start of the month of May... The month of May means the month full of revisions and exams... N this spells a very boring weeks to come soon... I will still have 27 days to go before the days I leave here...but on the positive side, this may be the most free month of all... Yeah...haha...after going through a third of the year 2010, it's finally here... Less than a month to go, i will complete my first year IP Gaya... Hahahaha...

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