Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Sour Grape!^^

Well, today I realized something. We must never say something which taste like "sour grape". There must be a reason behind all things. It just don't happen so suddenly without u realizing it. So, come on! Just act cool and make as if nothing happened. Be yourself and never overreact something which may just cause disarray in you and the others. Oh well, I can only wish you all the best and may God bless you and guide you in the rest of the time. Good day!^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Appreciate Life And Time!^^

We only live once in this world as we are all deemed to leave this world for a better place next time. So, why don't we just live the fullest out of our life? We don't need to demand perfection all the time. Just make sure it's enough for us to consume. We need not put on a sad and disappointed face every time we come up against a new challenge. All we need to do is sit down and think over how to accept the challenge. Tell the whole world that you have that challenge accepted. 

There are more and more assignments coming in day by day. Well, I have manage to finish one (Calculus) and there are many more to be done. Not that hard actually but all needs to be done. Anyway, this past week have been so far so good for me as it's not as busy as the weeks before. Maybe I have indeed settle down in my semester 4 here. Two more weeks before I am going back for my 4th School Based Experience. This time I shall be doing it at a really different place, I guess it can be called Kampung Area la. Anyway, may God bless me.

Without realizing, it's near to the end of July dy. We often complain about how slow time can pass by but if we keep ourselves too busy at times, we might just realize that time is actually ticking every moment we are complaining! So, appreciate every moment we spend now and then as we never know what will happen the next second. Who knows what will land in front of us. Good luck guys and gals! And may all of us have a nice weekend ahead of us!^^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words!!^^

Yesterday RCH(Rafflesia Chicken Hut) n today SR(Secret Recipe)...hahaha... I can really spend well when I have the money beside me... Well, last weekend was just too great for me... I can actually went shopping without realizing the time was actually catching up with me. But luckily for me I could catch up with my works and assignments... Lol...n the feeling is just so so nice! Haha..nothing beats the feeling of finishing something which you think is impossible...wahahhaa..not much to say this post...I just wanna express my feelings through the pictures below~~ So, enjoy ya guys and gals...^^

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Life To Be Change!^^

Yeah, one can have a really different life with just any other person in this big big world. The way u have been living your 20 plus years may be so meaningful to you yet just so normal for the others in their eyes. I actually went for a church cell group last night and learned something really useful. Well, from now on wards I shall practice more at home. Hehe, if we are all so grown up dy and still don't know how to think, what is the point of us growing up and being mature? Come on...^^

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great Sem 3!^^

Well, last semester was just awesome and magnificent! I still can't believe and imagine such thing would actually happen on me. Hehe, anyway, I really wanna thanx all those friends of mine who helped me in the process in achieving this. Thanx for helping me when I m in need of you especially the ones who were in the same group for me when I do assignments. Also not forgetting out beloved God. Thanx for guiding me when I was lost. You r the best! Oh well, I shall be grateful for this and continue to work hard for this semester! Hahaha..all the best!^^

Monday, July 16, 2012

LG Optimus Spirit p690

Yeah..I got myself a brand new phone..'s just a normal gadget which every touch screen phone has.. Hehe, it has came a long way before reaching my hands... All the way from Australia till KK.. Come shall be my companion for a while before I get a bigger and better gadget! la la...^^

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Week Cost Me RM700

Hahaha...another great spending week...just got my allowance last week and I have spend over RM700 in just a week time... Well, bought this and that...ate this and that... In the end, I am left with what... Hehe, I have a new pair of shoes, new handphone and etc... I also went for a class trip, went KL the other day... I guess this sums up for what I had heavily spend for the whole semester...up until now... I dunno what to expect next as I know that money is just so easily to be overly spend... It's just like water and we are dropping it every second every now and then...

Gosh, other than spending on the things I mentioned just now, I also ate all kinds of expensive food. I ate Upperstar lamb chop, KFC, MCD and some other blah blah blah... But then, I feel so happy now...eating is makes me enjoy my life more... Anyway, I can smell busy life ahead... Come on...4 weeks to Sibu after pass by 4 weeks... Let's wait patiently as time would just pass by as swiftly as the wind! Hehe...^^ Good day ppl!!^^

Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Maths Maniac!^^

It has been 3 years since I last set foot here and 3 years isn’t really that long or short. But then when I looked back again, I felt that it was indeed a great memory that I could spend the last three years with the same 20 persons in my class, Maths Maniac! They are just awesome. Well, it’s really not that easy to spend time with the same 20 persons everyday for 5.5 years ya. There are deem to be quarrels and miscommunication here and there. Yet all of us manage to put that aside and went for a trip the other day and put everything else aside. As long as the bond is tight, I am happy! Come on. Happy 3rd Anniversary guys and gals! Love ya all!^^

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Class Anniversary! I Love All My Classmates!!^^

Well, unlike some other week where I am quite stress out with my works and the things I am currently on, this week has been quite awesome! Haha, on Monday I went to SK Kampung Contoh and became mentor to a few primary 6 students. Well, I did my best in helping them and I realize that I still has a lot of ground to improve. I need to learn more in becoming a better teacher. Lol, I know I can and may God bless me abundantly!

The group of students who we were taught~ Haha..

Gerai Kelapa Salut! Haha~

Lecturing? haha~
 Yesterday went ok, went out for movie and some shopping with my classmates. Hmmm, yeah, u seldom see me going out with my classmates! I know this too, but I really enjoyed walking with them. They are just different and have a special place in my heart. It’s not that easy to spend 5.5 years with the same group of people everyday. Come on, watched Spiderman and it was just great. Had some time eating these and that, walk here and there. Got myself a new pair of sports shoes. Nice!

Kelapa Bakar~ Haha..

Lokan Bakar!!! RM12~

Mee Goreng Daging~

 Now to the highlight of the week. Today! Hehe, I love today the most!! It was uniform day as usual for every Wednesday. But today we have our class ended earlier than before and so, we used this time to get ready for our class anniversary at Salut! Initially everyone had high hope of the place but in the end most of us turn up quite disappointed with the place, as it only serve clams and coconut. Not the seafood which everyone had in mind. What to do, we have reached there and the important thing is that we all gathered together.

Walking with the umbrellas~

Upside Down House

Upside Down Car~

 So, everyone was not so satisfied. We decided to move on to another place which is the Upside Down House at Tuaran. Haha, this is the best place. Although we need to pay RM10 but I still think that it’s worth it. We bought a t-shirt for each of us. Different Colour and took a class photo. Hahaha, we liked the place unlike the place before this. Drank Coffee Latte and took lots of photos.

Drinking Latte in the Upside Down House's Cafe~

Each one of us got ourselves a t-shirt~


Udang Goreng!!

Everyone eating happily!!
If you think that we were gonna end there, then you are wrong there. Our next destination was KK nite. Once again, we took some epic pictures there and laugh happily. Had our dinner! We ate squid, 2 types of fish, vege and white rice of course! Come on, all in all for just RM9 each person. After that, it was goodbye and I can see from the expression on all our faces that we are all really satisfy and happy! Good good. Anyway, this is the best anniversary for the last 3 years! I love my classmates!! Maths Maniac Salut!^^

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Updates For This Weekend!^^

I believe in miracles. Yeah, this is one of the best quote I have seen so far in my life. We just don't know what to expect at times. They just come as they like. What to do? Nothing can be done except accepting them willingly. The moment we put our trust in someone is a very critical moment in our life. This someone may just determine the path of our life. Yesterday I ran in a 7K Sutera Harbour Charity Run! And I manage to finish the whole thing in 50 minutes. Come on.

The moment I post these things meant that I have surrendered my secret to all of you. You can read them and comment about them. But somehow I just feel that the moment of truth is getting closer and closer. That's why I said I believe in miracles. The all important thing happen next. Who can tell me exactly what will happen to all of when we reach doomsday? No one. So, we shouldn't act clever all the time especially when there are wiser person in the big big world.

Allowance for this semester has came by yesterday. Somehow I wasn't as excited as I thought I would be. Well, this time around I am not gonna spend big as I need to save for a lot of things to come. I haven't buy a single ticket next year, the year end Penang Trip enwaiting, broadband, new handphone or gadget and lots of small things. So, dun expect too much from me this time around. I am still me. Though I will have something new with me coming next weekend. Come on!

 Talking about my homeworks and stuffs I have been into all these while, I guess I have settled them quite nicely. I can sense that there are many more to come. Yeah, God bless me always. I know He is with me all the time. The guidance he can give are all the best. Other than that, I had a quite amazing weekend. Nothing special but I just love it.^^

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Raining In July!^^

What a way the month June passed by...I thought I was still indulging in a lot of stuffs in my head but in a blink of an eyes, it's July ady.. And the great thing is that it's currently raining! Haha, the first time since I came here for about 2 and a half weeks ago. Who knows this is a sign of good things to come. Oh well, I just hope so. Things went quite smooth today. So, let's be grateful how God has treated us. There are deem to be solution to every question posted. Believe in Him and your faith shall guide you to safety abundantly!^^

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy oh Busy~~ What a Life!

Oh my, sorry to my fellow readers! It's been a week since my last blog post. I have really been really busy for the last one week. All sorts of things to go through. Well, what to do, this must have been my busiest semester of all. I have so many things to deal with. Homeworks, ISLs, Tutorials and etc. Last week I went to KL with 2 friends of mine, Ning Ning n Jun Ning. Great time spend there. RM400 gone in 3 days 2 nights but I still think it's worth it. RM50 flight~~ Lol...come on...

Recently I have some problem with a classmate of mine. Yeah, maybe the way I express something has been over but nonetheless it's all the truth. So, I stand to my point. Yet, I would still sincerely bow down my head and say sorry to u if I hurt u. Not that I mean it but what to do. This is life. You can't expect things to go well all the time. There are deem to be some ups and downs here and there. So, good luck and all the best. Was about to indulge in a 3 days 2 nights stay in Kinarut starting tomorrow but plan cancelled just some while ago. Oh well..this is life!

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