Saturday, October 29, 2011

October, October..Oh October~~^^

October has been a really meaningful month for me. Just like every year in the past, I would be rather active in blogging compare to any other month of the year. Maybe it's because it's my birth month. I am really grateful to be born in this month and on the day as well. Many of my friends actually told me that the date was really special as not many have the same birth date as me. Well, so I am the special one? I shall leave that question mark there and be answered by all of you out there. 

Church Activity and Tanjung Aru Trip!

To be precise, anyone in this world is special and there shall not be another person who will have the same personality as you. You may look alike in some matters but you can never have the same 100% gene of likeness in you with another person. So, what I am trying to say here is that please do appreciate yourself. Be happy with what you have because this is how God made you. He made you with his own looks. Think about it. 

Upperstar Birthday Celebration With Kavil n the Gang!

October brings back a lot of memories as well, some nice some bad. I have been thinking back of something really weird for the past few days. It still hurts but it's not as painful as before. I have started forgetting about it. It's just so weird that I really have no idea how could I survive back then. No one gave me the idea as I was just following the flow. The thoughts of enjoyment had overfilled my mind back then. Thinking back just reminded me of how stupidity can conquer one's mind without the person realizing it at all.

Food On Birthday!

In short, we all know that we can never change the history. It's something which shall remain there forever. Nothing can be done to better it or worsen it. What has happened is already the past. We can only stare at our future and not think too much of the past. Live on our life. History may be painful but not the future of someone. Since we know that thinking back just brings sorrows and pain, so, what's the point of thinking back? Just live your nice and happy life everyday.

Food, Enjoy and Nice Time!

October is going to come to an end in the year 2011 in two days time. Time just flies and suddenly November pops up without us realizing it. I certainly enjoyed this year's October month. Many events took place and it shall fill my happy memories. Remembering these happy events shall make our life merrier and make us cherish the ones beside us more than ever. All in all, be grateful of what you have now as you can never guarantee what will happen in the next moment. No ones know except our dearest God! Good day!^^

How Wonderful Sibu Can Be!

Enjoy the pictures guys and gals. Come on!

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