Thursday, October 20, 2011

Waiting For It~~^^

The first birthday present I received from The G.C Group members!

Woke up earlier than before today..maybe it's because of the flight tomolo ba.. Well, maybe I m just too anxious for it dy.. Haha..spending 9 days there is like spending 9 days in heaven.. Although I need to bring my books back this time, I am sure that I can have a better surrounding to do my revision. It just don't suit me the best here. Not despising anyone but I really think that home is the best place for everyone. So, I sometimes I feel weird when some people who has the ability to go home yet chose not to. Only because of that few hundred ringgits? Hmmm...think about it.

I was actually tricked into buying this shirt...oh my...haha

It's like 1 day to home..there r still classes later and tomolo morning.. Some trials going on..I do hope for the best in them as I am in a struggling condition with these 4 major subjects this semester. At least on the 2 of them. They are not hard. Just that they need more attention. I dun blame the lecturers as I know that in this level of studies, we can never omit the term self studying. We must try our best shot and guarantee ourselves the best results possible. No regrets after doing it. 10th of November is the first paper's date.

We celebrated at Upperstar Damai...hmmm...

So fast so swiftly October has come to the 20th dy. 11 more nice and beautiful days to go before Octoberfest is all done n dusted. But the most important date of the year has not arrived it. So, before that happens, I am still 21~~ Haha...come on...7 more days...a week... Lord, grant me a rainbow and make all my wishes come true! October oh I wish you could be a bit longer than ever so that I can have much more holidays and need not think of the long suffering exams.

I really love this shirt la..^^

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Anonymous said...

well i guess so ppl find home tv and stuff

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