Sunday, October 23, 2011

Challenging For The Best!!^^

The best things in life are the things we were never supposed to do in the first place. Come on! So, based on this quote what can we talk about? It's like taking a risk. If we don't dare to do this and that in our life, how can we actually live a meaningful and interesting life? All we want is to live in a peaceful manner, have enough money, shelter, food and etc. Well, I totally despise this kind of life. Living a dream to be better than achieving this has been my motto all along. I want more than this. So, eventually I thirst for more in my life.

It's holiday now and I am back at home once again. In case some of you didn't realize, I have spend all my holidays at home from the start of my foundation years in IPG Kampus Gaya. This time around I shall spend most of my time with exam books and notes. It's not that easy to concentrate here but I at least I can feel a bit relax compare to being stuck with all the books back at KK. Studying here made me think back of the time when I was studying in the secondary school.

Form 6 was really not easy and I actually played with fire that time. Not only did I not study the right manner, but I also have fun all the time. Kinda regret for doing so and thinking back made me feel how stupid was I back then. I hope that I can make amends this time around and do well in my degree years. Last semester has been great. So, I hope I can better or equal the target I set for myself. Nothing is easy and I shall not underestimate any subjects which come along me.

The first two days of my holidays has been so far so good. Read some books and explore some examples of questions which might come out in the exams. Three words to express here, "I Love It"! Hahahahaha..come on. 4 more days to go and things gonna change once again. Expecting new things to happen and a different self from before. Good luck to me and all the best. People come, people go! Life goes on no matter what happen. Let's rock the days coming by.


DoRa Priscilla said...

I also went through Form6.. wrong class, the science subject are killing me.. Hey you got your MUET? If band4 no need to re-sit ..

So Allen, take more risk! :D

Allen said...

Hehe Dora..i have the same stream really didn't suit me at all.. Haha..yeap..i got it 4 oh.. Hmmm..but lecturer told me need to retake while said no need.. I kinda confused la..

Yeah..take more risk! I will take more in the coming 3 weeks after holiday...wahahaha~~

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