Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012's New Year Resolution(Changes)

Here's a bit of changes to the previous post. And some have been removed due to various reasons. Yeah, hope that I can achieve most of them written here.

1.Save more money 
2.Study harder 
3.Buy a printer
4.Give more time for praying
5.Find a girlfriend
6.Be a better person 
7.Lessen entertainment
8.More time on sports
9.Read more books
10.Visit church more often 
11.No KFC
12.More on healthy food
13.Travel to overseas
14.Less time for movie
15.Be a good boy
16.No last minute work
17.Lessen time for Facebook
18.Improve football skill
19.Church activities over friends
20.Own church activities over other church's activities
21.Eat 3 times a day
22.No supper
23.Weekend not necessary need to go out
24.Socialize more
25.No need to be back home for every holiday
26.Smile and greet every lecturer
27.Goodbye Upper star lamb chop
28.Read bible once a day
29.Be a more responsible man
30.And finally change for a better and new person!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everybody!!^^

First of all, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and may all of us have a blessed and nice Christmas ahead of us. Next, let's prepare our heart for a Happy New Year which is coming really soon. Anyway, today has been a full day. I have been eating from morning till now. Non-stop eating. And it doesn't end now, we will still continue tonight at my friend's house. O ya, it's Stephen Sii's birthday today and we will be celebrating it at his house tonight. Haha, he was born on the same day as Jesus Christ. So nice. Oh well, dun wanna talk much today. Just enjoy yourselves ya. It's Christmas!! Have a nice day..^^

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!!^^

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart~~ But the very next day, you gave it away. This Christmas, I gave it to someone special. Yeah, Christmas is just around the corner. One more day to go. Today is Christmas Eve already. So, there is a mass which many will be attending tonight, full house and some faces which we don't often see will eventually turn up for this as well.

Why? Because it's for Christmas sake. It's the birth of our beloved Jesus Christ who is gonna redeemed us from all our sins! Come on, let's welcome his birth to this world and rejoice in His name. Christmas oh Christmas~~ Christmas also marks the near end to the year 2011 as 2012 is fast approaching. In less than a week, 2011 will become a memory! 2012, another challenging year ahead. Oh well, let's prepare our best heart in walking towards the new year ba. All the best to all of us ya!!^^

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas In 2 Days!~^^

2 more days to Christmas. The all important day of the year, the birth of Jesus Christ to this world. Wow, how nice. This year's Christmas shall be another busy day indeed. It's my friend's birthday as well and we are gonna celebrate it in a very different way. Come on! The whole day spend outside and lots of activities going on. I certainly hope that all of us gonna enjoy it. Haha! Before Christmas, it's Christmas Eve first and foremost. It's getting nearer and nearer! Walalala...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Happy Winter Solstice Festival everyone!! Have a nice day and all the best ya..haha..^^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Talking To The Moon!^^

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to the moon. I know you are somewhere out there, somewhere far away. It's not that I don't want to ask or what but maybe it's all because of the fear. Human nature is always like this. Nothing can change it. We face problems all the time. Whether they can be solved or not is another matter. The important thing is how we deal with them. Solve them in a calm manner or be a scared and dejected idiot all depends on you alone. You are the only one who can help yourself in overpowering your problems. Thinking too much might just worsen the problems, so you might just don't even think of doing so. Good luck and all the best!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Year Resolution for 2012!^^

New Year Resolution for the year 2012:

1.Save more money for future purposes
2.Study harder for better pointer
3.Buy a new cell phone 
4.Buy a printer for myself
5.Find a girlfriend
6.Be a better person compare to the year before
7.Lessen entertainment
8.More time on sports
9.Give more time for praying
10.Visit church more often 
11.No KFC
12.More on healthy food
13.Travel to overseas
14.Less time for movie
15.Be a good boy
16.No last minute work
17.Lessen time for Facebook
18.Improve football skill
19.Church activities over friends
20.Own church activities over other church's activities
21.Eat 3 times a day
22.No supper
23.Weekend not necessary need to go out
24.Buy a car
25.No need to be back home for every holiday
26.Smile and greet every lecturer
27.Goodbye Upper star lamb chop
28.Read bible once a day
29.Be a more responsible man
30.And finally change for a better and new person!



Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas oh Christmas!!^^

Tonight gonna present myself at the Sibu gateway for the performance for the YMCA concert. We will be presenting a dance by the name Joy To The World. Hopefully it really bring joy to the whole world. Let's make this Christmas a more meaningful one. After all the Christmas Procession and Christmas Caroling, the feelings are just so so great! Haha.~~

Last night was a great great night indeed. Went for Christmas Caroling at 8 houses and reached home at about 12.45 am!! First time attend caroling till like this. I wonder why we can get later and later year by year. The feeling of preaching the word of the Lord by this way is just indifferent from the normal ones. The way it's done and the people you do it with can really make a difference and help you to be more determined to achieve something.

Just by looking at the picture above, I can actually have a feeling to travel to some other in this big big world where it really snows. God, please grant me a chance to do so! Haha, I shall work hard towards achieving that then. Christmas songs, hymns, presents, food...walalala...^^

2 more weeks from now I will be heading back to the place I pursue my study. Holidays period are getting shorter and shorter. The mood is still very much high and I don't wish it to stop anytime soon. Oh well, please don't bring me back to the typical student life of mine. How I wish the time of holiday to pass slower and the time of studies to be passing away like the light. Anyway, no matter what, I shall take things slowly and be a nice person. Graduation is just there and I am the one who will go over and collect it! Come on.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Questions Posted???

Is it essential for them to win all the time? Can't they just give other people a chance to win some times? Why are they so selfish till this kind of manner? How do the other feel about this? Where is their act of conscience? Who the hell do they think they are? What is wrong with the other competitors? Will there be any changes made to improve the quality of the game? Shall it remain like this forever? Anyone out there with any good answers for these questions posted?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Procession and Travelling Around Sibu~~!!^^

Yahooo~~~ Tonight's gonna be a good good night!! Haha, it's the once in a year's Christmas Procession at Town Square... Come on, let's get high people..like like.. Tell the whole world that Jesus is coming to town for Christmas.. Walalala..gather around with all the nice and wonderful friends from all kind of races.. Happy happy..just can't wait for that!! So, see ya all tonight at 6pm ya.. Come if you can ba, only once in a year..hehehe..^^ Very fun and enjoyable~~

La la la..these few days has been really well-spend and fully utilized... Haha, why do I say so? Yeah, yesterday I actually went around Sibu Town like never before with Ung, Irene, Ren Wei and Li Na... Irene and Li Na are from KK by the way..hehe.. Oh yeah..we actually went to most of the supermarkets in Sibu.. Lol..Daesco Hypermarket, Giant Hypermarket, Sing Kwong, Farley, Medan Mall n Delta Mall... Other than that, we also went to One o One Cafe, Friends Kopitiam, Muhibbah, Ku Tien Garden n Lau King Howe Memorial Museum Hospital~~ Overall, tired but happy to drive around with friends from the other part of this big big world~~ Lol..so, welcome all of you from outside Sibu to come to Sibu ya..^^

Friday, December 16, 2011

London And Rio

There are 2 places which are deeply carved in my mind right now, London and Rio. I have a dream, to visit both of these places after I graduate. London to take a deep look at my favorite football club, Chelsea FC! and Rio to take a look at the famous statue of Jesus Christ. Wow, come on! This shall be a aspiration which will guide me to achieve it. The goal of my life now! Wahahaha. Target year to achieve: 3-4 years time.

Be A Little More Confident, Please!^^

It's not that I wanna criticize these people or what but their actions are just so stupid that people just can't help it but feel wanna vomit. They can actually be so doubtful of their own well being. They never think of success but only failure all the time. Why must it be you who fail and not others? The way they think are just so weird and inconsiderate to the ones who are really weaker than them. Staring to the word fail all the time just won't help you to pass the exam anyway. If you really did so poorly in your exam, the result won't even change a bit even if you pray to God for help. So, please la. Can you please respect the one beside you before you want the others to respect you. Show a good example to them and not always be the one who is always short of confident. You are the top gun in class and prove to the others that you deserve that honor. Thank you and all the best.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Gal!

Well, some date just meant more to a person than to anyone else in this world. For instance, today. Remembering a few years ago when one was crazy in pursuing something in my life. It was as if that person was everything and one could do anything for that person. Many things bought and the way the present was given was weird as well. The conversations did continue until God knows when but it just suddenly stop and there were no more voice after that. Is this what we call long distance friendship or one stop friendship. It just doesn't last long. And today is the person's birthday! So, I would like to wish her a Happy 20th Birthday! Have a nice one and may God bless you always!^^

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tight Christmas Schedule Ahead

As you all know, I have endured my first 3 weeks of holidays with different kind of experiences. The first n second week was on the trip to KL while the third week which was last week, I actually attended a one week church camp. So, finally now I can settle down peacefully at home with my laptop, family and friends. Sibu oh Sibu, less than 3 more weeks to go. Please make the time pass slower than it uses to be. I still have lots of things to do. 

The coming week is gonna be another busy period for me. Let's list them down one by one here, right here right now.
13th: I am free from anything, so let's not bother it
14th: My church friends' anniversary celebration party
15th: Meeting for the recently concluded Youth Congress 2011
16th: One day driver for my friend, Ung as his friends from KK will be coming to Sibu
17th: Christmas Procession
18th: Christmas Caroling song practice, Church cleaning and Christmas Caroling
19th: YMCA Concert at Sibu Gateway where we will perform Joy To The World

Wow, wow, wow. So, how tight can the schedule for my coming days be. I just love the Christmas Season! December oh December~~ Love love love..^^

Monday, December 12, 2011


12.12.11. Now let's fast forward to a year later. So, will this be a more meaningful day for us in a year time? Haha. Think about it. Or is it just purely a date for us? Oh well. Life. Changes happen every now and then. Have a nice day people!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youth Congress 2011!! Best Best~~^^

Ok, now let's go into detail for this year's Youth Congress which I have finished attending just a few hours ago. The camp was for one week from 5-11/12/2011! A church camp which was an annually organized camp up until last year. Anyway, this year's role for me is different from the years before once again. This time I am an adviser for the Sports and Recreation group. Honestly, I have no idea what was my role actually. I didn't know what to help my student leader, Stephanie Tiong. Well, all I know is that she was the one with all the ideas and I am just gonna help her whenever she faces problems.

But then, I also don't know. Did I helped her too much? Lol, maybe I am too used to do the things myself and make sure things goes well. Anyway, I have tried my best to let her do everything by herself already. I do hope that she can really learn something from this camp lo. From what I see, she did a very good job but can definitely improve more. So, congratulation girl! U finally did it and you r free from all!!  <

Now let's talk more of the camp. I have joined this camp for 3 times up until now, so I definitely know what's all about. Checking luggage, ice breaking, briefing, opening mass, introductory session+welcoming performance and world youth day intro was the things we did on the first day. The one which gave me goosebumps was the welcoming performance. Well, we really prepared at the last minute and I don't feel like we did a good job eventually.On the next day, the highlight of the day was the Gladiators! and Maranatha Nite. Gladiators! was about station games and I guess it went on quite well, at least for my station la. Overall, the games was not dangerous and I can see most of them liked them. Maranatha Nite was about prayer done with singing. The feel was not that much and sorry but I didn't got touched but actually felt asleep while doing it. 

The third day was about the preparation for the Vanity Fairground on that very night. We prepared the whole morning and finally it was all done. All the participants enjoyed playing it and this certainly made us happy about it. But i actually felt that it was quite over while playing the games. We shouted like crazy! Haha. Anyway, it's done dy and we should not be thinking about it anymore. After that, it's to the Adoration of the cross and washing of feet. The washing of feet was so touching and I experience more and know more about it this time around. Touched from the start till the end!!

Road to Golgotha which is also known the station of the cross was quite meaningful but I regretted for not concentrating on it. Procession of the King, confession and infilling of the spirit was nice and I liked them so much as it was indifferent from before. Not many fell down this time. Haha. That was for Friday and now to Saturday where we had the visitation to the old folks home! Oh man, the place so so dirty!! How can they actually live in place like tat..so pity them, how I wish I can do something to help them. Oh well, last year went there dy and the condition was the same once again. Aiks... Then there were the I am A Star program, it turned out quite well, minus the time management. Hehe, after tat we had sing along and everything was so so high. The program ended around 12.30 am. Wow!

Today we had the final cleaning and final breakfast together in this camp. Went on to the Closing Youth Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Everything went ok. A bit dull maybe because of not enough sleep the night before. Haha, anyway there were some things which we had done in the camp which were so memorable which I would like to share here. We actually knelt till our legs felt so painful, turn black and the skin torn. Haha, we had morning prayer, angelus, divine mercy, evening prayer, rosary, mass and night prayer everyday. This was a holy camp indeed. A time when I prayed the most times for the whole year!! Oh my.. Did stretching, sing-a-long and Praise and Worship everyday as well. Personally, I liked all of them except the part where they didn't include the tongue language. 

Had meeting every night as usual. Nice to gather around and talk about the positives and negatives together. And we didn't fight among each others. This is the best part! I love it but honestly, I love last years' Dicipling Timothy more. Haha!!^^ The food and accommodation in there was the best in the whole world!! Imagine what we have got for the whole week for only RM80. Lol. Thanx ya father and organizing committee! In short, that's all I have experience for now and I certainly hope to be a part of it next year! Wahahaha, have a nice day people.^^ Happy Holiday~~continue enjoying it..:P


Yeah..I am proudly able to announce that I am back to my home sweet home once again.. Haha..after enduring the one week camp full of fun and excitement! A whole new experience indeed. Come on, learn a lot, knew more friends! Oh well, will update more on this in my next post as I am really tired and exhausted now. Have a nice day people! Do anticipate my next post! Anyway~~ I AM BACK!!^^

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bye Allenpasta~~

Goodbye Allenpasta for one long week ya. See ya all again in one week time. Haha, anyway, Happy Holiday and have fun ya. Time to take off! C ya..^^

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree has been my yearly routine at home. I just love to do so. Some called it a tradition but for me, it just make the whole festival merrier and I am happy in every process of setting up the big tall tree in front of me. Well, this year I have decided to set the tree up earlier than usual as I will be away from home starting tomorrow. It's for a one week camp which will be held in the Sibu Pastoral Centre. A church camp by the name Youth Congress 2011 in case some of you are interested.

Anyway, setting up the tree was not that hard and it only takes about 30-40 minutes, I guess. But the feeling was just purely awesome. Step by step you set it up. All the way until it's a complete tree in front of you with all the lighting on. How adorable, how sweet and of course how warm the whole Christmas spirit is at that moment! Here are some pictures attached to let you see how the setting up process looks like. Haha, enjoy and have a nice and festive Christmas Season ahead of all of you! See ya all again in one week time.^^                                                                          

Saturday, December 3, 2011

KL's Trip(24-29/11/2011)

Now to the KL trip from the 24th till 29th November 2011. Oh well, for those loyal readers and friends of mine out there, i guess all of u know that this was not my first time here this year. Hehe, my second time here in just 4 months time. But then, the people I go with are different this time. The places are almost the same but some new places were added in as well. Stayed in 2 different places during these 6 days 5 nights. YMCA Hostel and Sungei Wang Hotel was the places we stayed.

Let's start from the first day, we reached the KL Sentral and looked for directions of the hotel like a deer in a new kampung. Wahahaha. Eventually we found them and rest for the afternoon after such a tiring few days before. Night time we went to the Petaling Street. Somehow I expected more from there but anyway, it's still nice to visit a new place. A place which sells different kind of stuffs and food. Ate some hot food and liked them so much. Hehe. Had some walk along the street and that was all for the night. Continue playing poker and the others slept late.

The second day was another day to remember. It was the first time I went to Sunway Lagoon. Took the KTM komuter to Subang Jaya from KL Sentral. After that, took a bus to Sunway Lagoon. The place proved to be so significant just by seeing the price of the tickets. I took the ticket for all 5 parks (scream, extreme, amusement, water and wildlife) while some of my friends took just 3 parks. My tickets cost me RM75! Come on, once in a while ba. We played and played all kinds of games. It was really worth it and indeed I love it. Didn't take many pictures here as we didn't bring our camera while we were playing. Anyway, Sunway Pyramid was great as well. The Sunway trip, Nice! Haha.

The next day was shopping time and we went on to KLCC. Shop and shop around. Bought many food to eat and one of them was Durian Pancake. I love it as it has been a long time since I last tasted durian. KLCC was so big and we took some pictures of the twin tower before we proceed to Mid Valley, another big shopping complex in this hustle and bustle city of KL. The girls went shopping and the boys went window shopping. LOL. As the mall was so so big and with the DIGI line so bad that very day, some of us actually got lost contact with each other when we eventually wanna gather together. Luckily all still manage to get together and ate dinner together before going back to the YMCA Hostel.

O ya, something actually happened that night as well, the boys missed the KTM back to KL Sentral. It was too crowded and in the end, we had to wait for an extra 30 minutes for the next train back. I actually went to Chou Kit Road with Ning n Bernard that night as well. Shopped for my dad's MC jersey and got it. I thought I could find something interesting but things turned out as a disappointment.

It was a Sunday the next morning so we went to the church like every Sunday morning. St. John Cathedral was the destination. The church was quite big and special as well. Good looking and quite spacious as well. After that, we went back to the YMCA hostel and prepared for check out. Next, we head on to the second hotel in KL, Hotel Sungei Wang. Went to Sungei Wang Plaza that afternoon and shop, shop, shop! Haha, girl's heaven. Bought some new t-shirt of mine there as well. Ate dinner around the corner of the hotel and bought some Ba gua as well. Midnight was like evening there. 12 am was like 7pm. Haha. Come on.

Times Square, Low Yat Plaza and Indian Street was the place we went on the fifth day in KL. That day we was joined by Kavil and Puven. Kavil gave us early presents for Christmas and treated us to Baskin Robbin ice cream. Thanx ya gal. Walked around the place and bought some things for myself as well. Hehe, mouse and fan for my laptop. Head on to the Indian Street before going to Ampang where Puven treated us to some Indian food. I forgot the name but all I know is that they are really delicious! Oh my, forgot to mention. It was our last night in KL! I actually slept early that night as I was too tired. Nothing much done that night and was getting nervous of going back the next day!

Finally, it's the last day of trip. After 9 days, I can finally tell myself that I am going back to Sibu after 40 days. Hahaha, actually some need to say after 153 days or 247 days. Much longer than mine. Oh my, went for a breakfast at Long Ji before doing our final shopping in KL's Sungei Wang. Bought a trousers, pencil box and something to eat before heading back to the hotel for check out. O ya, we also celebrated Esther's birthday before hand. Haha. What a pleasant surprise for her. 12.30pm sharp we checked out and headed towards the LCCT airport via taxi! Reached there and did our check in. Got ready our heart for take off and it's time to say bye bye to KL!

Reached Sibu at about 5.50pm and it just feel so nice to be back once again! Hahahaha. All smiles for the trip. Enjoyed them, had fun, felt tired and it was just great! Love it so much, wish to have this kind of trip every year! Actually would love more if we can go oversea next time. Who knows, maybe Taiwan or Hong Kong~~ Oh yeah..how nice would that be. Happy Happy~~~ Walalalala..have a nice time reading ya, people~~^^

Genting's Trip(23-24/11/2011)

Yeah, after the Melaka trip from the previous post, it's now to Genting Highlands! We had to take a long way before reaching the place itself. For instance, the taxi from Discovery Hotel in Melaka to Melaka Central. Then from there to the bus terminal in TBS. Next, by using the LRT Putra, we went on to Plaza Rakyat. At Plaza Rakyat, we were required to find the bus from KL to Genting. We found the counter and finally we were starting to see the road in front. Genting awaiting!! Wahahaha.

During this journey, we were accompanied by a friend of us, Kyry Junior! Haha, welcome welcome! One hour trip to Genting~ Then we checked in the hotel at about 6 something. Wow, the place was so cool and cold. Hehe, no aircond but only cold wind! Got ready ourselves before I immersed myself into a believing that I would gamble big on the very night. Lol, this has been the highlight of the trip for me before hand. Wore my best clothes and it's time.

After dinner, we went for a little shopping. Walking up and down and finally went into the casino at 10.30pm. Watch and watch the different games in there. An hour gone and finally I burst out. Put my RM100 on the table. I told myself that I must at least double the money before going home. Haha. Won some and lost some in the middle. Eventually I did won RM100 and happily went back to my hotel room.

The next morning should have been a much eventful day but it turned out otherwise. The weather was really bad and there was nothing much we could do about it. No more outdoor theme park for us. Oh well, at least we had our buffet breakfast and a nice walk outside the hotel from one part to another part. Cold breeze blowing and this was a feeling which we may never experience during normal time. My friends played the basketball game and I watched them. At 12 pm sharp, we checked out from Genting's First World Hotel. All was done in Genting.

Next, we head on down to KL by using the cable car and bus. Another adventure awaits us and see ya in the next KL post! Tata, bye!^^

Friday, December 2, 2011

Melaka's Trip(20-23/11/2011)

Due to some comments from a friend of mine on my post 3 days ago, Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!!, I have decided to write more on the trip. Melaka's A'Farmosa being the first place we stepped in our trip this time. It's a quite magnificent place. I didn't expect the place to be that big but it turn out to be a pleasant surprise to me. Every time we wanna go from one place to another place, we were required to request for a banana truck. N indeed it costs us money. The food has been the main obstacles in this place. Way too expensive and some are just ridiculous.

Anyway, the places in there were really fun. There were places like Safari Park, where we see different kinds of animals. Took lots of pictures and had fun together. Hmmm, I actually can't remember me eating anything that day when we went to Safari Park. Oh ya, I actually skipped lunch and straight away went back to the villa which we stayed for 3 days 2 nights. We took a rest then and went on to the Cowboy town where we see different kinds of shows there. We had a RM12 dinner there and continue on to the animal n Indian show.

Every night there we slept late. Why? Because of poker. Hahaha. Some of the girls who didn't know how to play poker before this have learned the tricks and some were even better than those who knew the skill beforehand. Wow, magnificent! Took a rest and woke up the next morning for another new adventure in the Water World. Water World was all about water of course. Well, didn't play many games as expected as we were rushing for check out. The games was interesting as well, those who have never try them before must try if can. Imagine yourself sliding down from a few kilo meters high and got capsized.

Checked out from the nice and memorable place at 12pm straight. After that, we took the taxi to Melaka town and checked into our hotel there, Discovery Hotel. This place was surely not as nice as the one before which was a villa. A room with 8 beds and which will be shared between 8 people. The space was so small that one can hardly breathe. Oh well, the town itself was really special with different kind of food being offered such as "yuan tuen mee", "ji li fan", egg ice-cream, different choices of biscuit and etc.

We along the street by the name Jonker street. The walk was tiring but fun when you actually walk with the people you like. My friends really made my day. Took many pictures of the historical city. The A'Famosa wall, the church, the statues and etc. Other than that, we also went to eat Lok Lok in the city during dinner time. The food was ok but I felt that there were a little bit too expensive and I didn't have much of it that night. The place was an early sleeping city, so many lighted off before 11pm.

The next day we went to the shopping mall for some shopping before rushing back to the hotel for another checked out event. That's all from Melaka. The next destination was Genting! If you wanna know more on Genting, do stay tune for it in the next post ya. It's time to get some rest from blogging! Haha, have a nice time reading people~^^

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