Thursday, April 28, 2011

Problem Landing Just Like The Rain!

Having a hard time craving for fresh air on a Thursday night. Been thinking a lot these few days.

Exams(UAK)-I know I didn't do well, really have no idea what's wrong with me this semester.

Allowance-Wow, I think I really can spend so professionally. I actually finished about RM700 in 3 months time. Now I have less than a thousand left to survive for the next two months. How I hope the book allowance will be coming in anytime soon. Oh well, some said it will eventually come during the next semester. Good then, must be thinking of how to save for more fun, food and etc.

Island & Zoo Trip-These 2 trips coming soon. I really really hope to release all my tension in these 2 days. Don't wanna think too much. Make me feel unwell all the time.

Finals-Yeah, finals is coming very very soon. Yet, my mood is still not right yet. Come on, Allen! You have to study hard for yourself and for your family! Half a month to the finals. Good luck to all my friends and me.

Hostel-Suddenly the hostel management informed us that we will need to move out of the hostel when we are midway of our 3rd year. Dunno what to say but do we really need to do so. The school has such a big land. Yet they dunno how to use them wisely. No money. Just because of this stupid point.

Thief-We are living with the thief. The thief who stole laptop. So sad to hear this la. Make me feel so uncomfortable and a feeling of terrified.

Anyway, weekend is coming soon! Have a nice one ya people!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Life Is Great~~

Well well a student here, it's getting more and more predictable of the next thing which will be happening soon. For instance, after having submitted all the assignments to the lecturers, it means exam is coming soon. Haha. And yeah, I am having exam for this two days. History and English is in the house. It's not that hard, but when it comes to the word "exam"...everyone is like scare like hell. Come on, it's just a matter of fail or pass ba., wish me luck for the paper tomorrow ya. La la la...after pestering myself in all the homework and assignments for the last 4 weeks, it's time to have a deep breath and a sigh of relief. Exam time means time to recall what we have learnt for the last few months. Time for rest. No class. Nice one rite. And yeah, I will having a break this coming weekend for labour day. So, I will drop by at the zoo and maybe at an island as well. Haha...great isn't is great!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Couldn't Understand Why

Couldn't understand why. Why does a person choose to be with someone who is already in another relationship? Is this what we called love? What is wrong with the guy anyway. Just because the other part is not around, it still doesn't mean that we are so lack of love till we need to find another person to replace her. This is just so irritating to see and not nice! Someone who always has a face as cool as a cucumber, a face only she can make. Wow, sometimes I am actually scared to talk to her. Ha ha. But then, she can be a nice person at times too. Oh well, I still think that she can be saved from all of this. Please be yourself and don;t let the evil side of human conquer you ya.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stressing Assignments!

Once you learn to appreciate the ones beside you, you will know that you have actually grown up. It's time for you to face the reality. Everything is pointing toward you alone. No one is there for you anymore. More and more tasks needed to be finished. The truth is I really feel the stress now. Before I finish off all the 4 assignments in my hand now, I shall never had my stress gone. This is just so sad. Why must we always repeat the same thing over and over again? The life we want is so much different from this.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Think About This!

Once you start it, it will just come back after you. There shall not be any running away. Think of this, the more you run, the more you cry. So, what's the point of running away then? Come on, face it and get over it! I really hope for this kind of courage and be like a true man. Sadly, I have not reach such kind of level. Oh dear friend, why do you wanna treat me this way? Maybe it's time to reconsider the true meaning of friendship? 2 years is really not that short or not that long. I am still blurr with the way you think and don't you think that the matter was just something small? Do you need to be so small gas? Think about this.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lectured by a lecturer~~

Is this some kind of joke or what? Things will just come together at one go. Tests, assignments, forum! Oh please, give me a break la. De ja vu once more. Has been repeating this kind of things every semester. Why can't they be any creative than before? Aiks. See, I am complaining once again. This afternoon, the whole class was being lectured by the child development lecturer. She scolded us being not thinking outside the box. We are too dead. We thought that she was the one who is behaving so. But but matter what, lecturer always win and we shall always be the one who will be at the losing end. Don't even hope for miracle. As she will eventually be the one who will give us our marks for our final exam. So, we must always be careful whenever we wanna fill something. Think twice before we do anything!

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