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Objectives Of The Year Locked In!

So, I guess this is gonna be my first post for the year 2015! We are almost to the end of the first quarter of the year and I have quite satisfied with what I have achieved so far in this year. I started my teaching career this year when I officially started teaching in SK Kampong Baru, Kapit. Though there have been a few minor changes in between, I can finally say that I have settled down almost everything after spending about 2 months here. I have a very nice place to stay, nice food and hospitality. Other than that, my teaching life have been quite good. Not the so much hectic work full of hustle and bustle everyday. So, everything has been so far so good up until now.

Though there are still a few things which I need to improve on. For instance, the way I teach. Maybe I should not be so strict and tensed while teaching. I need to relax more. What to do? I guess this is one part of the learning to be a good teacher. I am human and human make mistakes too. I am pretty sure I will ge…