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The Number "27" and near End to the Month!

Before I start of in sharing what I am gonna share below here, I would like to say a big hi to all of you out there! Haha, yeah, long time no see and indeed I have not been so active in the blog thing for the past year. This is most probably because of the amount of responsibilities I am carrying right here right now. It seems like I have no free time at all and my time for blogging has been limited to a certain amount of time only. 
It's the 27th of September today and if you know me well enough, you should know that how special the number "27" is to me. Anyway, one more month to go to face the reality. I can't believe that time can pass by so fast so swiftly like this. It's like I just flipped the calendar yesterday for the month September but now it really is the end of the month dy. So, the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" naturally comes to my mind. What comes after September? Haha, October! The best month of the year for me.
Though I know I …

The Dream of Being A Leader!(or not)

Yeah, I finally realized my dream of making myself as busy as a bee these days with all sorts of works which I myself don't even know they pop out from where. They can just come so fast so furious and you will have no time to say a word No to them. If only I can be as ignorant as someone, I would not have been like who I am today. I told myself, I have been chosen by my fellow friends and I have to do my best to serve. I cannot be a cow who can be as ignorant as a fool!

The things which a JPP do is not as easy as it looks. If we really wanna get involve in it, we might end up like a robot. Do this, do that. In the end, what do we get? No idea. Money gone for Kuching trip, money gone for buying things for decorating the JPP room. Time wasted in helping up here and there. Sleepless afternoon. Well, what to do? I wonder why also at times. Why are there always the same old faces all the time? I tried to not involve myself, honestly. But in the end, I came also. Life.

 I know all of …