Saturday, April 26, 2008

I actually learned a very important lesson in these few days.. It's something not only concerning me but about all the boys to say la? Actually it is something really hard to say but i have no choice but to shout it out now!!! WE,BOYS should not always be too over-confident in doing something especially when u r dealing with ur love's funny when u come to think of it..U think that u have got it,but actually u have not even started that particular stupid of u..Or shall I so "Tian Zhen" of u!! Or...U r actually a lame noob! I gain a lesson from one of my close friend..he has been in it,I trust him and i wanna share his way with all of u here..he told me that,if u wanna start a relationship with a girl... What should u do? Haha..tis is the interesting part..a lot of us got caught up here..If we begin to step into the hole we should not have step in,we r all dead n buried..all is gone..if it is good,ok lo..i wish the couple all the,how to know if the hole is suitable to step in or not leh? If u keep on smsing with the girl,u must be feeling really happy..but i can tell u that u really shouldn't be tat happy!Becoz the girl dun really care for u..this is call one sided,hav u learn the lesson?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Complains and still complains!

We always tend to complain too much about all sorts of things surrounding us.. When can we start to appreciate them more than how we treat them? Why is the world full of people like this? See..I am starting to complain again.. Haiz..I really dunno how to solve it.. So many problems..if can,I really hope that i can find myself a counseling teacher to counsel me.. I have neglected some of the souls around me these dark day of my life and even add another few so called good friends into my cabinet of friends.. So..

Thursday, April 3, 2008

La la la..Who can help? to help ourself when the teacher who are suppose to give us guidance can't even help us? We by then will one to depend on..some parents will never listen to their,in the end..we might just have to depend on our own ability to survive this horror life..full of obstacles which we might not be able to overcome..How hard and painful our life can turn into depend on how we live it! If we ourself too had give up hope on ourself,then,who else can do anything to help us.. The problem is there is a lot of things we can't do alone but needs the help of the ones surrounding us.. So,every soul and living things around us are useful to matter how essential or weak is the thing..We must all appreciate the things we had now or else we will definitely regret one day later..we must never get angry by the for all the things that occur are all because of you yourself.. You can blame no one except yourself..

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