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Goodbye October 2010~

Last Day of October 2010!! Have a nice one ba, guys n gals... Hehe...tomolo gotta flip the calendar once again... After a month of happiness, it's down to business once more... The start of finals...english paper once again...then BM... Noob one...good luck to all my friends who are taking exams sooner or later... Hahaha..peace!!^^

Smile to PPISMP~

Life in PPISMP is really too fun n free... least this is my statement la... I wonder how life would be when I go into degree later... How susah would life turn out... Wahahaha...the way I study now is just like reading newspaper...nth much to read... I can go into the exam hall and goreng this n that whenever I can... Lol...English paper...later touch a bit la... Then BM...i guess there is also nth much to read about... So,why do we need to make ourselves so stress up??? Hahaha...come on la,ppl... Cool down ur mind and read carefully... Hehe...^^

After Birthday~

With my 21st birthday done n dusted for a while, it's time to settle down and do something meaningful for me and my future. As we all know, this is the critical time for exams and revisions tend to come in. I will have my English paper on the 1st of November, Malay(most hated) paper the following day, Maths 1 on the 9th and finally Maths 2 on the 15th.
Let's not go so far to the 15th, where after that I shall be having my year end holidays back in my hometown. My revision has been so far so good but there are just so many things which requires improvements. I just hope that I have sufficient time to improve them. Good luck to me and all my friends who are doing the same thing now.
English, in fact I love you the most. It's just like another typical paper where students are given bonus marks. Sorry if am too confident and cocky to some of you out there. Malay paper however is just like a pain in the ass. So many things to read compared to English. Both are language but how c…

Happy 21st Birthday to Mr. Allen Yong~~

Yeah,that's right~~ I am officially 21 dy... Haha...old guy talking here... Finally I can rite... Oh well, here comes the birthday post... How I celebrate First, went to Little Italy last nite n have a nice enjoying meal with my best friends far la... Hahaha...then had a nice sleep till this morning...
This morning was a great day as our tutor spend us some nasi kuning...thanx to her... I received 2 marvelous cards...heard birthday songs....receive 200++ birthday msg...2 calls..sms... Muahhahahaa...then went to my favourite place here...the Likas Swimming Pool... For a swimming day...
Now my mind is still so so on... Maybe will be going out for another celebration with my classmates... All depend on the weather.... Hahha...o ya, I also received a present from classmates...all cartoon replica...n cards... Yeah...all in all, I am just so so happy~~~ Huahahahaha...

Come on,bring it on!

I am into the last few hours of my 20 years old... Haha...tomolo will be officially 21 dy... Oh well, what to feel la... Time just flies...I can't really complain much of the life here... It has been just so far so good...with so many ppl I knew here... Thanx to all of u that I am still here studying and never thought of quiting... Pals...we shall forever be pals... I will think of you all whenever I am free...haha...and tomolo I shall join u all in the 21st... Lol...come on,bring it on!

It Was One of Those Fine October Days

It was one of those fine October days free from summer’s heat and haze but not yet gripped by autumn chill.
It was one of those fine October days when the sky’s so clear you can see the moon through the atmosphere at midday.
It was one of those fine October days when the trees sport yellow and red instead of everyday summer green.
It was one of those fine October days when one draws a deep breath and is grateful to be resident on Earth.

A Reason For A Thing!

There is always a reason behind one's doing. We just won't simply do anything without thinking. everyone is rational but sometimes things might just get out of hand. No one can control the bad situation and no one dare to interfere. To be a hero is not easy and so, the one to be save will always remain doom. life can be cruel to the edge but can be very nice if you treat it the right way and right manner.
No friends are forever friends. they will always be fight and quarrels. Those fights and quarrels may end up the positive way and also the negative way. It all depends on how you solve and take care of the whole thing. Friends might even end up as enemy and the bond will never be together anymore. The evil shall overpower the good.

3 More Big Days!!!@Little Italy

3 more days to go for the big age...haha... Come on,Allen... This is the second time I am not celebrating it at home... Haha...i guess this will have to go on for the next few years..unless I can do something special about this... Lol...muahahhaa...who knows i gt the money to fly back... I dream of this n tat these few days... Wondering how to celebrate it...yet dunno can achieve or not... I wanna go Little Italy...with my friends... Go Burger King... Do this and this n that... But I dun wanna grow up that fast... Chew...have a nice day ppl!!

Missing Form 6 Joy~~

These are some of the activities I joined when I was in Form 6...i miss them a lot... So many moments in there...13 clubs... All kind of commitment~~ Haha...although the academic wise is not that good, but it's still ok de la... Haha...nostalgia moment tonight!!

Think Like A Mature Guy!

As time is getting nearer, the heart is becoming more anxious day by day. Time shall always move forward. From the minute you were brought to this World, there will be never be any return. You may always feel things are repeating themselves. What has happened before is happening all over again. Getting old everyday. Limiting the things we can do. Although I can't do anything about this, I shall not look back and regret! It's time to grow up and think like a mature guy~

Exam Period~~1+1= Back!

Exam period... trials n trials... All i hope is time to pass faster... N without realizing i have been here for one month...
there is still one more month to go...
Maths 2 so far so good... Maths 1 still ok de la... BI is just fine... Now there is left with one more headache...
Come on... BM... the biggest stone of all time...
BM oh BM... Last sem with u... Pls dun always hurt me n terrorize me like this...


Hi there! It's me at Tanjung Aru~~
Playing Ball at Tanjung Aru Beach No.2~~
The Family Photo with our tutor~
Haha...nice leh...
Weekend can just pass by that easily n fast... Haha...went out on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... N last weekend seems like the most tiring of all... After i walk with the girls for 7 hours the viva back n go for at least 4-5 times to tanjung aru... Hehe..weekend oh weekend... Come come...2 more weeks to exams!

Asrama Jati!

This do looks nice, rite? Given that it's only male hostel in the institute... It's also quite new compare to the other two girls' hostel. By the way, the name is Asrama Jati. Really can't complain much of this place. There may be problem like water shortage but it's not totally the asrama's fault. So, let's love it the best possible way! Have a nice day ppl~~

This is Our Life!

It's just so so sad To hear of one's mishap What can be done To comfort them.
Start to think back Of how wonderful God is To create the me now Thank you God.
Nothing is impossible We cannot predict or know What may happen next To us n to others.
Life goes on all the time It just won't stop Until one day when We have our last breath.
Good luck to all The people surrounding me Have a nice day Dun look back all the time!

Pesta Tanglung 2010!

Pesta Tanglung 2010 marked the first time real involvement on the stage of IPG Kampus Gaya... This is just so nice...i can't really hide my feelings for it...since last sem... I have been dreaming of this day since a long time ago...and today it really went so well... Haha...everything was nice... Lol...with the presence of my classmates in supporting me was even greater... Cool...thanx guys! I wanna thank all the committee members and performers for doing a great job and performance... U guys really deserve credit for this...thanx for inviting me to join u guys... After all the tiring practices and rehearsals at nite, this is really what we wanted! Wahahaha...moreover with the presence of pengarah... Walala..happy happy!! I am so happy to be here now!!!^^

Final Rehearsal!!

Today will be the final rehearsal for the Pesta Tanglung 2010 IPG Kampus Gaya...phew...finally... After training for 2 months plus...anticipating in performing for the crowds... Hahaha...the 10 suns is gonna come out n blast the others!! Hehe...another matter is that there is 15 more days or shall i say half more month to go... This is gonna be great!! 19 more days to exams!!! Argh...tension ah... Good luck ppl!! All the best in the coming weeks...

A Reflection on the Ranau Poring Trip the title has suggested, I will make a full and detail reflection on what has been going on for the last 2 days n 1 nite in this Ranau Poring Trip... And I suggest all the other 13 classmates of mine to do the same about it...coz it's just too too too memorable and unforgettable!!
It all started since sem 2...and it has finally been delayed till this sem...(sem 3)... All because of money!! But this time, we are all so determined!! We must go no matter, we booked the hotel(TM Resort) and the cars as well...before hand~~ By then, all we needed was the allowance for the October month~~ Haha...but it just won't come as we needed it so much... Haiz...but luckily and thank God it really came on 2 nites before the real event..o ya, it was on Thursday nite...
And so, we was so happy as we can finally go for the Ranau trip...we prepared the food and other essential things for the trip... On that friday afternoon, we got news that the cars which we wanted to use were …

Friendship Forever!!^^

Many things happened during the whole of today...from head to toe... Since morning...everything went badly for me... Haha...but then, right after the rosary praying in the evening...everything seemed back to normal and life is being as bright as normal!! Wahahaha...allowance is, Ranau trip is still on... We r actually going to Ranau!!! Kundasang...yeapy.... Lol lol lol...a small quarelling with senior settled down calmly...hehe... Cool...good luck n there shall not be any next time... Sorry to senior Nick... is to the 2 packets of sweets given out... Aiyo...just 2 normal sweets ba... tat also think so much... Luckily nothing happened and we shall be friends forever! Friendship Forever ba...^^

Birthday Resolution!

After today, it's the 7th dy... Which means the day to go to the post office is getting nearer and nearer... The heart is beating faster and faster... I am going to be a much grown person...
Yet one thing has never been able to be accomplished... To find the girl of life for myself... It's just not there yet... And now I am gonna make this my birthday resolution...
I know this is my destiny... Why does it beckons me so much... Changes need to be done... Heart is always better than looks...
Bare in mind that nothing is perfect... Think of this and you shall prevail... God make everyone of us with His looks... Appreciate it while you still can...
P/S: Smile more everyday and you may be happier!

Water~~ Allowance~~ Ranau~~

this no water supply life really makes my life so moody... Haiz...come on...wat kind of place is this... The state is so big and now u tell me, there is no water... Pls la...haiyo... Come to think of this, i still have so many years here.. Susah betul...n wat's more is that it's already the 5th dy... The allowance is not out yet!!! Wat the...aiks... I wanna go ranau la...come come come...

Holding a hand and chaining a soul

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. You learn that love doesn't mean leaning and company doesn't mean security. You begin to learn that kisses aren't contracts and presents aren't promises. You begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child. You learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow's ground is too uncertain for plans. You learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. You learn that you really can endure.. That you really are strong, and you really do have worth. You learn and you learn.. With every good-bye you learn..

October 2010~~

The start of the month of October 2010!'s gonna be a nice and wonderful month! Hahaha...rosary month and it's my month~~ Nice...26 more days to go...gotta prepare well... Walalala...this month also meant that there is onli one quarter left in this year... 2010...3 more months to the end...bla bla bla...