Monday, August 3, 2015

What A Day! Monday Blues oh Monday Blues!

What a day have I had today. Nothing seems to be going alright today. It's been a long time that I have last experienced something like this. This is really weird and I doubt that I can handle it right. Yeah, Chelsea lost yesterday night to their London rival, Arsenal. I still can't get over it as easy as I had thought although it's just a shield. A lost shall always be a lost. There will be no return. Just like most of the Chelsea fans outside, I feel it's a wrong thing to do to sell one of our best players for 10 seasons to our rival. What more to say when it's to one of our fiercest rival. This made things even worst. I expect more to come from him as the season rolls on. I feel sad seeing him saving every ball we shot last night. The pain is really hurting me mentally. What a way to start the season. We did not manage to register any wins for our preseason games. We lost 2 n drew 2. How can we be so poor? Only Mou knows how to answer that. God knows why!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How Much Longer Of This Life!

My classmates for 5.5 years! 
The thing is how much longer do you wanna endure this kind of life of yours. Time passes by just like the wind all the time. Without realizing, we are into the second half of the year already. I thought I just graduated yesterday, yet when reality hit me, my juniors are in the semester 8 now. It's their turn to think of this and that before they graduate. What I can say is that everything happen for a reason. Although we cannot agree fully, but what can we really do about it other than sharing our thoughts through social media! We can easily be a keyboard warrior and not do anything by our actions. What to do la. That's what we call life. We are just too small and sometimes we can only consume, consume and consume. Till the day we become the one on top. Only then, will we know what they really think and why did they make such a decision. As they say, never try never know! For now, let's just move on and lead another great life of us! Have a nice day everybody! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Teaching Life to Dear Teachers!

It's only the 3rd post of the year. I have been quite inactive nowadays due to my work life. It's really something which is so indifferent compare to when we were just pursuing our studies in degree. We have bigger responsibility now compare to before. If we do not teach the right way, we may not suffer but the ones who will suffer is the hundreds of kids who are being taught by us in the school. So, I am super determined to be a good teacher to all and finish my jobs given to me! All in all, let's have a Happy teaching life to all my fellow teachers!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Who And What Are Friends To You?

Yeah... Been away for a long time, and now I an back here Once again. Well, Let's talk about friends today. What can I say about this. So how can we define about friends anyway? Who are friends to u? Once there was a friend who tell me that he just see us as a friend with benefit in us. We are someone who he can use to move up in his life. But is this what true friend is defined as?

What I can say now is that we may have a lot of friends but how many are actually a true friend to us. How many do u have for as long as u have live in this big big world. Can you actually name 5 or more? Friends can be warm and cold at times. We fought and quarrel before. If we never went through the conflict part, I personally think that this is a not so powerful friendship.

Yeah, though we went through ups n downs for so many times in our life, I m sure a true friend will eventually come back to us. Once we cool down, we will have the ability to rethink what we have done and do the right thing in the end. No one in this world is perfect, including the world famous Nobel prize winner. This is all because they are just humans like every single one of us.

If they end up not coming back, I can declare this friendship over and let's try put our focus on someone else who we should treasure more in our life. One's life is not as long as you think it is when we realize how time has passed by us day by day. Do you know that you have went through 2 decades of life and it is fast approaching 3? So we should just move on with our life. Find our life target, plan ahead. Never wait till the last minute.

For my own life target this year, 3 have been done yet one has failed. I did not manage to go for masters this year as it crashed with my degree convocation. What to do. In life, we are given a lot of choice. I chose the one which most of us would have taken and that has made who I am today.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Objectives Of The Year Locked In!

So, I guess this is gonna be my first post for the year 2015! We are almost to the end of the first quarter of the year and I have quite satisfied with what I have achieved so far in this year. I started my teaching career this year when I officially started teaching in SK Kampong Baru, Kapit. Though there have been a few minor changes in between, I can finally say that I have settled down almost everything after spending about 2 months here. I have a very nice place to stay, nice food and hospitality. Other than that, my teaching life have been quite good. Not the so much hectic work full of hustle and bustle everyday. So, everything has been so far so good up until now.

Though there are still a few things which I need to improve on. For instance, the way I teach. Maybe I should not be so strict and tensed while teaching. I need to relax more. What to do? I guess this is one part of the learning to be a good teacher. I am human and human make mistakes too. I am pretty sure I will get used to a better and more enjoyable teaching method in another few years time. Teaching can be fun at times and it's a job for me to earn my living. Been spending a lot too. Especially in the car I bought. Luckily after this, I do not need to think of it anymore.

I still have a few objectives set for the year to achieve. The one which is coming soon is of course my convocation ceremony which will be attended by me in 2 months time. It's something which we have waited for 5.5 years and I am surely not gonna miss any single part of it. It's my ceremony and it's something me and my family can be proud of. Indeed I can't wait for the ceremony to take place. I need to take lots of pictures with my dearly beloved family and friends. And I can meet my long time no see's classmates there. I am sure a gathering will take place. It's time to meet up and hang up after the working life we have been through for the year.

The next objective is my masters. I am hoping that this can take place this year as I am not as young as everyone else surrounding me anymore. I do not have such long time to wait for another chance to realize my dream. So, I just hope that I can study my choice of course, Maths for masters. The results will be coming out soon and with this, another part of my salary will be gone. What to do? This is something good for us and I am gonna do so with my determination all along as well with the support given by my family and friends. I am willing to sacrifice my time and money for this course. Wish me all the best guys and gals.

And now, to the last objective of the year, which is to travel to at least one or two foreign country within this year. I am aiming for China during this year end holiday, together with a few of my best friends. Maybe I will be travelling to Thailand as well with my family after coming back from China. No matter what, I am gonna make full use of my year end holiday. They say we work so hard for the year is to have a nice and relaxing time during year end. So, holiday is the best choice. Anyway, can't wait for this to happen. All in all, I can say that all my objectives are locked in, Just left to be carried out by me! See ya all soon in my next post to come.^^

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