Friday, September 27, 2013

The Number "27" and near End to the Month!

Before I start of in sharing what I am gonna share below here, I would like to say a big hi to all of you out there! Haha, yeah, long time no see and indeed I have not been so active in the blog thing for the past year. This is most probably because of the amount of responsibilities I am carrying right here right now. It seems like I have no free time at all and my time for blogging has been limited to a certain amount of time only. 

It's the 27th of September today and if you know me well enough, you should know that how special the number "27" is to me. Anyway, one more month to go to face the reality. I can't believe that time can pass by so fast so swiftly like this. It's like I just flipped the calendar yesterday for the month September but now it really is the end of the month dy. So, the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" naturally comes to my mind. What comes after September? Haha, October! The best month of the year for me.

Though I know I will have a pretty tight schedule for the coming months, I shall be quite relieved that this hectic month is gonna end really really soon. I have been doing the same thing and involve in the same thing for the past week. The worst thing is that this just won't stop. They would even want to steal our weekend time. Gosh, this is really unacceptable and unbelievable. Although I dislike being involve like this, but what to do, the responsibility comes first. I can't ignore it.

Ok, now to something off topic. I have been back in the IP for the past week, but I am actually not really sure what did I learn for the past week. Everything still so blurr after one week here. Bear in mind that in 7 weeks time, this semester is gonna end and we will be back to our respective home before we start realizing it. 3 weeks to study week, 4 weeks to exams, 7 weeks to holiday...then after that another 6 weeks more to the start of semester 7. Anyway, I wish everyone to have a good weekend ahead of us. Do all the activities but dun ever forget God! Haha...^^

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Dream of Being A Leader!(or not)

 Yeah, I finally realized my dream of making myself as busy as a bee these days with all sorts of works which I myself don't even know they pop out from where. They can just come so fast so furious and you will have no time to say a word No to them. If only I can be as ignorant as someone, I would not have been like who I am today. I told myself, I have been chosen by my fellow friends and I have to do my best to serve. I cannot be a cow who can be as ignorant as a fool!

The things which a JPP do is not as easy as it looks. If we really wanna get involve in it, we might end up like a robot. Do this, do that. In the end, what do we get? No idea. Money gone for Kuching trip, money gone for buying things for decorating the JPP room. Time wasted in helping up here and there. Sleepless afternoon. Well, what to do? I wonder why also at times. Why are there always the same old faces all the time? I tried to not involve myself, honestly. But in the end, I came also. Life.

 I know all of us have different task going on. For instance, assignments, other activities, money problem. But can't we tolerate a bit and come and help up for a short while? Is it really too much? Ok, some even don't know how to open their facebook page and give the excuse of not being able to access to the internet. In the end, they don't know that there are some meeting going on or works needed to be taken of by them. Disgusting manner in handling things. But this is not the worst. Some actually seen the posts in facebook and still ignore it and thought it's NOTB(None Of Their Business). How great.

 Anyway, the reason why I decided to write this post here is not mean to direct at anyone specifically. if you think you are the one, then you might be the one. I also don't know. Maybe you might still be as ignorant as a cow. I can't control that. Well, as a friend, if you do take me as a friend, please do take not of yourself. You might not know what are you doing now, but some day you will know. Good luck and all the best! La la goes on and we are still who we are. Take the right road and live the best out of it!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Practicum Life! 2nd Coming!

Yeah, it has been quite a long time since i have come back. So, every time I come back here and stroll around like a nobody, it will be like some 3 months after so. It's really hard for me to concentrate in blogging nowadays as there are just too many other stuffs to concentrate on. My life has been so colorful and somehow I have been blinded by so many pleasure around me.

What have I been doing so far? I have been doing my second practical since July, now I am in the mid of week 5. There will be another 3 weeks plus to go and I know I will be able to bear it until the end. In the mean time, I still have some stubborn and unimaginable assignments to be handed in during the practicum period. It's just so hard to do so many things at a time. We need to write our lesson plan, make the teaching aids, think of what's fresh to teach and in the end we ended up burning midnight oil all the time.

Anyway, I have not given up my entertainment life as well. I always tell myself. There are always time for pleasure and there are time for work. We must always learn to arrange our timetable wisely. No one else can help us in that other than ourselves. That's why I used to tell myself to do things earlier. No time shall be wasted in doing anything useless! So, all in all, good luck guys and gals who are having the same practicum life as mine. Have a nice few weeks left and all the best!

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Church's Friends

These are my church's friends(Francis, Lawrence, Bernard, Cynthia, Clare, Carol). We goes to church every Sunday at 6.30am! Haha, from 3 persons at first, now we are proud to announce that our community has grown to 7! Well, one will be leaving at the end of the coming semester...but no harm, with God's presence I am sure that our community can grow as time goes by! Come on...have a nice days people...^^

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Maths Maniac's Story!

Maths Maniac~~

Alright, now let's talk a bit of Maths Maniac~~ A lot of u might be curious what Maths Maniac actually I seems to post a lot on it in my facebook status... So, let me introduce to u my classmate for my degree course in 5.5 years... Maths Maniac is a maths class which consist of 21 students from different areas in Malaysia. We have Malays, Chinese, Dusun, Iban and some other races in it. Anyway, we are all good friends.

The BBQ we did in Sem 1
 I have went through 4 years with all these guys and gals...which means another 3 more semesters with them, 1.5 years to go. It's not that long and not that short either. Time passes really fast especially when we are busy with so many things as the semester pass by. From strangers to good friends, from people who never smile with each others to people who are the ones who we can laugh with all the time and most importantly from individualistic to cooperation!

I can't quite remember this..but we actually did this quite often..
 Most of us has our own stand most of the time and quarrel do happen once in a while. But then, with our maturity and somehow "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde" attitude, we can actually overcome our problems quite easily and peacefully. Well, all I know is that one more friend is much better than having one more enemy beside us. Although we were all landed with hard loads of works, as long as we cooperate with each others and do our part in helping, nothing can bring us down that easily.

Raya celebration~
 Being able to stay in once class also require a lot of collaboration between all of us. We need to do a lot of group work together and that means that we might have some different opinion in doing our task. No matter what, all that is the past dy. We still have 3 more semesters together. Imagine after that, you can't never turn back time and wish for another chance in your life. If you think the time is still there for you, then you are absolutely wrong. This is because next year we are graduating! That's the fact and no one can change it.

We can even take pic in the lift!
 Honestly speaking, there are a lot of different gangs in our class as well. Not to say that I am proud of myself, but I do feel that I can mix around with all of them quite well. Well, you know, there are people from different background and has their own attitude. Some quiet ones, some noisy ones, some political thinking, some happy-go-lucky ones, some ignorant ones, some normal ones, some blurr ones, some others and most importantly someone who people often talk about.
The trip to Kuching!
Now to some of my own personal experience in this class, I was once wondering why on earth was I doing in this class. My Malay is not good, I can't speak well and I kept complain that I couldn't understand them. But eventually, I learnt how to communicate, how to talk to them, how to work with them and how to be like them. I accept their ways in dealing with things and tried hard to follow their footsteps. In the end, it was a success, no more complains and I think we have gelled quite perfectly, as a team!
Look at the pictures above, we are all in different colour of t-shirt. To even organize an event like this, it uses up all our ideas. 21 brains, eventually we came up with a total unknown place and miraculously, no one disagree with the Salut idea. We made it, went for it without any doubt and came 2 surprises, The Upside Down House and KK Nite! LOL, how wonderful. That was actually one of the best days I had with maths Maniac.

Haha...arriving at my place, Sibu!
Other than that, if you all know me well enough, you should know that I have never miss any of my holidays at my own hometown, Sibu. No matter how long or short it is, I shall be back. So, once in a while, some friends of mine will be coming to my place for a visit. Let's just mention them here. Hehe, hope you all don't mind ya...they are Ichum, Pajan, Aidi, Sepul, Marsi, Elvy, E-bond, Kina, Chah and Zu! They have all went to my house. So, another 10 more. When are you all gonna make the trip here? Haha.

Celebrating Birthday!
Yeah, talking about birthdays, we used to have birthday party every month. Since February it has stopped for some reasons. And the way we celebrate the birthday is quite different. The one who is celebrating birthday will buy their own cake and food for the whole class. He/she will treat the whole class to a meal or something. Haha, so some might think that it's weird for someone who is having birthday to buy their own cake on their birthday, but that's it! It's Maths Maniac by the way! Hahahaha...^^
A trip to Kundasang! KO in the middle.

Anyway, no matter what happen in the future 3 semesters or next time, I shall treasure this friendship forever. There must be a reason we are all brought together as a class. Oh well, have a nice day dear classmates during this 3 weeks holiday! Hahaha...^^

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Imma Back After 4 Months!

Ok, so now we have 3 weeks of holidays... Haha, I still don't have any clear idea of what to do actually in these 3 weeks... Gosh, come to think of it, it is really a long long weeks ahead if I keep on doing nothing. So, before anything, I shall be blogging more now... I am back after 4 months away...away because of all the busy-ness... Honestly, this few months has been my busiest months of all... I shall post a few photos on what have I done so far this few months, enjoy ya guys and gals...I shall be back really really soon...^^
CNY Visiting~~ 


Sports Day

Visiting To Sports School

PJ's Amali

Practicum At Sk. Petagas

Tasks Accomplished

Trip To Kundasang n Ranau

Aisyah's Birthday

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Overcome the Obstacles In a Hilarious Way!^^

 Today let's share something about this semester's studies and activities. Yeah, it's one of the busiest semester of all in a degree year. This semester we are gonna organize a Sports Carnival and we shall be the ones who will determine the success of it. We need to go for a brief one month of practical, then also be involve in a visiting to any sports stadium or what for physical education class. Other than that, we also need to prepare a  traditional game for physical education class as well. Gosh, assignments are pouring in day by day. Another mountain will be built up soon without me realizing about it.

How to deal with all these works? Music probably, I can't imagine my life without it. Not forgetting church time. I shall never postpone my time with God. Nothing come first as without God, we are all nothing. Just came back from a celebration of a new bishop from my church. Great! Ate a perfect lunch there and then came back here ready to finish the undone business! Come on, God shall give me all the strength in overcoming all these obstacles! Do it in a hilarious way and there will be done in no time!^^

Sunday, January 20, 2013


One week passed by~ Another week coming in as soon as tomorrow... Haha, this shall be a better week as we will have one day less to study! Thursday is a public holiday! Thanks to Maulidur Rasul! Come on, gonna take it step by step as I have always goes on no matter what! But then I shall always keep in mind one thing, 我明年毕业!! le...went to an Old Folks Home visitation this morning with some of my church members..great time there seeing them, next week having Meridien Buffet!!! Wahahhaa...good day people!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Youth Fellowship Gathering

Felt so blessed and calm after coming back from a church gathering. It's something I would do every Thursday night! So, nothing can stop me from attending it! I can feel the peaceful and nice feeling within me from just now up until now which hasn't fade a bit. The praise and worship part is the greatest of all. I can feel the power of love from God within me. It's just too mesmerizing and I would like to have it every now and then. Come on, Youth Fellowship Gathering!! I promise you to be there every week. You can have my word!! Yeah, happy happy to all of you out there!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Football Shoes For Me!!

Got myself a new pair of Umbro football shoes today~~ I guess I had to do so as I dun really own a proper football shoes to play on every evening here while studying. Lol, although the price tag was not some which I would normally buy I shall not regret in buying it! This is what we called passion! I love football and I shall practice it! Come on!! Looks not bad la! Wahahaha..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jungle Trekking for a Start to 2013!!!

Hello guys and guys from all over the world out there!!! After abandoning this blog for so long, imma back here once again! Since it's the first post of the year 2013, I shall make it as long as possible. And I will continue my blogging business from now on! Come on Allen Pasta! Hahaha...

The story of the year so far is of course about my camping experience for the last 2 days. Just came back from a church camp by the way. We went for a normal and peaceful leadership camp up until a group of 4 guys who were too boring till nothing to do and had to find something "interesting" to do. Yeah, Allen, Bie Hin, Ah Li n Ah Xian went for a jungle trekking trail which was called the rubber trail.

We searched here and there for the entrance. In the end, we found it and there was a sign which showed "Start: 3.9KM, 1KM" Before we start considering whether to take the road or not, we have started climbing that drain road. We climbed up and down the whole hill. 100m, 200m n 300m was full of hard ways up. There was fulls of challenges but we still manage to overcome them all and thought of reaching back the resort right on time. But then, something unexpected happened. Reaching 400m was not that hard and we were quite happy that time.

The next thing on the mind was of course finding 500m!!! This was the one thing we have searched for so long inside that hill!! Went to the wrong path, turn back and walk again. Fell down, get back up and walk again. Any turning back? NO! We were determined to walk again. Other members of the camp called us at first and we were still so confident in finding the way back. We knew we can do it. Just that it might take a bit longer time.

After a few times of searching here and there for the "500m" sign, I was like starting to get worried and scare that we really got lost dy as there actually a really hard and challenging road ahead which heads to no end one. That was like so damn scary. So, I asked a friend outside for help. Esther called, Ung gave advise. We were actually calm that time. Except me. Lol. In the end, we just stay put for a while and then waited for help. We prayed. And then went up the hill as we were actually quite deep into the jungle dy that time. Can't even hear of see anything else around us except trees!!!

After that, we were told that there will be some guys from the resort who are coming in for us. So, we turned back. Many unexpected things happened. I nearly lost my slippers, fell and fell like never before. I nearly gave up but luckily my friends gave me guidance and help all along! Thank you all ya. We reached back safely and I was so damn tired!! Lol, no more next time for me. I have learned a lot today! Come on!!!

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