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Come on Homeworks~~^^

Well, after having 1 n a half week of studies in this new semester, I am starting to feel the heat once again. Yeah, things are rushing in like water. More and more homeworks coming in but I am determined not to let down of myself. There shall not be any left overs. Come on. Haha! Let's just go through every subject one by one and I shall eventually finish them all! La la la..oh yeah, bound for KL in this coming weekend. Time to put myself to some relaxing time. So, no work for the weekend!! 3 days to go...^^

The Start of Semester 4!!^^

Ok, this shall be my first post for the start of sem 4 this second half of the year 2012. Since the start of the first day of this semester, I have been feeling really busy and seems like indulging in a lot of stuffs right until now. Finally, it's Thursday and we did some arrangements to our timetable. After all the adjustments, we will have class to the maximum everyday. From Monday till Thursday we shall have class from 7.30-12.50pm while Friday will be from 7.30 till 11.30am. One extra afternoon shall be Monday where we will have class from 2-4pm. 

Anyway, I am quite grateful with this arrangement. At least we only have to attend one afternoon class compare to the 3 initially. Yeah, tomorrow shall be another day off for all of us as we will be having our Teachers' Day Celebration. Euro 2012's quarter finals between Czech Republic and Portugal followed by NBA Finals Game 5 between Miami Heats and Oklahoma City Thunders shall make my day another superb one! Wahahahaha...T…

2 More Days Here + England!

2 days to KK, 2 days to the new semester and 2 days to continue the student life of mine. Well, I definitely enjoyed my 3 weeks back here in Sibu. All sorts of things to do such as trip to Belawai, a day of work at the oil palm plantation, and most of all having tea time with my friends from all sorts of background. Yeah, well-spend holiday indeed. I shall be meeting them again next time as I know there will definitely be many more chances next time. 

Tonight I will cheer for my team, England once again. Yeah, I have been supporting them since ages just like Chelsea. Well, although I have no idea why so many people like to attack their players, I will still support them no matter what. Don't judge a book by their cover. What they do outside the pitch don't necessary reflect to the way they will perform on the pitch. So, think before you actually try to criticize. Good day!

Mistake Every Now and Then~~^^

What I do, you may not do. What I think, you may disagree. What I support, you may not do so. But can you please show some respect to the other teams especially the players in the team? If you think that you are so good, why not show me a bit of your football skill? Everyone make mistake, shoot him again if you have never make a single mistake in your life. So can you please just STFU now? So much complains, craps. Thanks a lot for your cooperation!

Belawai Beach on 9.6.12

Well, at least I can tell myself that I have actually went to a new place this holiday. Yeah, Belawai Beach yesterday from 8 am till 6.45 pm. I went there with a group of church friends. I was actually quite late in registering myself as I really have no idea of this until the very last minute. Anyway, I was so happy grateful I was still able to make the trip in the last minute. Did hesitate a while whether to go or not at first but luckily a friend of mine gave me the right advice and I never regret it. Now what did we do the whole time at there? Now why don't we let the pictures explain to us..^^

Determination Kills the Boos!^^

The determination which surpass everything else in this world. The mentality of wanting to win something just make someone's dream in becoming champion a step closer. Well, there are many examples which I can show you especially this season. As you all know, I have been a Chelsea supporter since ages and this season is the first season where they not only won the FA Cup but also the most prestigious cup in Europe, The Champion League. Well, this completes everything else and as any Chelsea supporter out there, I am so proud of them.

Other than that, I am also a big supporter of Oklahoma City Thunders. They were just being crowned Western Series Champion in the NBA this season. Westbrook-Harden-Durant! This group of young people are only 23-24 years old and yet they can overcome the favorites team and be champion. Their next step is to become the NBA overall champion! So, what does this teach us? Don't give up that easily! You will not be called a loser until the game is over! H…

Picture Sunday~~

Iron plate mee for my breakfast before departing to Sarikei n Bintangor Trip

KFC n Pizza Hut anyone?

Some curry while Gawai Visitation!

Visited 3 Iban houses while Gawai this year with my dad~
Some rice dumplings made by my mum for this year's Duan Wu festival!^^

Holidays + 我可能不会爱你

Hi there everyone! This shall be my first post in June 2012 and before I start any other stuff, let's say goodbye to May 2012! Well, this is a start to another whole new month. This month shall be call a holiday month, as i will still have my holidays till the 17th of June. O ya, I will also be travelling to KL for some window shopping coming this month-end for 3 days 2 nights. Haha, another month full of expectations! Can't wait.

Anyway, as June came by and May pass by, I have just finished watching a Taiwanese drama in about a week time. Haha, the title is 我可能不会爱你. A very very nice and meaningful drama to me and to a lot of you out there as well! I recommend u all to watch it if u have the chance and time. Come on. So, hereby I would like to share with you all a few quotes I like so much in this particular drama:

1. 我可能不会爱你!(I may not love you!)

Well, the more we repeat this quote, the more we would be telling lies to ourselves. For instance, the more we want to avoid it, …