Monday, April 30, 2012

Go On April~~ Welcome May!!

Yeah!!! Reached the last day of April 2012!!! Tomorrow will be another whole different month dy. After procrastinating for a few week, finally I can tell myself to stop the whole thing and concentrate on the more important thing! Exams are just around the corner. In less than 2 weeks time, the first paper will be done and dusted. So, hereby I wish all of us good luck and all the best in conquering the whole thing and end the usual process of a typical student in Malaysia! Come on, let's do it!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nothing Is Impossible!^^

Nothing is impossible, one of the best quote in my life. Indeed, we can't deny that quote. Even when everyone looked down on us, we should never look down on ourselves and not trust in our own ability. David vs Goliath happens every now and then. So, don't ever give up before you really tried your very best. What a night I had last night after witnessing the team I supported going into the final of the champions league after beating Barcelona. Well, they are indeed the best team in the world but we beat them too. So, how do you rate us?

Anyway, you may have your own opinion on how they play. In the end, the results matter most. We are in the final and they are not. Cheer and cheer. Scream by scream. In the end, we made it. Let's just enjoy for a day or two before thinking bout how we deal with our opponent in the final some time 3 week more to go. This is just a great great day! I am so thrilled and happy! Come on Chelsea! Show them who's boss.^^

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Your Choice To Be Jekyll Or Hyde!^^

Well, problems do occur every now and then. And mostly are caused due to pure misunderstanding. The meaning which we were supposed to give has eventually been misinterpreted by others. They blame us and in the end chose to stay silent. Somehow this is what we called the second self of us or inner self of us. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Who knows. Anyway, it's your choice if you wanna stay like this or whatsoever. If you don't dare to open your heart to the world, who would dare? Good luck I wish to you. Have a nice day!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Life Goes On!

Life goes on no matter what happen to you every now and then. It might be a big deal for you who are having exams tomorrow. But does that really affect the people around you who are not having exams. Well, no and I am pretty sure that they won't even give a damn of it. After you exam, you will have to continue on living your life like a normal person. So, why do we need to make a big deal out of something which is really so useless and small to us? Can't you think a bit outside the box? Oh gosh. Continue on living in the thick jungle if you want but I am sure that I am not gonna follow you taking this noob and miserable road! Good luck and all the best!^^

Get A Room, Do Whatever You Want!

What a day I had. Someone just pissed me off just now. Please do mind that not everyone can deal with what you talk at times. It's hurting, you know? Just shut up la. You think anyone actually crave for you to talk nicely ah? Get a room. People ask nicely and you answered back like a fool! Tell you what, if I am not your friend, I won't even mind if you are doing drugs or anything bad. Who cares if you rot in hell? Oh gosh, it's like a pain in the ass!!! I hate you!!! Anyway, it's still not my power to judge whether you are good or bad. It's your own responsibility towards God. Good luck. I shall mark this day in my history book.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Assignments Gone, Here Comes Exams!^^

Well, it's back to the time of the season when the assignments are being handed in one by one for the semester. The last one will be handed in tomorrow as well. After that, I shall begin my exam preparations as the first paper will struck on the 14th of May. Wish me luck for that as I felt really blank for the whole semester up until. Just hope that I can catch up with what i have lost. 

So, TGIF once more. 6 more weeks en-counting to back. How I wish time to pass over faster so that I can be at the best place of the whole world. I am eager to meet my long time no see's friends. Especially those at overseas now. Anyway, good luck to you guys as well. Don't forget to enjoy your life to the fullest ya. One more thing, to all the guys and gals out there. Please don't simply give this and that excuse. If you really don't feel like wanna do something, just say NO and don't waste other people's time. Come on la.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stupid Problem

Knowing the truth can be hurtful sometimes but if we are kept silent for a long time then it will become not that good. We often don't know whether what we are doing are actually right or wrong. It's just so unpredictable and you just like to do something unreasonable at times. The road you chose only you yourself can explain. No one can help you to solve the problem.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WAJ oh WAJ!!

Been trying hard to focus on the assuming to be the last assignment of all. Yet, I just can't seem to get over it. Oh well, just hope that God may shower me with all his abundant of guidance. Come on, I can't be stuck here. Good luck and all the best to all facing the same problem as me. WAJ oh WAJ!!^^

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long Time No Blog~~ Haha!!^^

Hi there guys and gals, it has been a long time since I last posted anything here. Well, quite a few reasons actually. Hehe, one of the main factor is of course because of busy-ness! Hahaha, all about assignments. What to do, every semester has to deal with this typical student life of mine here. Unlike some of my friends who have just graduate or has been working for the last couple of years dy, I am still here dealing with all these student stuff. Anyway, I do enjoy them especially the part when I finish them all and think of nothing else but freedom!

So, I have finished almost all of my assignments this semester except one, I guess. Other are done about 70-80%! Well, let's just be grateful of that! How great is Thy Lord to all of us. This coming shall be a very busy week at the church. Holy week starting this coming Thursday night, Friday's Good Friday afternoon mass, Holy Saturday and end with Easter Sunday! It's gonna be great and one which most of us anticipate a lot. Some may think it's a long break but definitely not for me. So, good luck and all the best to all those who are celebrating!

Other than that, what I wanna say here is that actually it's April dy!! Oh man, how come March passed by so swiftly without even acknowledging me? Must have been too much holidays, I guess. With this, one fourth of the year has been put to bed. How great, I just wish time to pass by as swiftly as the wind~~ I abhor for that! Come on~~  Oh well, I guess that's all for now. See ya all again soon! Have a nice day!^^

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