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Thinking Too Much^-^ >.< *.* -.-!!

If I say that I am in a big trouble,deep danger of being drowned...what should I do? I may be gone suddenly. What will be my next step? My life is dull but at is brighten by my friends' presence. What if I lost my friends one day after tomorrow? What will it be like? It's so scary. I really hope that day will never come. Cause I dun want to leave all of you. Am I crazy to think of all of this? I asked these things to my friends. These were some of the opinions.

First friend:
First,you should calm down. That will require your critical thinking! You won't lost your friend if you stay connected with them. That is accident. God want it to happen. So,let it be... It's not scary, but you are afraid to face it alone! It will come some day. That is your choice. You are not crazy, you are just thinking too much.

Second friend:
Lolz... Ya... You are thinking too much. Soon, all of us will be leaving. We can't be together forever. Maybe you can find more friends when the day come…



Wala la..hmmm~~~

I thought I was just playing with my own mind but after some time, I start to realize that the truth isn't like what I think. I have been lying to myself all these while. Well, the truth can never remain silent. As time goes by, the truth will be revealed sooner or later. i can't avoid it anymore from now on. I have broke a seal which cannot be cured anymore. I really shouldn't make this mistake since the beginning of the story. Now it has became a long and dull story. I do admit that the beginning was great but as days and months gone by, both of us have started to feel bored. Maybe the way I used was wrong all this while. I didn't understand what happened. You are not used to be treated like this. I can feel the pressure for some weeks already. I know the balloon will eventually burst. And indeed it was like what I expected. I was so sad and down that particular night. My heart was weak as the pain was too hard to bear. The days gone by was really gloomy. I tried to …

Some People Is Just Like This

Sometimes some people just irritate me very much. I don't know why this people are always like this. They don't know how much trouble they brought to me. They never think of others. I have been disturbed over and over again but then, he is still my friend until now. Why does he have to make a fuss out of nothing? Why can't he just don't care about those things? He might be out of his mind of somehow he is just too lonely. I really hate a person like him. He might has no friends at all. He is somehow really bored of his life. I want to be a good friend but he doesn't want me to do so. What should I do then? He do things without thinking. I really can't take it anymore at some point in the conversation between me and him. I am very sad and angry because of him. I am not saying that he is not a good friend but why can't he be tolerate a bit by not being so "ke po" sometimes? Can't he care less a bit? He claims that no friends of his wanna share a…



La la la....some of my recent activities in school.. Lazy to write them,just let some of my photos to share with u guys lo.. Haha..Jia you ba..

Time To Be A Pro

I won't be pressuring anyone anymore from now on..including me myself.. I don't want others to feel sad because of me. I want everyone to be as happy as possible. From this minute onwards,all the things done will be different from before. I am no longer the person who has an ego-thinking like before. Changes have been made every now and then because this is a must for us. We must think positively towards our way of life. No matter how hard life is,we still need to go through life. God gave us this precious life of us. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Who can be a pro in just a few days time? Let's just think of this. Don't give up for everyone needs time to get used of something.