Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enjoy To The Blast!^^

Coming into the 6th day of CNY just make me feel more and more unfeel of going back to KK. It's just like yesterday. I just celebrated the first day of CNY and now we are coming to the end. Oh my, why is the holidays always shorter than the school days? I guess most of the students will be asking the same question as me up until when we really start working in the society. Lol, yeah, working is really not an easy thing to deal with. I can feel it from the face and expression of my friends who are currently working now. Anyway, I still have about less than 3 years to go in my studies. This 3 years is gonna be a blast and I will surely make it as wonderful as possible! Hahahhaa...come on, Happy Holidays in the last few days ya ppl~~ Good day..^^

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What To Expect?>.

Sometimes we just have to live just as it is right now and hoping for the best of things to happen. We just can't expect everything to be as good as we think all the time. Oh well, What to do? We are not God and we cannot predict what might happen to us the very next second we start doing anything. This is pure genius of me. I went out playing futsal with a group of friends of mine on the second day of CNY. And what happened was that my leg got injured. How great. I don't blame anyone but myself for my naiveness in don't know how to play the right futsal. I was so frustrated and sad! But then, I still accept the fact that it was my choice at the first place. So, good luck to me for the next few days then. It will be a long long days ahead!^^

Monday, January 23, 2012

Every Month's Day 14!^^

‎1 月 14 日 - 日记情人节 Diary Day

2 月 14 日 - 西洋情人节 Valentines's Day

3 月 14 日 - 白色情人节 White Day

4 月 14 日 - 黑色情人节 Black Day

5 月 14 日 - 玫瑰情人节 Rose Day

6 月 14 日 - 亲吻情人节 Kiss Day

7 月 14 日 - 银色情人节 Silver Day

8 月 14 日 - 绿色情人节 Green Day

9 月 14 日 - 音乐情人节 / 相片情人节 Music Day / Photo Day

10 月 14 日 - 葡萄酒情人节 Wine Day

11 月 14 日 - 橙色情人节 / 电影情人节 Orange Day / Movie Day

12 月 14 日 - 拥抱情人节 Hug Day

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Dinner Before CNY!! Dragon Year!!^^

What a nice dinner~~ Haha, enjoying the dinner with all my beloved family!! Come on, Dragon Year!^^

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back For CNY!! Hahaha...One Week~~^^

After 3 weeks of Sem 3, it's time to go back once again. This time is for CNY purpose. Oh well, who wouldn't wanna celebrate this particular festive season with our own family unless there is really a very big barrier in front. Haha, 4 more hours to departure. I shall spend this holiday thinking nothing but enjoy! Haha, no home work or assignment shall dare come near to detriment my time with my family and friends. Come on, once a year only and it's so hardly to have 7 to 8 days of visiting ba. Anyway, hereby I wish all of you an early Happy CNY ya. May the new dragon year bring all of you a prosperous and wonderful new year ahead. Do come by my house if you are free during the whole festive season!! Wahahaha...Gong Xi Fa Cai~~^^

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 More Days In Hell In The Cell!!>.

The nearer the date gets, the more I feel like my heart is wandering back home dy. Though only 2 more days to go, it just feels like staying in a cage which has no key to open it. All I want now is to leave here as soon as possible. I wish for the time to move faster and there is no need for me to think of all the problems I am currently facing. Tomorrow is a Friday and many will be flying back to their own hometown dy. This shall be my second time staying here and watching all my friends leaving me one by one. This kind of feeling really sucks and I totally despise it. What can I do? I have no earlier ticket to fly back home. So, fine. This will be my last time doing so, the next time I shall book my own CNY ticket. What the hell has it make me to stay here. Come on la. Someone please make the time pass faster!!^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Jun Ning!!^^

One day without blogging has brought me so much changes and many things had occur since the last 48 hours. Well, I went swimming for 2 days in a row after not doing so for so long. Yeah, the feeling was just great! But all of that great feeling had fade away after I learned of something. I actually forgotten my friend, Jun Ning's birthday yesterday..on the 17th of January!! Oh my, how can I ever forget this. I have celebrated her birthday with her beforehand but I actually forgot to wish her on that very day!!! Susahla...ok, so I would like to dedicate this whole paragraph below just for her!! Have a look ya Jun Ning!!

Hi there Jun Ning!! Although I don't think we know each other for a very long time, maybe not even one year ba, but then what I can tell you is that you are a really nice friend indeed. You have brought happiness in my life along with the other group members along with us. We have had fun together and done many great things together. The friendship bond created is not something which can be broken that easily! So, I am really happy to have you as a friend of mine. Without the appearance of you, I would be less perfect. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to you ya, my dear friend!! Have a nice year ahead of you ya. Enjoy and all the best!!^^

Monday, January 16, 2012

Come on Monday!! Shake It Off!!

Monday oh Monday~~ Really look forward for the next Monday to arrive. Haha, it's the first day of the Chinese New Year. The year of the dragon! Come on. Oh well, the feeling of going back home very very soon is just so great! 5 more days, yeah just 5 more days to go. Though I have just been here for 2 weeks, it's like a thousand years apart from home dy. I miss so much back home, I miss my friends there, I miss driving time, I miss church time, I miss the food there, I miss my free time and most of all I miss the air!! So, I am really looking forward to the coming 21st of January! Let's make it a great new year ahead of all of us! Hahahaha..^^

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What A Saturday I Had!!

Shalom people! It's early Sunday morning and I am still here, BLOGGING!! Wahahaha, this is the consequence of watching a winning match. Yeah, I just finished watching Chelsea winning a league game against Sunderland and I am so happy right now. Oh well, since then, I might as well share with you all what I have done yesterday. A busy day indeed starting from early morning till just now at midnight!

I woke up as early as 6.30 am because of the stupid fan I had in my room. It was so noisy that I can't sleep well for the whole night! Woke up and washed some clothes, then suddenly came to learn that my friends are going to play badminton at Likas Stadium. I decided to follow them there but not to play badminton and wanna go swimming instead. But what happened when we were on the way there was that the stadium was closed for public and we had to change venue to the Foochow Association. I had to follow put and had no choice but to follow them and played some badminton. P/S: without any formal attire and wore slippers.

Next destination was to the Hajara Curry House with my friend, Juing. Oh well, I was super hungry that time and no matter what you gave me that time, it would taste like heaven! Then went on to Centre Point at 2pm. Did some shopping and bought some new year stuffs. Oh my, money gone once again. Back to the hostel and had some rest before going out again at 6.30pm for a birthday dinner with my friends. It was for Bernard and Jun Ning's birthday.

We went to E'West Lounge and Cafe. Never been there and the atmosphere was quite good. Haha, enjoyed the food there although it's a little bit expensive. Anyway it was a good and useful experience. After that, we went on to Tanjung Aru Beach for some gossiping and walking along the pathway of the beach. Hehe, nice one. I really think that we should do this more often la, people!

Well, you might think that it's quite late dy that time when I reach hostel at 10.25pm but the story doesn't end there. The night was still young and I went on to Hajara Curry House with my classmates and watched a Chelsea match until 1am in the morning! Luckily they won and I can have a nice day today. Come on Chelsea. Oh yeah, what a day I had yesterday. So pack and full. Anyway, I just can't wait for 6 days to come. It's time to go back once again. Yeah!!^^ Have a nice weekend people! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haha..Tight Schedule Once Again!!

Tonight...Birthday Party
15/1...Christmas cum CNY Party
17/1...Church Gathering
18/1...Pesta Angpau
19/1...Church Youth Gathering
21/1...Sibu, Here I Come!

Friday, January 13, 2012

All The Best In Recovering!^^

Gossips occur every now and then. Yet what we all wish not to happen are the news of our friends are heard when we were gossiping among the others. I have learned of something quite explosive this very afternoon. Oh well, what to do. I can only wish them all the best right now. Something which are not yours shall never be deem to be yours. There is no meaning in pushing it further anymore as well. All we must do now is live our life as it is. There are much more trees surrounding us and we shall never dwell towards that one tree in our life. Be cool and be like a man! We must dare to lift it up and put it down the same way we lifted up the same thing at the first place. Good luck gal! Dun worry, be happy.^^

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How R U All? Haha..^^

It's has been 3 days since I have last posted anything here. So, how's everyone doing nowadays? No matter where you are or what you are into, I hereby wish you all the best and may you have a nice time in all your undertakings. The last few days has been quite some days for me. I have rushed for my home works to be done so that I can have a sweet time for my computer game, Dota. It has been quite some time since I last touched it but I still have a good feeling about playing it! Oh well, this is life.

Sometimes I actually thought of the things of the past whenever I am too free while wandering around in front of the laptop or while chit chatting with my friends. We would think of the childish behavior which we use to have, the mistakes we have done and eventually what bring us into what we are today. It's just so weird how one can change in just a few year. Before you realize it, you are a grown up man dy. You can never turn back time as it's always going forward. Everyone is growing day by day. Anyway, wish you all happy everyday and smile more!^^ Have a nice day ahead of you all ya..:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Weeks~~^^

Well, I have been here for merely one week dy. Was still thinking how great would have been if it's still holiday now. I could have spend more time with my family and friends. Having chit-chatting time whenever and wherever we want. Oh well, with that the semester have started as well. It went on quite smooth on the first week and not many things were put into our mind just yet. I also learned that we will not be having English as our minor dy but have BM as our minor instead. This is because Maths will be taught in BM next time when we graduate.

Anyway, study wise have been so far so good these days. I like this semester more than last semester as we have less outdoor activities compared to the semesters before. More time spend in the classroom hearing lectures and more time to rest. The lecturers are just fine and I like most of them. Well, as today marks the start of the second week, more works are pouring in day by day. Starting to receive ISLs, Tutorials, and etc. These are the normal things which we are deem to receive so, get used to them!

11 more days to go before I depart from this place again. Really can't wait to celebrate this year's dragon year back home. Come on! Hahaha, time oh time...please move faster!! Walalala..time to sleep..c ya all soon!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Battle of Manchester!!

The Battle of Manchester is on tonight!! Haha..come on..yeah, let's all prepare ourselves with our heart before all the nagging and begging starts! Cheh..don't worry if you dun understand now.. U will see sooner or later around 11pm.. If they lose, they will say tat so many ppl hate their team or wat... La la la...enough of tat for now..come on la... the match first ba.. or red oh.. Come on!!!^^

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2 More Weeks!!

2 more weeks to Sibu!! Come on...let's live up the spirit of CNY!! la la...happy happy...^^

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mask Man! Take it Off!!^^

Before I forget the once most important thing of my life, I might as well refresh my mind first of all. The mindset is as clear as the water now. It's not what I used to aim before. Target wise has been changed. Maybe what Esther said do influence whatever I am thinking right now. It's just so troublesome till my headache would just worsen and worsen without realizing. What a life to live. I couldn't care much anymore with so much of assignments and tasks awaiting me in front of my path. Well, I might as well make the way clearer for all of us. To live in dignity and be a true man may be easy to say but hard when we really come to doing it. While we are still conscious with what we are doing, we might just still have the chance to save ourselves from all the pain and pull the plug as early as possible. It's time to pay more attention to the things which are supposed to be priorities. Oh well, put everything else behind and be yourself. You don't need to wear a mask every time by the way!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Moment To Share~~^^

 I love choices but I don't like when it's the time for me to choose. When there are 2 good roads place in front of you right now, the worst thing is the dilemma which one is needed to face. The move is needed to be made as soon as possible but no one said when. Too easy for one to predict. The mind just like to make up things which is still so unsure now but there are deem to be someone out there who believe in the rumors. Well, life has been so far so good these days here. Though only 2 days, I have started missing the time I spend with my friends back in Sibu. It's just so indifferent from the ones here. No disrespect anyway.

You may say that being a student is the best possible time of oneself. You may say that when oneself start earning money, he shall be the happiest person in this world. You may say this and that. And in the end, one will be needed to choose the road of his own. Time passes all the time. Without realizing, the ticking of the second has got faster and faster. No way to turn back time. Appreciate your happy times now as you may never predict what may eventually happen to you tomorrow. The question of waking up before tomorrow morning's dawn is another big problem.

Suddenly have a feel of freedom which I know won't last long. It's just the starting of every semester when there are no homework, ISL, tutorial, assignments, tests and etc. Let's just give it another 2 weeks time, everything shall be getting back to normal. The busy time will arrive sooner or later as the cycle of the institute life will never be break down. A feeling of change was burning hot in my heart the other day but what can I do other than accept the reality. Oh well, nothing in precise. I can just wish all of us good luck and all the best. This is the road we have taken since the first day we signed the contract. Have a nice time reading!^^

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What A Life

I have a sudden feeling whether this remaining semesters of mine can pass by as swiftly as the wind or not. It's like life is repeating itself. Everything is done over and over again. Things done before are here once again. Nothing has been changed. The people are the same, the process has no difference and way we deal with them is like de ja vu once more. How come life can be like this? Don't ask me, I have no idea as well. I am as blurr as anyone else out there right here right now. Things just can't get any better, it just get worst and worst till we can't hang in there. What a life.

Back To KK for the whole New Semester~~^^

Hahaha...the feeling of watching you favorite football team to win in front of your eyes is just so so great! so happy right now.. Well, I am back to KK once again after leaving it for about one and a half months ago. 3 more weeks from now I will be back home for CNY celebration. Lol, saw my results this afternoon and was pretty satisfied with it as I achieved my target. It was not as pretty as the others mught expect it to be but still ok de la. Anyway, I might just need to try harder again this sem. Hope that I can actually do it and have a nice day, people!^^

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hallo 2012~~ Bye bye 2011!!^^

Hi there people all around the world! Yeah, I am back to blogging after stopping for a few days. And now after a few days, we are into a whole new year once again! No more 2011 but it's 2012 already. More things to come and surely hope that it's great for all of us. Will be going back to KK tomorrow morning and have to endure the college life once more. Haha, after 6 weeks of holidays. Oh well, everything is gonna be just fine. Fingers cross.

Ok, new year. So, it's time to make my new year resolution works. I shall try my very best to stick to those resolutions no matter what happens!! Come on, everyone. Let's rock the world with the whole new Year, 2012!! Whether it's the beginning or the end, you decide! La la la...Happy New Year and I wish all of the all the best in this whole new year. May all your dreams come true and succeed in all the things which you have not done in the past years~~ Good day.^^

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