Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Weekend Fully Occupied!

Another weekend is about to pass by as swift as the wind. Happy times will always be going like a train yet when it comes to study time, time always seems to be going as slow as the snail. This weekend was well spend ba... Went to the church gathering with my was Fruit Night actually.. Enjoyed that very much..hmmm, hehe..i think i will be attending it again next week..if nothing stops me la..

Yet, God is just so great.. I woke up early that morning and straight away went on a trip to Mahua Waterfall with my friends(Charles, Calvin, Bernard n Khairi) Tambunan.. The trip was so nice..a swim in the cold water...the waterfall was so beautiful and indeed a good way to release stress.. Had a long time in the car...the journey was smooth as well..calvin's driving skill was good.. Hehe..i strongly suggest you all to go to the place next time if u have the chance...^^

Back to the hostel at 4 pm..then straight away went into the football match against the seniors who have went for posting early this year... Haha..the match was so exciting..we eventually won the game 4-3.. Yeah..finally something to show...hahahaha...

To today's adventure to Montford Youth Training Centre..we(me, Bernard, Lawrence n Mei Ling) went for a visit to this place and have mass there with a group of old folks in our church... Hehe..after the mass, we had breakfast and played some games with them.. A nice time out and seeing them having fun is just great! Lol..then we had our lunch at Grand Port nice lunch oh..the food was so so delicious..

Apart from that, we also got a lot of presents and souvenirs back..i won a lucky draw with number 1!! Wahahaha...come on... To conclude this post today, I feel that telling our secrets to someone isn't tat bad actually.. lol..just make sure that that person is someone who is trustworthy... Haha...yeah..i told someone a secret today and eventually got to told something even greater.. Who knows how good that news is to^^

Friday, July 29, 2011

Good Luck Man!

Yeah, nothing is impossible. Anything can really happen in front of your lovely eyes anytime God permits. From the moment you put your trust in someone else's heart, everything has started to change to a whole new dimension.

I was just wondering how can time change a person's heart so rapidly. Everyone thought that he was still the same old self who was there pursuing for the heart of that special someone to him. Yet, he eventually gave up too.

He decided to give his heart to another person. No more waiting for the single tree he has been looking at for the last 10 or more years. Wow. Quite astonishing. The new girl looks just okay. But whether he really love her or not is just another long story ahead. Who knows what he has been thinking all along.

Is she really the one for him or is he just finding a substitute to his long pursuing girl which he has not been so successfully in getting. Oh well, this kind of questions are quite sensitive. So, we might as well just let it be.

Good luck to my dear friend and I shall always support you from a faraway place.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nostalgic Moment Once in A While

Having a very nostalgic moment again nowadays. Keep on wondering what might have been if I had taken that step a very long time ago. Whatever it is, all I know is that it's all too little too late for me to regret anymore. Time has gone by but the wounds are still as fresh as new. Life has never been easy. Acting like a happy person was never my style. I just can't make a fake smile when I am really really unhappy. Feel like nagging to my blog tonight as I don't wanna think of any assignments and homework tonight. It's a Thursday and last week I actually flew to KL on this very night. Tell me, how time flies? 2 years here already and can I really say that I am happy to be here? I do agree to a certain extent but surely not all the time. Some people are just not destined to be good partners or companion but you never know how they actually come to help when you are in need of them.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

KL Trip(14-18/7/2011)

Just flew back yesterday from KL for a short holiday weekend(I supposed). One word to summarize all, GREAT! Haha..maybe it's just that I have been so used of living in a surrounding of small supermarkets or malls. Well, the place is just so so huge to my eyes... Lol..everything is bigger, easy to get lost and the number of people around are just uncountable...

The ticket was bought for nearly a year ago yet we were just not sure until the last minute if we were able to make the flight. 2 hours prior departure, 3 out of 4 made our mind and went eventually. With the packing of our most essential things and it's time to fly! Haha...KL was waiting for us. My heart was like bumping so hard then as I was just so so excited. Reached there at about 9 pm and Ichum's relative came picked us up and we went to his house in Putrajaya. This was a place which I stayed for the next 5 days 4 nights.

We started our journey around KL the next morning. Took a bus for RM0.50 only to Putrajaya Sentral. Well, the bus was so so nice la. Fully one will need to stand as the bus is always not n convenient! After that, is the train were so many company operating..such as KTM Komuter, Kelana Jaya Line, KL Monorail, KLIA Transit and so on... We nearly got lost in a few times as we were not sure which direction to go...

Haha...the places we went...all of them as actually shopping megamalls... And we didn't even dare to say that we finished rounding any of the malls... All are just window shopping... Some of the malls are such as KLCC, Mid Valley, Sungei Wang, Lowyat, BB Plaza, Pavillion, Times Square and so on...

Bought some new clothes and bags...souvenirs..and some things to eat... Most of the expenditures were on food and transports... day in KL is equal of spending RM100 to me... Lol...overall, nice and enjoyable trip... I will be back in November!! Wahahha...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can Friendship Be Forever?

Oh well...this is life.. Today we may be friend, but who can guarantee that tomorrow we will still be friends or even become enemy? Life is just so unpredictable at times. We shall never know what is beyond us and the things that are gonna happen next.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Teenage Dilemma~!!

Hahahahaha..i will be going back for the raya break in September after all... Lol..I have thought of having my PBS or shall i say school based experience in english at KK.. But then, after considering all the circumstances, I have decided to go back eventually. Yeah, this is another choice to make this week. Had to made lots of choices these days, some right while some are just so wrong that it was just so so embarrassing.

One big decision is whether we shall take the plane to KL in 6 days time. We booked the tickets last year back when we were just doing foundation. Now, it's degree, we just can't simply skip class., everything must be well-planned. 30 hours famine...oh well...come on...go or not go... Haiyo...seem so right yet not so alright... Dunno la...

Back during raya break? Another big question in my la...RM350 at least...anyway...going back will definitely make my life easier.. I dun need to give my hope on somebody else.. La la la...hehe...dilemma all the time...nt cool at all... Bla bla's friday!! So enjoy ya...^^

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