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Reflection For The First Quarter Of Year 2014!

Sometimes the heart just won't dare to accept the fact that some things have happened and there's no turning back. That's how humans' works like. We always like to think of what if this and that can be. But then, come to think of it, how many years of regret can we live in? Before we realize it, we are already near to the second half of the third decade of our life. What we must know and be sure of is why are we doing the things we are doing now, what is going on at the surrounding, who is the right people around us and etc.

2014 has so far been quite a normal n peaceful year for me up until this moment. However, there are still a long way to go before we are gonna end it. And it's up to us to determine if it's gonna be a meaningful year for all of us. This semester has been a quite swift one to pass by. Without realizing, next week is gonna be my eighth week at SK.Kionsom. 5 more weeks to go before I end it once and for all. It's started with a bang, then …

9 Days to Mars! Haha...^^

9 more days to go...9 more days to a complete freedom at home... I can do whatever I want to do. No one can force me or ask me to do something which I dislike. I shall do no assignments, no lesson plans, no teaching aids and no tuition. This one week shall be a very much waited and precious one week of holiday which I have long waited for it to arrive. Somehow the hectic life here is really getting into my mind and I dun really have a time to enjoy how my surrounding are beginning to evolve day by day.

Just Ain't The Same No More!

Just ain't the same no more, yeah, everything is just ain't the same no more. It's a typical Saturday n yet I m just staying in this hostel for the whole afternoon thinking of the draft for the proposal which I need to show my lecturer this coming Monday. To be exact, I thought of it even when I was taking a supposed to be short nap of mine. I ended up sleeping for 3 long hours. Maybe I was just too tired for the past few weeks and never actually have a really nice sleep.

All I can look forward to is the one week holiday coming soon in 2 weeks time. All this practicum thing really make me feel so uneasy, the teaching aids, the lesson plans and most of all the action research I need to plan. Somehow I feel like I have been doing these things over and over again! It's like non-stop to me. So that one week is really the best and most suitable time for me to pause for a while and do more relaxing thing in order to make me feel better of this final year.

Well, talking abou…

Do Your Part!

I couldn't care much of how you work, how many time you spend in doing something or whatsoever things are actually in your mind right here right now. All you need to do is DO YOUR PART! Do remember what comes first before everything else. Some might need time to pray to God first, some might need to catch some series before start working, some do this and do that but all I request for you is finish the task given to you and in the end you are happy, I am happy and everyone else shall be happy too! 
This time of the year is usually the busiest period of the year and I am here blogging about stuffs which are all becoming "rojak" in my mind. What I know now is assignment, assignment, assignment which I need to hand in this coming Tuesday! Which is in 2 days the same time, I have an observation from my Malay teacher at school tomorrow. After that, I will have to finish the lesson plan for the week. How come so many things coming at one go? Without fo…