Sunday, October 16, 2011

Memories Cannot Be Deleted

I actually got really pissed off last night when someone actually tried to force me in doing something I dislike. He just keep on repeating it and hope that I would grant him his wish. But then, I can only say sorry to him although he is one of my best friend. Please respect others before you want others to respect you. This is what I can convey to him. We all know that we just can't get everything which we wish for. Not even the richest guy can guarantee all the things. Can we actually guarantee success, happiness and money all the time? Face it. It's the reality.

Sometimes I feel like stopping the time at my happiest moment and need not worry of anything else. But is that possible? Well, this is life. We have to continue living in it. Live as if it's our last everyday. Appreciate what we have. Memory can never be deleted. Unless you have amnesia, there's no other way. History can never be change. What has happened, can never be turn back. You might not like them, but what can you do to it? Think about this. Just live you life, man!

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