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Penang Trip(8/11-12/11)

Penang oh Penang...I went there recently with a few friends(Ning, Jun, Dora and Esther) of mine. For around 5 days 4 nights, though the duration is only about 3 days plus only. The other time were all on train, bus, plane and etc. The trip was indeed a very enjoyable and full of experiences. There were lot of delays from start till end. Let's start with the plane to KL, yeah, we flew to KL n not Penang. There were no cheaper ticket available. The plane gt delayed and we actually reach LCCT KL at about 12 something. Then we took a bus to KL Central and reached there about 2am. Wow, checked in the hotel and slept at about 3am.

After that, we woke up and had our early breakfast. Rush our way to KL Central and then had some hard time finding the bus station which could bring us from KL to Penang. It was indeed a very hard experience finding the bus terminal. And we got trolled. We gt conned by some guy which sold us a ticket which cost RM5 more expensive than normal and…