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Uniform Camp 2008

La la la..i went to the Uniform Camp organized by the Boys' Brigade and Girls' Brigade this year from the 26th till 27th of May. The camp was really great. I have dreamed of joining this camp since a long time ago although i had manage to do so last year but that was different because back then,i was an officer for the uniform camp then. So,this can be my first time joining this camp as a participant for the Prefect Group. We got permission from our Prefects' adviser,Mr.Wong. He gave us the green light and tell us that if we want to join in the camp,we must achieve the best. So,i gather the 16 people for the prefect team. Gathering people was never easy because some might be in at one day and then out another day. Until the last day before the camp,there were still changes. But then,the good news is that we manage to form a true team of 16 members,8 zone leaders(Allen Yong,Sien Ding,Tien Yong,Sing Teck,Xuan Yuan,Andy Ko,Bernard Chieng,Jin Mei) and another 8 prefects(Tiong …










  当他不再爱你的时候,相信我,所有的一切,都有风淡云清的一天,总有一天,你看到他,就像看到一张桌子那么简单。因为从失恋中走出来的,有你,也有我!,what's the point?

I am in a deep dilemma right now..the choices given to me is so hard tat i could hardly make my my decision right or wrong depends on who or even what? I really dun know what to do.. Anyway,if u r reading this..this does only apply to you but also to anyone in the world who wanna be successful in doing something which u like.. I love this and that but sometimes this and that are really really not good enough for me..whether or not the thing is for me or not is not for me to decide..So,do i look like i dun understand or i dun wanna understand? Who can tell me if I m right or wrong? Who can judge me? Who can give me the best possible answer? Who is the one most suitable to me? Can our different background determine everything? Can the World be so cruel? Can i do anything to change this cruel fate? Am i bringing myself into another big trouble? What's wrong with this World? Or is the world really turning upside down these days? I m moving towards a hole which the deepnes…