Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nearer n Nearer~~

Getting near and near le... After 6 more days plus today,I will be free le... No more school for me... No more fan nao~~~ How cool will tat be? But now..i still need to read so many things.. So many needed to be digested... Lolz.. I will do my best and i pray for all my friends who will be doing the same battle as mine.. We jia you together and we shall march ourselves into U together.. No matter what happens,just do our best ba... Oh well..have a nice day~~

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hard Boil Egg

Haiz...haiz...haiz... Today i finally jian shi dao th power of maths 2 le... It's really extremely difficult and complicated... So pathos when i got the paper... 12 questions... The first half of the questions are completely doom... My mind was so so blank ah... Heartache,headache,stomachache.... Aiks...all i wish now is tat i dun get a hard boil egg tis time around~~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Yeah..yeah.. Physics 2 is done le.... Finally can get a bit of relieved breath after 2 years in Physics class...'s paper was kind of weird... I can actually do nice of the examiner this time around compare to the chemi paper... I can think of more than my target for physics right now... La la,4 down..4 to go.... Still need to add oil la... Oh well,tomolo will be my final writing paper which is maths paper 2... aikz...they tend to say that tis paper is very hard la... But..but..haiz..dunno wat to say la.... This feeling is just tat... Oh..never mind la.... By the way,I wanna wish all my form 5 friends who will sit for their final subject tomolo morning best of luck and jia you always... Just do ur best and u can do well.... Pray hard for the best results ya~~~ Ola...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


These few days just passed by like a wind blowing through so swiftly away..... Nothing special happened,just that I am preparing for my physics and maths paper in 3 days time... just feel cool whenever I need not think of so much worrying things. Just live peacefully day by day and that's all. Lolz~~ La la la..... After STPM...i will go straight into a 3 days 2 nights camp le... Then,come back and take a rest for one day... Haha~~ After that i will be going for another 7 days 6 nights camp~~ Chew...i will only be free on the 14th... Hmmm...tat nite is another important day for the members of legion of Mary~~ So,i have to attend another dinner then. Oh well,busy busy period la... Christmas season ah~~ Haha,it will surely be very enjoying de..... Yeah~~~~~ O ya,I also got a lot friends who was bornt in the month of December ei~~ so so many things to do ah~ Cool~~~~~^-^

Friday, November 21, 2008


Hehe...PA n Chem... Today's newspaper reported that one of the PA question yuan lai got some problem de ei.. N they still dunno what action to be taken right until now.. So,just wait n see patiently ba.. By the way,i din do that question too.. So,actually it's none of my business too.. Just trying to be kepo lo... N chem...some ppl claim that some of the essay questions were not in the syllabus la..some never seen before question..some without answers de... Haiya...really just full of problems de la... Argh..why are we so unlucky ah??? Sien qu... Today I went for maths tuition...for my maths 2 lo... My teacher said that the Maths 1 paper we just tested on wed was the easiest paper in these few years ei.... So,we r lucky in this... But then,I still some which i dunno how to do de ei... Err,see it overall...still ok de la... I am still quite confident in reaching my target this years if things goes to plan~~~~~~~~ Haha...everyone jia you ya.. 2 more weeks and we jiu can fly le... La la la..^-^

Thursday, November 20, 2008


1 如果你喜欢他就告诉他,即使他拒绝了,也不会丢面子,因为在他心里,会因为你的真情而非常非常感激你。

2 如果他喜欢你,要明确告诉他你对他的感情,喜欢就是喜欢,不喜欢就是不喜欢,千万不要怕伤害他而忧郁不决,不要让他等到最后才受到抛弃,因为男孩子的心一旦碎了就很难很难再好起来。

3 男孩子也有自己的脾气,只是因为爱你而压抑着,不要总是任性,有时他们的决定也很有道理.

4 男孩子莫名的向你发脾气,那时因为爱你,把你当成最亲,最贴心,最有安全感的人,千万不要冲他发脾气反击,静静的等着,等他消气后满怀后悔来抱你。

5 他为你准备的东西,即使再难看,再廉价,也要去珍惜,因为那里面融汇着他整晚的思绪。

6 相信他给你多么多么美好的生活,要给他鼓励,因为鼓励会让他创造奇迹。

7 不要总是打探他去哪,告诉他注意安全,你会等着他就可以。

8 不要总说~我爱你~,他会半真半笑着说你烦,但不要不说,因为有时候,他们比女孩子更需要这句。

9 他为你掉眼泪了,那么他是真的非常爱你,珍惜他的每一滴泪,不要道歉,不要安慰,握着他的手,默默的为他擦去泪滴。

10 要信任他,他爱你,就什么都不会骗你,即使真的有欺骗,也是为让你们的爱情能够永远不离不弃。

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chemi oh chemi~~~~~~~~~

Chemi ah chemi~~why u so so... Aikz...i just dunno what to say about u liao la... Today is the start of my final exam of the year,STPM~~ Duh~~-_-!!! Haiz..what's with these MPM people ah?? Are they out of their mind? I just can't figure it out... Just like they wanna see everyone to fail the exams.. Oh gosh,it's so hard. I can't even think of a "B" now anymore.. I just really really hope that i can actually pass my chemi this time around!! What the??? Sok lar.... Tomolo is maths ler..pls dun make me suffer again!! Thanx..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

yi ge ren


No mood,no mood... Headache ah headache~~ 3 days left oh...still have organic and inorganic to go... really susahla... So scare la.... Wat to do oh.... sien ah sien... Pa haven touch de... gan nan lo~~ No one can save me liao...blurr blurr~~~~~~~~~

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ok...What the point now? Who has the final word then? So,which is the next step to take? Haha..u must be feeling really confusing ba~~ Lolz..chew... Watsup with that person now? Why do i seem to be not so happy when i see her like this? Hmmm...i must be thinking too much once again. Oh well,study till sok qu liao. Haha..dunno la.. life's like tis de la.. Keep on doing some unexpected things whenever we feel like doing it. La la la..writing this post make me feel weird weird de too~~ Argh...headache ah... Chemistry...why so complicated de????

Saturday, November 8, 2008


What can i do if i,myself won't dare to admit that i had actually like a girl? Hmmm...i am just scare to put myself in the worst condition ever. I don't want to feel the pain i felf just so so recently... I poured out so much yet I still failed in the end. So..I might as well be a little bit more cautious this time around~~


Ok,I am here to clarify some things... I am sorry for my hot-tempered for the last few days. Sorry,guys.. I will change,don't worry.. I nearly lost a friend yesterday. stupid when i come to think of it. So,jia you ba everyone!! La la la~~~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was extremely sad and angry this morning. Some people in my class will just be so annoying and i feel so much like hitting those people. They act like they know everything. Never care how others think. You think you are the greatest,right? You are such a fool who lives in a hole which you can never stray way from. Continue to live in your stupid bastard world. Don't come and bother me. Leave me alone or I shall not talk to you anymore from now on. This may be a bit too childish but i know this is the best. On the other hand, the other person who i don't like is the one who always treat others like a dog. U think that's funny? Stupid guy with no brain! Get out of my way. I have no such friend. Don't u dare come in front of me and command me to do this and that. No way am i helping u again from now onwards. So sad. Depressed. Make me no mood for the whole day. Luckily my mood came back during the name. Haha...i really gotta thanx my bro,SD in helping me out tonight. Thanx,man~~for all that u have done for me.. A great start for a good night.. Yeah~~but i still thinks of that 2 evil person in my mind now. Change or i will remember this forever. Noobs~

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Chemistry,Physics,Maths 1,Maths 2 and General Paper~~ These are all the subjects which I will be taking on this coming STPM examinations. Oh well,there are 17 days left... Revisions are done in a quite ok manner. I won't rush it as I can't memorize well a lot of things at one time. Just do everything step by step and leave all the rest to God. Haha~~ But then,different people will definitely have different manner in studying.. There's no deny in that. So,no matter what you do,just believe in yourself! Tell yourself that you wanna do it and you can do it... Go for the goal which is so hard to reach. Lolz..just like that la.. La la la...17 more days.. haha...33 days to holidays~~~Yeah~~~

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