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Last day of 2008~~~~~~ Jia you ba... Happy new Year to everyone... Haha..

Good Day was just a great day to say... So happy for the whole day... Start with me level up in the midnight after a day of bad luck and unsuccessful encounters in leveling up. Haha,i finally did it~~ Maple ah fun qu... Then, jiu go for breakfast with ah Teo them lo... Get to meet with some friends lo...long time no see liao... After that, went to school dunno do what de... Erm,then... I got an interview for teacher ei... unexpected... La la la...i got another call for an invitation to a birthday party... high... So cool... Tat noon i passed the interview... Wow,God is so good... Yahoo...^-^


U did nothing wrong. I am always the one who is wrong. Why should I be treated like this? No point intercept in such manner. I will always be the loser as I am a man. She is a weak woman in the eyes of so many people. Oh well,I accept this yet I am not happy with this. She can't be so cruel. I don't know what else can I do from now onwards. That's all.

La la la~~~~~~~

La la la la la................argh............I have been la la la-ing for so long liao... But I still have so much time left... I really dunno what to do at home ei... Haiz...if no computer,jiu watch tv lo.. If no tv to watch,jiu sleep lo... If not sleep,jiu go out lo... But go out need money la... If no money,jiu stay at home lo... If stay at gome,jiu la la la lo... So,when can i stop la la la?? I feel so bored... I really wanna work la.. But just can't find one suitable one... Susah betul~~~~~ Who has any idea how to help me ah? La la i go again... Oh day i may become a potato couch n just sit at home doing nothing... By that time,no one can really save me liao... Shoot~~


Christmas Day~~sang n sang till my voices are gone... Oh well,for God ma..say wat leh?? least i am happy when i do so... I attended two english mass in a row.. Never did so before coz always attend the chinese one.. Lolz...actually i had a better feeling when i attend the english mass compare to when i attend the chinese mass.. Dunno why,maybe because of the atmosphere ba.. The preparation for christmas is all over now.. It's time to celebrate..still remember the christmas procession las caroling till 11 pm on the 22th n 12am the day after.. La la la..yesterday nite's christmas eve's mass till 11 something in the night... Wow,everything seems so magnificent!! I love is the preparation for new year liao.. 2008 have 6 days plus liao only~~^-^


Christmas procession... La la la...same like every other year... There was rain before the procession... But,praise the Lord for there was no rain during the whole of the procession... Yeah...high ah high... The procession was great... I carried the banner of a saint for my group... Hehz... Cool...after that,i went to kfc with my family... Shuang ah~~ Oh well,Happy Christmas ya..everyone!!!

Help Yourself

How can a person be so blind when he is not blind? Is there anything wrong with this person? When can this person be normal once again? Can there be any cure for him/her? Why is this happening every now and then? Must this be conquering him/her now? Should anyone give him/her let a hand? Oh well,sometimes problems must be faced alone and not always ask for others' help. So,go on and help yourself. God bless.


Noob..lame..causing disturbance to others nia.. Don't u dare come in or i will kick u out straight away without any face given to u. Bye.

A Friend To A Stranger

I know how you feel right now. You are guilty for what have you done so far. Oh well,I don't blame you for that as you deserved to be in such condition. No regrets after saying that. Please keep me as far as possible. This is what I can tell you right now. I am not the kind of guy who eats comeback grass. It's not fresh. Thanks anyway. You are the one who make things like this. I never realized things can become so worse. From now on,you go your way. And I go my way. I will block you and you need not feel sorry for that. Goodbye,once friend but now a stranger to me.


So sad when i know the truth. It hurts,man!

Back and Better...

Hello...guys... I m back from Youth Congress 2008 le~~ Yeah...haha...


Dear friends,
I will be leaving for a church camp from today till the next sunday ya... Do pray for me ya.. May i have a enjoyable and a nice camp ahead of me.. Haha..jia you ya.. La la la....


Ok..ok..ok.. Before I step my foot into the Youth Congress this year..i decided to find some people and check out how's life going on now with them... Yet what I got was something really unexpected and hurtful. I don't even know what's going on with them. So,i decided to tell them something~~U owe me an explanation!! Don't try to hide or i will keep on hunting u down!! That's all from me.


La la la~~~ Yeah....I'm back from a church camp le... It was a leadership training camp... Oh well,the truth is i din learn much from it la... But then,I was so touched by the activities we attended. One of them was the washing leg session. The session serve two purposes-better relationship and serving. I washed one of my closest friend's(John) leg in the church. He said thank you to me for being such a good friend and helper to me. My tears burst straight after he told me those two words. I couldn't control my feelings any longer. We washed each other's leg. After that,I sat on the floor alone among all the other campers. My tears didn't stop there. I was so touched. I said stop crying to myself yet it just couldn't be stop. Well,friendship really means a lot to me. Other than that,the food was ok. The place we stayed was just fine. Just that there was too many mosquito. Haiz...just that tiny problem. I think that's all for now ba... O ya,i don't feel …


Oh well...guys!!! I will be leaving for a church camp for these 3 days ya... Haha..u r right there... It's straight away after my STPM... rush... Chew...i will be in the camp this evening till the 6th...dunno what time la... So..catch u guys later lo... Jia you ah...dun miss me ah.. sok liao... Yeah...las physics paper in less than 2 hours time... Yeah~~~ la la la.... Gambateh,Physics Class~~~ We must never let Mr.Edward down ya... Muahahahahahaha..............................^-^


La la la....87.5 done... Yeah~~tomorrow last paper of STPM 2008~~ -_-!!! Physics ah!!! Jia you ya...

Is your birth day 27 of the month?

Is your birth day 27 of the month?

Your life:

You are sensitive and vulnerable. tears often run down your cheeks even when the matter is not that bad. This might be the result from being too pessimistic. You might seem cold on the shell, but your inner self is a kind loving person.

Your love:

You will be elegantly dressed, No matter how casually dressed your date may be. You are demanding in love and sometimes to an unacceptable extend.

Nearer n Nearer~~

Getting near and near le... After 6 more days plus today,I will be free le... No more school for me... No more fan nao~~~ How cool will tat be? But now..i still need to read so many things.. So many needed to be digested... Lolz.. I will do my best and i pray for all my friends who will be doing the same battle as mine.. We jia you together and we shall march ourselves into U together.. No matter what happens,just do our best ba... Oh well..have a nice day~~

Hard Boil Egg

Haiz...haiz...haiz... Today i finally jian shi dao th power of maths 2 le... It's really extremely difficult and complicated... So pathos when i got the paper... 12 questions... The first half of the questions are completely doom... My mind was so so blank ah... Heartache,headache,stomachache.... Aiks...all i wish now is tat i dun get a hard boil egg tis time around~~


Yeah..yeah.. Physics 2 is done le.... Finally can get a bit of relieved breath after 2 years in Physics class...'s paper was kind of weird... I can actually do nice of the examiner this time around compare to the chemi paper... I can think of more than my target for physics right now... La la,4 down..4 to go.... Still need to add oil la... Oh well,tomolo will be my final writing paper which is maths paper 2... aikz...they tend to say that tis paper is very hard la... But..but..haiz..dunno wat to say la.... This feeling is just tat... Oh..never mind la.... By the way,I wanna wish all my form 5 friends who will sit for their final subject tomolo morning best of luck and jia you always... Just do ur best and u can do well.... Pray hard for the best results ya~~~ Ola...


These few days just passed by like a wind blowing through so swiftly away..... Nothing special happened,just that I am preparing for my physics and maths paper in 3 days time... just feel cool whenever I need not think of so much worrying things. Just live peacefully day by day and that's all. Lolz~~ La la la..... After STPM...i will go straight into a 3 days 2 nights camp le... Then,come back and take a rest for one day... Haha~~ After that i will be going for another 7 days 6 nights camp~~ Chew...i will only be free on the 14th... Hmmm...tat nite is another important day for the members of legion of Mary~~ So,i have to attend another dinner then. Oh well,busy busy period la... Christmas season ah~~ Haha,it will surely be very enjoying de..... Yeah~~~~~ O ya,I also got a lot friends who was bornt in the month of December ei~~ so so many things to do ah~ Cool~~~~~^-^


Hehe...PA n Chem... Today's newspaper reported that one of the PA question yuan lai got some problem de ei.. N they still dunno what action to be taken right until now.. So,just wait n see patiently ba.. By the way,i din do that question too.. So,actually it's none of my business too.. Just trying to be kepo lo... N chem...some ppl claim that some of the essay questions were not in the syllabus la..some never seen before question..some without answers de... Haiya...really just full of problems de la... Argh..why are we so unlucky ah??? Sien qu... Today I went for maths tuition...for my maths 2 lo... My teacher said that the Maths 1 paper we just tested on wed was the easiest paper in these few years ei.... So,we r lucky in this... But then,I still some which i dunno how to do de ei... Err,see it overall...still ok de la... I am still quite confident in reaching my target this years if things goes to plan~~~~~~~~ Haha...everyone jia you ya.. 2 more weeks and we jiu can fly le..…


1如果你喜欢他就告诉他,即使他拒绝了,也不会丢面子,因为在他心里,会因为你的真情而非常非常感激你。2 如果他喜欢你,要明确告诉他你对他的感情,喜欢就是喜欢,不喜欢就是不喜欢,千万不要怕伤害他而忧郁不决,不要让他等到最后才受到抛弃,因为男孩子的心一旦碎了就很难很难再好起来。3 男孩子也有自己的脾气,只是因为爱你而压抑着,不要总是任性,有时他们的决定也很有道理.4男孩子莫名的向你发脾气,那时因为爱你,把你当成最亲,最贴心,最有安全感的人,千万不要冲他发脾气反击,静静的等着,等他消气后满怀后悔来抱你。5 他为你准备的东西,即使再难看,再廉价,也要去珍惜,因为那里面融汇着他整晚的思绪。6 相信他给你多么多么美好的生活,要给他鼓励,因为鼓励会让他创造奇迹。7 不要总是打探他去哪,告诉他注意安全,你会等着他就可以。8 不要总说~我爱你~,他会半真半笑着说你烦,但不要不说,因为有时候,他们比女孩子更需要这句。9 他为你掉眼泪了,那么他是真的非常爱你,珍惜他的每一滴泪,不要道歉,不要安慰,握着他的手,默默的为他擦去泪滴。10要信任他,他爱你,就什么都不会骗你,即使真的有欺骗,也是为让你们的爱情能够永远不离不弃。

Chemi oh chemi~~~~~~~~~

Chemi ah chemi~~why u so so... Aikz...i just dunno what to say about u liao la... Today is the start of my final exam of the year,STPM~~ Duh~~-_-!!! Haiz..what's with these MPM people ah?? Are they out of their mind? I just can't figure it out... Just like they wanna see everyone to fail the exams.. Oh gosh,it's so hard. I can't even think of a "B" now anymore.. I just really really hope that i can actually pass my chemi this time around!! What the??? Sok lar.... Tomolo is maths ler..pls dun make me suffer again!! Thanx..

yi ge ren



No mood,no mood... Headache ah headache~~ 3 days left oh...still have organic and inorganic to go... really susahla... So scare la.... Wat to do oh.... sien ah sien... Pa haven touch de... gan nan lo~~ No one can save me liao...blurr blurr~~~~~~~~~


Ok...What the point now? Who has the final word then? So,which is the next step to take? Haha..u must be feeling really confusing ba~~ Lolz..chew... Watsup with that person now? Why do i seem to be not so happy when i see her like this? Hmmm...i must be thinking too much once again. Oh well,study till sok qu liao. Haha..dunno la.. life's like tis de la.. Keep on doing some unexpected things whenever we feel like doing it. La la la..writing this post make me feel weird weird de too~~ Argh...headache ah... Chemistry...why so complicated de????


What can i do if i,myself won't dare to admit that i had actually like a girl? Hmmm...i am just scare to put myself in the worst condition ever. I don't want to feel the pain i felf just so so recently... I poured out so much yet I still failed in the end. So..I might as well be a little bit more cautious this time around~~


Ok,I am here to clarify some things... I am sorry for my hot-tempered for the last few days. Sorry,guys.. I will change,don't worry.. I nearly lost a friend yesterday. stupid when i come to think of it. So,jia you ba everyone!! La la la~~~


I was extremely sad and angry this morning. Some people in my class will just be so annoying and i feel so much like hitting those people. They act like they know everything. Never care how others think. You think you are the greatest,right? You are such a fool who lives in a hole which you can never stray way from. Continue to live in your stupid bastard world. Don't come and bother me. Leave me alone or I shall not talk to you anymore from now on. This may be a bit too childish but i know this is the best. On the other hand, the other person who i don't like is the one who always treat others like a dog. U think that's funny? Stupid guy with no brain! Get out of my way. I have no such friend. Don't u dare come in front of me and command me to do this and that. No way am i helping u again from now onwards. So sad. Depressed. Make me no mood for the whole day. Luckily my mood came back during the name. Haha...i really gotta thanx my bro,SD in helping me out tonight. Th…


Chemistry,Physics,Maths 1,Maths 2 and General Paper~~ These are all the subjects which I will be taking on this coming STPM examinations. Oh well,there are 17 days left... Revisions are done in a quite ok manner. I won't rush it as I can't memorize well a lot of things at one time. Just do everything step by step and leave all the rest to God. Haha~~ But then,different people will definitely have different manner in studying.. There's no deny in that. So,no matter what you do,just believe in yourself! Tell yourself that you wanna do it and you can do it... Go for the goal which is so hard to reach. Lolz..just like that la.. La la la...17 more days.. haha...33 days to holidays~~~Yeah~~~


Hehe...i got my new hand phone le... After so long of suffering using that noob hand phone,finally... I can change to a much better one... So happy..hehe... I love my W880i ah~~~

My Presents...


Happy Birthday To Me^-^

Happy Birthday To me~~~ La la high~~~ Thanx so much to all those well wishers... Hehe... Jia you oh... I am so happy... What a great day... Muahahahahaha...

Birthday party~~

Wow..last nite was my best nite ever... My favourite birthday in my life so far~~~ I celebrated with my friends at my place.. We ate,we sang and we played... Durian..cakes..all sorts of good food~~ La la la.. Karaoke time...almost all of us sang.. I hafta thanx Mr.Teo for his hi-fi system... If not,there will never any way we could have sang songs tat nite... the PS which derek brought... Haha...thanx so much too all who came oh~~~ o ya..thanx a lot for the gifts too.. I will never forget all of u... U r all my best friends.. haha... O ya,my chief planner...thanx a lot for the lucky draw which u have prepared...very fun indeed... durian,durian~~~ Yeah..i will post up some photos some time really not free enough~~

Ups And Downs -_-

When we have been through a lot of things,we can actually see things and experiences something we have never ever think before. We do things not for the sake ourselves only but those around us too. Life's not like what we think. Nothing is easy nowadays. But not everything is complicated too. No need so down. Ups n downs are just something common.

A Boy And A Girl~~

Once upon a time,a boy really fall deeply for a girl. He can anything just to please that girl. Now,everything has changed. The boy doesn't has the same feeling he has for the girl like before anymore. The boy just hope that the girl can live happily always. No matter what happens,the boy never regret for what he has done in the past. From now on till after the big war of the both of them...the boy can only pray and wishes the girl all the best silently in his heart.


Haha...5 more days till my biggest birthday so far in my life... La la la...tis year..I will have 20++ friends who will celebrate together with me at my place. Haha..thanx a lot to my mum~~~ That will be in 3 days time.. high..can't wait for that day to arrive...


This picture was chosen to be here for a reason and only those who are wise knows what I am talking about!

Err,what hurts us the most? Sometimes we try to avoid the things so much that we don't even realize that we have started our pain and was hurt since a long time ago. Just because of our naiveness,we are still thinking how will we be hurt one day when we really got stuck in the trap. I am sick mentally for a few days for I was hurt deeply by a person who told me the truth of something. I just can't accept it for the time being. The truth is not like what all of you think. Tears rolled down my cheek a few times too. But then,I also realize one important thing. My feelings for her was not as deep as I have thought for all these while. I don't love her as much as I have like her. I doubt if anyone of you would understand me now. I am a little bit blur with the things I am saying now too. My life has suddenly change to something so different from before. She was just someon…



A Day Of Sad Truth But Happily Dealt~~

U don't know,do you? U never know,right? Or u just act like you don't know? Don't u dare come in front of me and show me that innocent face of yours. If I had the ability,I would haveslap you without a doubt. U have been cheating my feelings towards you all these while. What the? How can this be happening to me? I tried to think so positively over the night but then I told myself,I really can't do so. I cannot betray my own feelings. I am not someone easily fooled. U may think that I am a very crazy type and not the quiet type. But honestly,I don't really have much friends who can share with me and talk non-stop before form 6. I don't like to talk. I am not that crazy if you really like this term. Are you sure of what you are telling me? One more time,can you repeat what you said? Oh well,are you out of your mind to be telling me all of these? claim that you don't feel that there's areal connection between us...Do you realize how much I was h…

Wheel Of Life^_^


My Principles~^-^~

1. Don't love when you don't even know how to define love.
2. Enjoy life while you still can as you will grow old everyday.
3. Do your best to live your life till the fullest.
4. Don't waste your time on something meaningless as you like.
5. Cheat on yourself but don't make the people around you got affected too.
6. Tell me that you can do it don't really satisfy me as you haven't show me the result.
7. Bluff as much as you can for you are the owner but don't spill your sadness here.
8. Good will always defeat all evil.
9. Like charges repel,unlike charges attracts as boys like girls.
10.Everyone should have some principles of their own.

How Nice Can This Be Then??

So much pain from inside till outside these few days~~~ to face so much difficulties at one time oh? To get up and get going once again is not an easy thing to do. I don't like it but gotta accept if too. Please don't smile when u r unhappy or cry when u r happy. Don't u think that this is really really weird ma? Haiz..some ppl just like to act so much... U might as well go on n be a actor next time.. Just be urself. Don't betray ur own personality for others. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................-_- not cool at all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



A N S W E R - T R U T H F U L L Y

1. Do you like anyone?
~ Yes.

2. Do they know it?

3. Simple or complicated?

IN - T H E - L A S T - M O N T H - H A V E - Y O U

4. Bought something:

5. Gotten sick?
~Ya,for a few days liao

6. Been hugged?
~yes. mummy daddy when i was young.

7. Felt stupid?

8. Talked to an ex la..just sms nia

9. Missed someone

10. Failed a test

11. Danced
~ once in a while la..

12. Gotten your hair cut?
~ yes. just one week ago ba..

13. Lied
~ Yes.


14. Nervous habits?
~fingers will feel cold.

15. Are you double jointed?
~wat's this?

16. Can you roll your tongue?
~ yea..

17. Can you raise one eyebrow?
~ can.

18. Can you cross your eyes?
~how to cross....??

19. Do you make your bed daily?
~seldom la..

20. Do you think you are unique?
~i guess so..

H A V E - Y O U - E V E R'S

21. Said "I Love you"

22. Given money to a homeless person
~no gua~~can't remember

23. Smoked?
~ never..and never will

24. Waited all night for a phone call?
~ never..

25. Snuck out?
~snuck out?


Jia you,friend~~~~

Oh well,it's just not good in just looking at our past sometimes.... What can we do about it? No matter how good we have done,that will only be our sweet memories or bitter nightmares. There's no turning back for us as we as humans,should always hope a better and nice future. Looking forward will bring us to another step in our life. What to do if we die one day and then realize that we haven't done any meaningful things during the whole of our life? No regrets,pal... I know that we can never expect good things to happen to us everyday. We do our best and be like others who are working as hard as we do. Don't always think of failure. Please think of your love ones before you wanna make any kind of decision which would eventually affect yourself and the one beside you. Thank God that He grant me a such nice and peaceful family to me.... So,we will meet again in my next blog post... I certainly hope for better thinking then~~^-^


我。。 逃避见你的机会 逃避你的邀约 逃避你的请求 逃避你的憎恨 逃避你的冷淡 逃避你的假面 逃避你的‘热情’ 逃避你的开心 只因我在乎。。

A Droplet Of Life

Today is the 8th of October liao~~ 40 more days till my big big test oh... So,everyone who will be taking the test must be well prepared oh..dun get overstress... Oh well,don't ever be too proud or too sad with the results you got in ur 2nd trial.. It all means nothing if you cannot prove urself in the real test!!! This is the truth and it's the only truth... remember to plan a timetable for urself. You do not need to make it too complex... La la la...everything has been just fine these few days.. Just that I am not that please with results that my friend got la.. She is facing so much problems yet I feel like I can't help her de. So sad la.. Sien~~ I can only advice her and do nothing more.... How ah.... I just hope that she can be tougher and face life the positive way. is really unpredictable la.. Sometimes we like it yet sometimes we just don't wanna keep on living in this world. What to do? We have been brought to this World by our beloved pa…

My Lovely 2nd Trial~~

Hahahaha…..2nd Trial….. This is the place where I made my stamp!! I have finally did what I had failed to do for so long… I have never achieve such feat during my 2 years in form 6… This time was the last school exam for me before the real test, STPM… And I was determined to score well. No one can stop me now.. Oh well, I have done quite well this time. And this was not out of my expectation.. Anyway, I will continue to push for the big one. I will not stop here..

Missed You On The Way


Can Cry Really Help?

We can cry and cry sometimes just to relief ourselves... But can we change a fact? Can we do anything just to make things more beautiful? Hehe..dun be too 天真 la... It's not as easy as u seems.
One of my friends told me these "哭是女生最擅长的。。。虽然哭不能解决事情,但可以发出心中少许的不满,委屈呀。。。" Honestly speaking,I,myself will cry out once in a while to release the pressure and burden i m carrying all this while... I dun wanna make myself sok qu... I can't control my tears from rolling down my cheek quietly. I can't hide forever. What to do? I am also a normal human being. Just alone in this week,I had cry for a few times for my beloved friend who has gone to a really far place. Normally,we see a girl cry but please don't be surprise if anyone of u see me crying. This is me and no one can change me. I don't like to a metamorphosis. Hehe...I am not the kind of man who thinks that they "流血不流泪" Jia you to those of you who wanna cry out but don't have the guts to do so. Don…

Liao Wu~~

Dun wanna talk much today~~ Haiz..sometimes we are just too wu liao qu... Doing nonsense anywhere we like... Does anyone of you know where are we tat time? Lolz..


~Sigh~ It's the month of October... Less than a quarter of the year 2008 left. Haha..I actually like the month of October a lot since it's the month which I had been brought to this big big World. I usually have year-end exam in this kind of time every time but there is an exception this year. I am having my final exam as a student in my beloved,Methodist Secondary School. "The STPM" Dunno if I have to be happy or not la... Just that I will surely enjoy my birthday really really much. Err,actually I take my birthday as my most important event of the year. I will never miss it for anything else. Oh well,I think that everyone should do the same thing but it's your choice to follow or not la.

~anyway_all is over~


A True Friend

Oh well.........what a friend,Chan has gone back to My Father's place in heaven. I wish him all the best. We will surely miss him. No matter what happens,we will always keep him save and sound in our prayers everytime. I am so grateful to have a friend like him. Still remember the time when we have so much fun during form 1? We claim we were like brothers. Haha..I love you,bro!!

50 Days~~~

Oh is the 28th of September already. The distance from the 18th of November is still quite far away but actually it is getting nearer and nearer to me day by day. Time just pass by faster and faster. Sometimes, I just can't catch up with it. 50 days then. What to do with this 50 days? Whether or not it is's not in my own hand. I can't do much too. I have to depend on my beloved God too. God, I really hope that you can bring the best out of me. I know I can do it just that I didn't make full use of my ability yet. Whatever obstacles pour on me will not make me fall down from now on. I am determine to do the best this time. No more MR.nice guy... I just hope that it rains everyday cause I doesn't want others to know that I am actually crying. I just want to live in a peaceful manner.


知己在朋友之间从未出现过的形容曾经怀疑知己的存在与存在的目的直到她的出现一位挺特别女生本事,态度都胜于她人(包括自己)感觉自己也欣赏她了“人生中得一知己死而后已”突然间想起这句虽然它过于言重但知己的存在的确胜于一切知己… 它不需要甜言蜜语需要的是彼此了解它不带上任何责任因为本身愿意关心…



What Do You See??

What can u see from this picture? Hmmm...a long road? A choice with no ending? Or wat ah? Lolz... Some choice we make may not suit us the most but since we have made this choice,we might as well accept it in the best possible way. No need complain so much cause they will not be any results. Just be yourself and let anything else goes la.. Life..

Time of coolness*-*

Exams ah....2 more days till trial ends.. Then,jiu can rest liao... Nowadays,i wake up at 4 am in the morning everyday eh.. Haha..las minute preparation again.. Sien ah sien... Maybe just wanna make myself feel better a bit ba.. Dunno many things to read ah... So tired now but I will never Give Up till the last minute!!

Happy Mooncake Festival

I wish all my friends out there and the one reading this post here now a very warm and great Happy Mooncake Festival 2008!! Hehe..i had a nice weekend. Celebrated the mooncake festival with The Yong's Association this year. So many Yong's people at one time.. La la la...i am so pleased with my surname. I had a great time with my friends. How I wish that I can be this happy everyday? Haha..a nice mooncake festival celebrated with so many nice friends around. Life is so meaningful if we know how to appreciate it the right way. To do the right thing at the right time is really important. Don't take the road which will mislead us. Going straight might not be too good of a choice but as long as you stay happy,anything goes. We must always live our life till the fullest. Never leave any regrets behind. They is no turning back for anyone of us.

Let Go

To be able to let go of something is not easy but if you really manage to do so,then you can be count as very pro liao. You manage to do what others dream of doing so every second,every minute,every hour,every day and every time. So,be grateful with what you have. Appreciate it. I know it's hard but you will certainly have to face it one day later. You can never hide from it forever. No one can overcome so much temptations placed in front of them. I manage to do so once in a while in my colorful life. Hehe,my advice to all of u..dun give up until the last minute but when it's really time to let go.. Just do what you think is right la. Do not ever hesitate in making the right choice.

Dear friends,if anyone of you face any problem out there.. Please don't mind finding me oh. I will try my best in assisting you one. Haha,jia you ba!!

Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time T.T

We just don't know what we have done wrong, never knew that this step of us would actually lead to this kind of effect. What can we do if we don't even know where did we got wrong in our life? OMG...this is really complicated and confusing la. So hard to interpret the true meaning ah... Leaving in this world of cruelness sometimes just makes me feel so upset. So sad that I can't do so many things I disappointed with someone who let me unhappy because of some events which had happened in my present life.. How I wish that I can live in a world with no pressure and stress? How wonderful can that life be? Should me much better ba,I think la.. Oh well,my mindset has been turn upside down since the start of the year. I have change. I don't deny that. Haiz,sometimes change isn't the worse thing for us. I dunno why but everything seems to be passing away from me so fast. So fast that I cannot catch up with them. I am still learning how to walk yet they ex…


... ...

Just Be Yourself

A World of darkness standing in front of us. Standing here in the midst of us. If I can see, I can do a lot of things. With the help of the torchlight, some may be seen while others remain in the darkness. One World, One Dream. That is just pure dream. Whether it is a reality or not is another story. Why don't you just listen to Dreaming Of You everyday and you expect success from that. This is not what should be done. I have been there and done that. Failed but happy that I had been through it. In a perfect World, there is a perfect person who used to be perfect. However, in this World, no one is perfect. I don't care, I just wanna be yours. Who do you think you are to reject me? Oh well, you are who you are and I am who I am. Even if we don't meet, if our heart is strong enough, our feeling will still be the same. Wherever you go, whatever you do, I'll be right here waiting for you. My love is bleeding while we are happy. Keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding in love, I …

Fell Once More

A day consist of 24 hours. God is fair. He give and treat everyone the same way. We do things our way but have we ever think that we might displease our beloved God? Why is it like this? What is going on with all of you? I don't like my enemies but I need to act happy in front of them so as that they won't hate me. No one wants quarrel to happen. Really not good. Not cool and it is bad. ah.. Life is short yet not so short. To be able to live a life of happiness everyday is impossible. We have all kinds of worries everyday. There will be something we did which are not good de..

A Good Feeling

I feel quite relieved on these few days... How miraculous can that be? The exams are so near. The STPM timetable is out le. All we have been for in these two years is going to arrive in 2 months time. We will have exams on the 18th till 4th of December. Oh well, we will only need to go into the exam hall for 8 times only but every test we face bring us to another step of success. My days are quite ok now. Much more happier than when I was one month ago. Time changes everything. We must always cherish the ones beside us. Do not regret when it is too late. Haha.. That's all from me.. Have a nice day!!^_^


Sometimes we just don't admit that we have actually change. Change to something which is really dangerous. Dangerous till really scary. Scary till the one beside them ran away. In the end,they are left alone in the darkness. They strive for survival in the darkness. While some manage to ran away, some were trapped in there for a long time before they can come back to the light. Light can save us by conquering the darkness. No evil can beat light. Our life doesn't end like this. We must earn the best life possible. Do not get overexcited over something which may be nice at first sight. There is no love at first sight in this world. You have to experience a lot before you can actually call that love. Please wake up if you are still lying there like a dead body which is not used in the right way. To be precisely, you can actually cause a lot of trouble to others. You are too selfish to think for others. No point in doing so. People will hate you. Your one moment of happiness will…



Everyone Be Alert

Helo,everyone.. So sleepy la..but I just can't afford to sleep this kind of period. I know I want to but I just cannot do so. I have to do something more essential. I cannot go towards the wrong direction. It's wrong. Hmmm...not good,not good.. Sleep needed to be cut short from now onwards. 2nd trial falls on the 22nd of September. About 3 more weeks till that day. But I am already very anxious. Anxious about how hard will I fail again this time. Anxious about how I will have to see my own face after seeing my results. I have been hit for 5 times already!!! I have never achieve such a feat in my whole life. Now,who can break tat record of mine? Michael Phelps also have to think about it first.. The last time is coming soon and I think I will once again be doing the same thing this time around. So sad. Unwell. Pessimistic. Down-hearted. Stupid. Not good jiu shi not good. I always cry to myself asking myself why am I treated so cruelly everytime. Why can't I be treated more …

Chelsea FC!!!


Sad Day With Rotten Toppings+_+

Shocking,shocking,shocking.... I really can't believe what I heard oh... How can this be happening to these people now? How can they grow into like this? What are they really up to now? Don't they realize what they did are wrong and should never occur at the first place?? I am really sad and disappointed. I don't want this to happen. Such a tragedy. So angry come to think of it. These people are really out of their mind. OMG....some are my friends too. I can't do anything to change this sad tragedy anymore now other than pray hard for them to turn over a new leaf. They are not young little kids anymore. They can be called grown-up. Please don't let us be worry of you. This kind of actions would just let you and the people who care for you down. I am really speechless whenever I think about it. Headache,stomachache,pain here and there. can this thing be happening?? What's up with this world now?? Upside down once again? Really STB!!!!!!!!Not coo…

Is It Too Late Now?

Few months back, I broke up with a girl which I really love. And all this while I may be happy but inside of me felt unhappy and full of regret. After so many months I still can’t forgot about her. I really don't know what is that makes me love her. And I never know that I could in love like this. When I saw her my heart beat very fast and I became speechless, when I never saw her I felt something is missing and wish to see her right away. Now I try to win her heart back but I know it all too late. I know she’s different now. I don’t know what to do? I think it time for me to give up. ·莫问前程有愧,只求今生无悔

End Of The Holiday

Oh well,it's time to rethink of what have I done over the last week... Hmmm,basically I can say that I did nothing that can do much help to my studies. I got study la but I don't think it can do much help too. I felt sorry for myself but then I still deeply hope that I can do something to recover what I have lost. Feeling won't help. I know this cause I have been through these feeling far more times than anyone else in this big big world. I will have to strive for more. Harder than before. No matter how hard is life,I won't give up. Please do keep this in your mind for this is really really essential to you all if you want to live a great and wonderful life. la la.. Tomorrow the school reopen and it's time for us to face the exam papers. This reflects how we have done before the exams. The results may not be like what we expected but we must all learn to take it easy. Don't get too excited or disappointed just because of the marks we got. Not good,not …



GOD' love & grace



在你怀里 舍不得放弃

不能再陪你 但不要忘记

在你怀里 舍不得放弃

不能再陪你 但不要忘记