Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bye November and Hi December~~^^

Nice Christmas for the start of December..thanx to Dora for being my model!!^^
It's the last day of the month dy. How time flies, anyway November shall be another great month to remember. I started off with exams and end it magnificently with my great and wonderful 10 days 9 nights trip in Melaka, Genting and KL. Oh well, I will surely cherish the moment I spend with my dear friends. Last few minutes of November before I flip the calender to the new month, December! Hehe, another busy month to expect! Many things going on. Gonna start fighting starting from tomolo onwards. Let's get the Christmas Spirit on!! Wahahahaha..have a nice day and all the best guys and gals~~^^

All my wonderful friends!! Haha..see ya all after holidays..^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!!

I am back to Sibu once again. Haha. This time is rather late compare to the other college mates who have went back to their respective homes since more than a week ago. Why? Because I went for a 10 days 9 nights trip to Melaka, Genting and finally KL. The trip can just passed by so swiftly without one realizing that time actually flew by just like that. And now I am already back home typing this. Lol. Oh well. The whole trip was just too perfect till I have no more other words to describe it. I totally love it especially when I spend it with the friends who are so important to me, Ning, Mei Ling, Bernard, Cindy, Esther, Puven, Kavil, Dora, Jun Ning and Khairi!

Before the trip, I was so excited that I can't sleep well for that few days and when the days finally reached, the feelings was already indescribably dy. The first day was the flying day. We flew to KL's LCCT airport and then took the bus to Melaka. After that, from Melaka we went on to the A'Famosa Resort and spend 3 days 2 nights there. We lived in a house which has a small pool in it. Everyday was so relaxing and nice. Went to the Safari Park, Water World and Cowboy Town. Nice, nice, nice. Only the food was a bit too expensive but overall perfect!

Next to the Melaka town trip. Spend one full day and night there. Haha. As we all know, it's a historical city, so, many meaningful pictures was taken there. The food was cheaper and quite nice. But then, the place was not as lively at night. People there slept early and not much entertainment was done. Went for shopping there as well before rushing our way to KL's bus terminal. The next destination was Genting Highland. So, we took a bus and Genting here we come! Another one full day and night there. Oh well, I did gambled and actually won some. Not much but still quite satisfy with it la. The weather was not so good and we didn't manage to play in the theme park. Wish I can do so next time around. Who knows, maybe next year?

After Genting, it was all down to KL. Wow, these were the most tiring days of all. We did so much walking from morning till night. Some places we went was to Petaling Street, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Mid Valley, Chou Kit Road, St. John Church, Sungei Wang, Time Square, Low Yat and etc. Most of the time was spend on shopping and walking here and there. The place was full of entertainment. At 1 am in the morning, everyone was still very quite high. If you don't look at your watch, you might even think that it was actually 7pm!

All the trips and spending are done. All in all I have spend around RM1200. Come on, this is for once a year ba. Haha. In conclusion, I am really grateful to have all these great friends of mine. Hehe, I am actually anticipating for next year's trip dy. Lol. Happy happy. Say Best to Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!! Wahahaha. Haha.^^ Happy Holidays guys and gals!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Take Some Rest!^^

 It's the end of the semester after the hustle and bustle in all the final exams. Yeah, finally it's over after a long 2 weeks which they had pulled. I wished it could have been shorter as that would have cut the duration of the pain as well. But then, I do still need to give thanks to the Lord for guiding and helping me so much all this time. Without Him, how could I have been able to still be alive here right here right now. Anyway, final exams for semester 2 is so far so good. Not the best and I surely hope it's not the worse! 

Holidays come after the exams, and many of my friends have gone back to their beloved home sweet home. And one very common question which everyone would ask around at this kind of season is "When is your flight?". Oh well, usually I would have answered today! or Friday night!... Yet, this time I had no choice but to change. As I am not actually going back this time, not that early at least. I will be flying on Sunday though. To where? To KL!! Wow...anticipate the coming week ya...after today, I shall be resting from my blog for some time. Maybe will be back in December~~ Have a nice holiday ppl~~^^

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Truths Always Hurt~~ Some Anxiety of Mine!!

How great can things go in just a moment of truth. Well, I never expect this to happen but eventually it comes after all. Honestly, I didn't do as well as I have expected myself to do in this semester's exam. The subject which is supposed to be the easiest has nearly destroyed my confidence. It hurt me and I actually burst out my sweat and tears while doing the questions. Pain after pain, getting more and more nervous and in the end everything is done eventually. I can feel like my hand was shaking like crazy. Never have I felt like this before. First time in 22 years.

Oh well, at least I can assure myself that I wouldn't fail this examination. Just that the results might not be as nice as I had wanted all this while. Fine then, I shall focus more on the coming paper tomorrow. Physical Education. Good luck to us and all the best. Please don't let me end up with disappointment ya. 

Anyway, 4 more days to leave this place once again. Hehe, yeah. I am getting my countdown ready once again. This time is to KL. For a period of 10 days. I am really anticipating this trip as I had never experience this kind of feeling. Leaving home for so long other than hostel in KK. Which means that I will need to spend a lot on food!! Oh oh money... Lol...come on! God bless me ya. Go go go!! Have a nice day n can't wait for tomorrow night!!^^

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gaya Street~~

After going to church on a Sunday morning, I did something which I had never done in the past. I actually went to Gaya Street for the first time. After 2.5 years pursuing my studies here in KK, it's my very first time to set foot there. Well, it's special as it only opens every Sunday morning and ends at around 12.30pm. You cannot find it on any other day. The place was quite big and many different kind of things were sold there as well. Mostly food, souvenirs, flowers, decorations and etc. Anyway, those of you who have never been there should really take some time and explore the place. You can really find some nice attraction there. Have a nice day people.^^ O ya, some pictures below~~ Enjoy~~
Some Butterfly Clippers~

Erm..souvenirs? Haha..

Monkey oh Monkey..^^

Key Chains as usual..

Souvenirs Round

Crowded with people..

All sorts of things sold here..

All kind of races..

A delicious laksa!^^ it..

Full house!!!

Comparing All The Time

Looking at the picture above can actually make me thinks a lot at one go. It sounds like this, "Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world...if you do so, you are insulting yourself." We should really learn to appreciate what our dearly beloved God has done and given to us. It's not like we deserve them or what but it's because He loves us so much. Be grateful and don't always just learn how to complain about this and that. Stop the nagging. They are not nice to hear. Gosh. Maybe this is what they all call Life. Life can be like a roller coaster at times. Full of ups and downs. Good luck and all the best. No focus shall be lost in these 2 days time. Exam Preparation. Appreciate God's wisdom given to us!^^

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Problems Raining!!

 If only I can run from all the problems I am facing right now, I would really rejoice and shout like a barbarian! I really feel like a fool right now. What have I done all this while? Why is everything still the same? Who the hell am I to judge all of these? Where am I situated actually? Whom am I to you? All these questions can suddenly just pop out of my mind tonight. Problems oh problems, please stay away from me. It's only 11pm tonight and yet I feel like I am actually typing this at 3am in the morning! Crazy summarize all. 

 How come another person's matter can lead to another person so easy? Why ah? How come ah? Oh my, headache. Sooner or later I am going to get migraine. All I want is just a happy and peaceful life, can't this be achieved? What the hell is wrong about that? A broken lamp can lead to a lot of other problems at one go. Go to hell and shut the mouth off la. Suddenly everything seems to do with me now. One moment say like this, another moment change again. I am really really fed up and tired now.

Flight ticket please dun give me anymore burden. I have no idea how to deal with you. School based experience, dun change your date. I have no money to change your ticket. People who understand. Dun burden my mind with stupid thoughts of yours. I have no energy to do so. Hotel booking. Please settle it as soon as possible. Life. Please go on as usual. Exams. I really hope that I am not doomed this time around. Oh gosh. Someone please save me from all these nonsense!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, it's 111111 today. So, I have decided to leave a post here as well. Nothing special actually happened today but it just seems like a Saturday more than a Friday. I also have no idea why it is like this. What happened to TGIF? Hehe, oh well. Went out to watch Immortals with some of my friends in the afternoon after studying in the library for about 2 hours. Well, the movie was quite nice and can be watch. So, I would recommend you all to watch it. Should have done something more special today yet the plan didn't get to be done as some circumstances came along. Never mind la, it's still not the end of the world. The word patient really kept me alive for so long. Good luck to us! 3 papers to go next week. Walalalala..^^

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dates Which Means So Much!

I just have the feeling to blog tonight after having done with my first paper this semester. It was quite a relief for me after going through the hardest paper for me, EDU 3103. The paper took me 15 days to revise. I have been thinking of it everyday as the lecturer hardly teaches us anything this semester. And all of us were required to think of how to rescue ourselves from this whole problem. Luckily I can still survive until now and tell myself that it's all over. I really wish that I will have no such kind of lecturer next time along. One is enough and no more shall come along.

Can this be the day? Haha..11.11.11

45 days to the best day of the year!
With the first paper done and dusted, I am now looking forward to the next 3 papers coming at one go this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Two Maths paper and one Physical Education paper. Oh well, they are not hard but still need a bit of skill polishing. So, good luck to me and my fellow course mates! We can do it. May God bless us and have a nice day on 11.11.11!! Make it memorable and all the best.^^

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What An Ending~

Sometimes I just feel like sharing my point if view with someone I really trust on. Yet it's just so hard to achieve. Asked so many opinions but what can they help me in eventually. I am all alone once again in the end. Planned to have it done in 3 days time but the idea just seems too little too far away already. What can be done to mend it? Nothing as I am as blur as the cow right now. The feeling is not as good as everyone thinks it is. Oh well, speechless once more. What an ending!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

100 Truths

About me :
001. Real name : Allen Yong Bee Khai
002. Nickname(s) : Alleng, Ah Bui, Dai Lou
003. Age: 22
004. Zodiac sign : Scorpio
005. Male or female : Male
006. Elementary : Chung Hua Kindergarten(Brunei)
007. Middle School : SJK Chung Hua(Brunei), SK Methodist
008. High School : SMK Methodist
009. College school : IPG KAMPUS GAYA
010. Hair color : black
011. Long or short : Hmmm..normal guy should have short of coz short la..
012. Loud or Quiet : Loud gua..wahahahahha..
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans..
014. Phone or Camera : PHONE!!!!
015. Health freak : Sorry but no..
016. Drink or Smoke? : Doesn't suits me..and don't like them either..haha
017. Do you have a crush on someone : Yeah..normal teenage dream..
018. Eat or Drink : Both!
019. Piercings : No way!
021. Social or Anti-Social : Social
022. Righty or lefty : Righty
023. First piercing : Never...
024. First relationship : Hmmm..secret..hahaha
025  First Best Friend : Brunei friend..Liaw Vun Kang..Primary school..
026. First Award : Can't remember..haha
027. First Kiss : By my mum counted or not? haha..
028. First Pet : never had one before..
029. First Big Vacation : to singapore??
030. First Love at first sight : Primary Six
031. First Big Birthday : Kindy Year 2 had a big party..
032. First Surgery : Never.
033. First sport you joined : it a lot..
034. Orange or Apple juice : Apple
035. Rock or Rap : Rock!!!
036. Country or Screamo : Country
037. NSYNC or Backstreet boys : Backstreet boys
038. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera : Neither..
039. Night or Day : Night
040. Sun or Moon : Moon
041. TV or Internet : Internet
042. Playstation or XBox: Playstation
043. Kiss or Hug? : Hug
044. Iguana or turtle : Iguana
045. Spider or bee : Bee is cuter..
046. Fall or spring : fall
047. Limewire or iTunes : iTunes
048. Soccer or baseball : Soccer

Currently :
049. Eating : Junk Food
050. Drinking : Sky Juice
051. Excitement level : 80%
052. I'm about to : Take a nap or study
053. Listening to : Red Cliff's theme songs..
054. Plans for today : Read some book and enjoy raya visiting tonight..
055. Waiting for : The holidays to come by..
056. Energy level : 80%
057. Thinking of someone: and night thinking of her..

Your Future :
058. Want kids? : Yeah..of coz..
059. Want to get married? : sure
060. When : before 30 years old..
061. How many kids do you want : 3
062. Any names on the mind: Hehe..James..
063. What did you want to be when you're a kid : A police,doctor..teacher~~
064. Careers in mind : Teacher n businessman..
065. Mellow future or wind : Mellow future
066. Something you would never try : smoke n drug
067. When you want to die? : 75
068. Lips or eyes : eyes..
069.Romantic or Funny : Romantic
070. Shorter or taller? : Shorter ..
071. Protective or Caring : Caring
072. Romantic or spontaneous : Romantic
073. Nice stomach or nice arms : Arms..
074. Sensitive or loud : sensitive
075. Hook-up or relationship : relationship
076. Trouble maker or hesitant : Neither
077. Muscular or normal : normal
078. Kissed a stranger : Nope..dun think so..
079. Broken a bone : Never

Have you ever :
080. Lost glasses/contacts : Nope
081. Ran away from home? : No la..not tat i need to..haha
082. Held a gun/knife for self defense : Hmm..never..
083. Killed somebody : Never!!
084. Broken someone's heart : I think so..sorry ya..i didn't mean it..
085. Had your heart broken : Erm..yeah..once in my life n tat shall never happen again..
086. Been arrested : Nope..
087. Cried when someone died : yes..>.088. Liked a friend more than a friend : Haha..yeah..oh^^

Do you believe in :
089. Yourself : Sure
090. Miracles : yes
091. Love at first sight : I believe it
092. Heaven : yes
093. Santa Claus : Yes..i believe it do exist in this big big world..haha
094. Sex on the first date : No.
095. Kissing on the first date : Maybe..who knows??
096. Angels : Yeah

Answer Truthfully :
097. Is there one person you want to be with right now : Yes
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life : Not really
099. Do you believe in God : Yes,definitely
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people.

I tag DoraKhadijahOnellSyaiCindyWenahUngMarsilaEsther and Silvens! Have a nice time doing the tag ya..^^

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One Word Kills All!^^

The longer the time passes, the lazier I get. Well, maybe I just feel a bit fed up of studying the same thing over and over again. It just won't finish. Hmmm, I wonder if I am able to score well if I enter the exam tomorrow. So far so good I guess, it won't fail me. Come on Allen! Oh well, better be a little low profile. Have been lessening the time spend with my books these 2 days as it's the weekend period. I hope I can recover and things can turn normal again starting tomorrow.

So, 5 days to the first paper. Many people around me are still wandering around without realizing that time is getting lesser and lesser. These people just make me feel how professional they are in handling their time in studying, They can always study at the last minute and yet score a well or memorable pointer in their exam. It never change since the day i know them. While some have been preparing since about a month ago. But the weird thing is that his result is just almost the same as the one I have been mentioning just now. What a world.

Maybe this is called, it doesn't matter how much time or how much you study, the important thing is how you apply the thing you have been studying all along in the exam. These are the critical time when you must not fall and stay firm with the answer you had in your mind. All you wait for these while is just for the sake of one paper. A 2 and a half hours paper. After that, what happen? Everything you studied shall be dumped in the air and you forgot all of them in an instance!

Aiks, one word "lazy"! mind is full of the things which shall happen in half month time. Good luck though to all of us once again! La la la..have a nice weekend and shine towards the best!^^

Friday, November 4, 2011

Have a Nice TGIF!!

It's just so sad when someone actually do this to someone. You never wanted to be the last person to know something. It's like no one actually cares for you or anything. Please la, don't treat anyone like this. You can never imagine how hurt can that be. 

Last minute in doing something is very much different from last minute to know something. You might be shock and in the end felt disappointed without anyone acknowledging it. What to do. Just live on with a deep sigh.

Today is a Friday once more. So, what else? TGIF!! Thanks God It's Friday. Once more I repeat, don't stress  ya people. It's just a paper. You read, you pass. You don't read, you fail. Just like that. If you are aiming for an A, study more but study smart. Rest whenever you need it.

Don't always force yourself too much. It's not good. Eat, play, sleep and read at the same time. You might realize that these 4 elements can never be separated. Good luck in dealing with them ya. P/S: 6 more days to the first paper~~

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Burst of Anger!

I am kinda tired these days doing all sorts of things such as studying, playing, sports and most of all sleeping. It's just life during exam periods. I dun like it and I am sure no one in this world actually think differently from me. But what to do, we just can't run away from our problems, rite? Guess we just had to accept and live on our pathetic typical student life then. What we don't like now doesn't mean that we won't eventually fall in love in it in the future. Who knows what will happen in ten years time? God knows. Good try and you are right!

This time I will be counting down the days to the first paper of mine. 10th of November is the first paper which is in 8 days time. So, is it actually long or what? I have no idea why do they actually need to pull the time of exam so long from the 18th week of studies and it's gonna end so near to the holiday. Sometimes I just feel weird of what is actually spinning in these people's mind. Can't they put things in the right manner? One or two paper in a week. Why must it be 3 or 4 papers in a row? Think of how the students study la. Noob!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Start Of The Month November!^^

Before this, I actually planned to write a post for the last day of October 2011. Haha, but then my headache started to attack me. So, eventually I took the night off and went to sleep earlier yesterday night. Lol, and the first thing I thought of when I woke up was that it's time to flip the calender once again!! Oh my, it's November already without realizing~~ When we think of November, we think of what? Come on, EXAMS!! Dun stress, dun stress..haha..only 4 papers to go. The first one is in 9 days time. Still long? Erm, ok de la. Do prepare well ya ppl all over the world facing the same thing. Walalala.. Happy November~~^^

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