Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali n Cheese Cake!^^

It just feels so nice hearing all the bumping of music the way I like it back here. It's home of cause. No one is at home as everyone went out working and studying. Walalala. The whole house belongs to me but sometimes I do feel kinda boring too la. Everyday just read book, sleep, play, on9 and eat~~ So, today me n my friends decided to do something else. Making Cheese Cake. Wahaha..this is for the sake of next year's CNY. We wanna make a ham cake. Yeah, our very own ham cake. It's not that hard to make a cheese cake actually, so wish us luck ya..^^ Happy Holiday n Happy Deepavali to all my friends!!

Our cheese cake will be something like this..


DoRa Priscilla said...

wah!! ee I also want... Good luck Allen, I am sure it would turn out great and delicious!

Allen said...

hahaha..u can try to make it if u want.. hmmm..we have done it just now..less than an hour n a half ba.. Hehe..we shall try it tomolo n tell u how it taste ya..wahaha..^^

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