Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Holidays Guys n Gals~~

Hi guys and gals, it's time to leave KK and back to Sibu once again. Haha, I wonder how many times have I repeated this sentences this year. Come on. Holiday ba, I spend every holiday of mine back at my hometown no matter if it's one week or two weeks. No need to mention 3 weeks or even 1 month.

After counting down for 40 days this time, it's finally here. Gonna make it a good and meaningful 1 week for me back at my hometown. Seeking some peace and freedom from the burden and stress I am having now. Don't want to think of this and that. I just want to release all of them on my books. 4 papers coming soon. Maths 1, Maths 2 and PJ should not be that hard but one problem is EDU. I can hardly remember anything which I learnt for this half year on this particular subject. 

So, what to do. All I can do is to study on my own then. Good luck to all my classmates and myself. Hope that we can achieve the best possible results and continue our journey in this IP. Hehe.

On the other hand, I would like to take a deep rest from any waste of time thinking something which is just so hard to achieve. I am sorry guys and gals but I think I am gonna make you all disappointed once again. I need more time and I think the other side needs it too. No way am I gonna clap the hand alone. Cause this is not how things works. 111111's plan is not over yet and before that days really arrive, nothing is impossible!

Come on!! Happy Holidays Guys n Gals~~ No need to think so much. Concentrate more on books rather than so much nonsense! Whether someone cares for you or not is easy to find out. As the one who you are thinking of while reading this is the one you actually care the most. Muahahahaha..^^


DoRa Priscilla said...

haha :D Happy Holiday too Allen. Take care and be back next Sunday! hehe

Allen said...

thanx gal..haha..sure will take care.. Come on..c ya soon!^^

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