Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Penang Trip(8/11-12/11)

Penang oh Penang...I went there recently with a few friends(Ning, Jun, Dora and Esther) of mine. For around 5 days 4 nights, though the duration is only about 3 days plus only. The other time were all on train, bus, plane and etc. The trip was indeed a very enjoyable and full of experiences. There were lot of delays from start till end. Let's start with the plane to KL, yeah, we flew to KL n not Penang. There were no cheaper ticket available. The plane gt delayed and we actually reach LCCT KL at about 12 something. Then we took a bus to KL Central and reached there about 2am. Wow, checked in the hotel and slept at about 3am.

After that, we woke up and had our early breakfast. Rush our way to KL Central and then had some hard time finding the bus station which could bring us from KL to Penang. It was indeed a very hard experience finding the bus terminal. And we got trolled. We gt conned by some guy which sold us a ticket which cost RM5 more expensive than normal and a bus which would only start moving one hour later. The bus gt delayed and we reached Penang at about 6pm. A trip which would normally took 4 and a half hours turned into a 7 hour trip.

So, what did we do in Penang. A lot of special things of course. Such as eating, visiting shopping malls, going on ferry from Penang to Butterworth and otherwise, taking the bus around Penang and etc. We saw Penang's YB and some movie superstar. Got lost in the place we stayed and felt creepy staying around there when we first got there. Saw lots of scary views as we still don't know how things work around there. Ate char keow teaw, the best one, penang's asam laksa, rozzelle drink, lekor, cheap satay, durian and etc.

The shopping was quite big but not as big as the ones in KL. Lol, but still I bought 4 clothes at Penang. Haha, other than transport and accommodation, that's where I spend the most. Went to Prangin Mall, Komtar, Sunway Carnival Plaza, Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall for shopping. Walk and walk and walk. Shop till I drop. Anyway, gotta thanks to Kyry and Chiew Ying for bringing us around. If not, we would definitely be lost and don't know what to do in the big Penang. Haha, they brought us to place to have fun and eat lots of local delicacies. And not forgetting the souvenirs they introduced to us.

Well, that's all for the first 4 days and now to the last day of all, the day we went back to our beloved hometown. We woke up as early as 5am and went to the jetty at around 5.45am. Reached there early and took the ferry to Butterworth. Then we waited for the train. The train should have reach around 2pm but in the end it reached at about 3.30pm. It got delayed as there were problem with the aircond and some wire in the train. Took the bus to LCCT KL. Luckily this one didn't bring any trouble. Checked in and ate some food. Plane was not delayed and I can gladly tell u all that, I am back home now! To my beloved Sibu!^^ 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My 23rd Birthday!^^

Yeah..I m back dy..after being at my foster family's place for 3 days 2 nights... Haha, indeed learned a lot and experienced a lot more than last time. This time my feelings for them are much deeper than ever. I actually missed them from the first step I walked away from the house. Haha, lol...not ashamed to say it here, I cried. Yeah, I cried the whole way from the house to the train station. The feeling just came out itself. But eventually I settled down and felt relieved that they love me so so much.

Another big and eventful thing is that...yeah, I am 23 today! Lol...gosh...went through so much. People at this kind of age might have graduated from here dy but I still have 2 years more... All because of the road I chose. 2 years in form 6, I never regret that. After all, I still need to walk my road. I shall be strong and be myself. I know this is the right n best choice available. Come on. Happy Birthday to myself and good day to all...^^ Btw, pictures taken from Dora's blog~~^^

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 More Days to Go! Encounting~~

Gosh..I can't believe's just 3 days to go to the Big Day to arrive. So swiftly one year has gone by..well, what to do..this is just something we gonna adapt and get use to it. Time passes every now and then. It's just another one year older and one year mature. This past year has indeed been another most memorable one of my life. I shall always keep it in my memories for as long as I live. And I look forward to another 2 years I have here.

This time around I can't celebrate at home unlike last year where I can be with my family. So, this year I am gonna do it a different way which is by celebrating it with my foster parents at Kampung Brunei. Haha, will be visiting there and stay there for 3 days 2 nights starting tomolo. Just hope that everything goes to plan and I manage to study some over there. Come on, I know God will bless me no matter what happen.

Well, exams are just around the corner as well. Next Monday shall be the first paper, physical education. This paper is not that hard, just need a little bit of polishing with the notes and tips given. Then to Wednesday, the paper of education, and then to the major sub. That sums up for the first week. All in all, everything seems to be well-placed and I am ready for the things in front of me. So, 15 days to Holidays!! Come on!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

No more Distraction, Please!

Ok, finally reach the time to face the truth n reality... No more playing after this. As u all know, exams are coming really really soon in a week time. So, no more distraction after this. Let's just fully concentrate on the exams before anything else occur. Haha, come on! Good luck n all the best to all my friends having the same conditions!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanx Ya Guys n Gals for the Day!

Picture credited to Dora!
Haha, hi there guys and gals... Well, although it's only the 18th, my friends from the TESL class have helped me n Kavil celebrated our birthday as they fall in the same month, October! My beloved October, you shall always be the best! Now thanks ya friends for the wonderful wallet and lunch you gave me! I appreciate it so  much...come on! Friendship Forever! Haha...although there r less works dy now compare to the few weeks before this, there are still exams behind me. Many exams ahead, got some trial exams paper today n they actually look quite disastrous to me. Lol...what can I say? All the best to all n God bless...haha...^^

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh My October!^^

Many things happened during this big month of mine. Half of it is gone, so I just hope that the other half will be much better to me as the day is approaching so so soon. Last year was so different as I was back at home when the day eventually arrive. This year though I need to do it here once again, like usual. Anyway, I am not upset or what. I am just grateful that another year is gonna pass by just like that. All the best to all of us having the exams soon and may all of us be able to settle down after the long long semester 4, dear batchmates of mine!^^

Recent Updates!

It's been 2 weeks since I last blogged. Too many things happened in between such as BIG( a camp which lasted for 3 days 2 nights), semester 8 dinner n most recently Karnival Kokurikulum. There were indeed a lot of different and memorable experiences in these 2 weeks. I have new foster parents, live with them and learnt their culture. We played and ate all the time. That was 3 great days I had there. Semester 8 dinner was another big and busy night of mine of all time. I have never tried to get myself into such busy-ness!! Haha, I ran the whole place like a crazy fool to control this and that as I was the performance committee. I had to make sure the songs was played on time, karaoke ready, videos are played correctly, the lights of the place and etc. But thankfully, I still manage to eat my food. If not, I dunno how crazy I would get. Just tat not as peacefully as one would wish to.

Now to the recent Karnival Kokurikulum. I was the commander of my group, BSMM. We did our best and I actually shouted my heart out. All of these came out spontaneously. The truth is I never think of doing like tat. What surprised me was that my friend from block C actually say that he can hear my voice from there. Haha. Gosh. How loud can that be. Then to the bantu mula competition. Not bad la. Although I was one of the penganjur, I didn't really help much. Thanks to Ichum. He is the real boss! Hahaha...come on...1 more day to go before I am really really free to revise for my final exams in less than 2 weeks time!^^

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Optimizing The Usable Tools!!

Well..without realizing, we have come to the month of October. But the works doesn't end here. Many more coming soon. And it's just not that easy to overcome them. During the process of solving the problem, we would tend to face some obstacles of life. They are so annoying some time that we are just too lazy to see eye to eye with them. Why waste our saliva and time on such no sense of thinking? People speak of the real and important thing but they just like to annoy us.

I know that it's just not easy to help someone else but does it really hurt us a lot to help others some time? Why do we need to be so selfish? Yeah, the more the merrier in doing some thing. But, if 4 people can cooperate among each other in finishing the job of 20 people, does it really make sense if you order 10 people to do the same thing? Is it not too crowded? Think about it! Don't be stupid la. Noob!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spare Me Some Time!!! least I still have some time to spare for blogging... Haha, just finished partial of my works so far... Meeting by meeting...homeworks like mountain... The one thing I face the biggest problem of all is the buku log for's just so hard to finish writing it... Gosh, I just had my final exam for an elective subject, WAJ 3107 this morning. Everything went ok but I was not so confident in the objective part... Haha, anyway I m still grateful that everything's over.

But there are still lots of things enwaiting for me to finish. Next week I have a camping at Kampung Brunei with the student from the same batch of mine and I am the treasurer. Sem 8 dinner in 2 weeks time and I am the Performance Leader...need to do arrangement for the performance... Presentation on the works we did in hall tomolo nite from 7pm till 11pm... Haha, wat a way to enter the Mooncake Festival this coming Sunday!! Busy indeed...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reasons Here N Then!

Yeah...I have been telling myself some words all along... There must be a reason for something to the one above have planned this long before we were actually being brought to this big big world... So many things happen everyday, some we can deal with them easily while some are just more troublesome than ever... What to do other than face them bravely and give them a smile after everything is finally over... Haha...that's all I can do...

Something which were supposed to be mine have actually been snatched away in just a blink of an eyes after some people who has such a big power to just say cancel means disappointing la... Haiz...from one case to another...meant to change date yet date didn't change and now we don't even know if the whole thing can exist or not...oh gosh... Then to's just endless...I really can't wait for the long awaited holidays in 45 days...hahaha...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hatred For A Million Years!

I just hate you so much, dear monkey!!! Why must it end like this all the time? Can't u please be fairer? What kind of society are you living in anyway? Everyone play the same game but you are just so damn lucky all the time. Keep on criticizing other people are always too lucky in having this and that, but tell me honestly, have you ever look upon yourself. Please la, reflect the mirror on yourself before judging others. You are slowly affecting the people around you. STFU! I hate you for a million years.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What a Schedule~

Wow...the coming schedule is really making me kind of suffocated at times... The moment I stopped doing something, I would be thinking of what would eventually be storm into my mind. Gosh, how come the homework just seems to never come to an end one?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be Prepared Before It's Too Little Too Late!!

Just like what I have said in my last post, this month has been such a busy month. Well, as the month is still going on, many more things are rushing in like the water gushing on and on. The last n final physical education assignment to be pass up this coming Friday, the final exam for Art, Music and Physical Education paper coming next Tuesday, then Karnival GERKO in a few weeks...hahaha...what a month... O ya, by the way there's another camping coming soon. About 9 more days to! What a packed life...

But as times goes by, I still keep to the same principle. No matter how busy you can get, you must never let yourself down by giving up so easily. That's why I always do my work earlier and hope to finish before I reach the last minute. Although I can't figure out why some just like to start and rush like a zombie during the very last minute, but I guess they have their own reason. Maybe that's just the way they like it is. What to do. Life's still go on.

Anyway, I still hope for all the best in the coming weeks to follow. Before I realize that the busy period is over, the final exam is passing by without any notices given. Approximately 7 weeks to holiday, so this leaves 5 weeks to the final exam. Good luck and all the best then!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hi there!! I am Back!!! From...somewhere~~

Hi there guys n gals...sorry for abandoning this blog for such a long time ya... Here I shall announce my comeback...gonna share what have been going on after so long... There have been a lot of happenings all this while... I had to do so many things at one go...camps after camps...assignments after assignments...tests after tests!!

So, let's start with assignments...I have passed up almost all my assignments...just left with one...Physical Education... One last one and I shall be starting to work on it very very soon... Come on...having passed up 3 at one go last this week before going to the Uniform Camp...the experience was indeed not so good... Not because I left it late to finish them but because I got stomachache at the time I was going to finish my works... I got diarrhea n vomited as was finally done and I manage to hand in my assignments successfully..

On exams...I actually din't study much on the calculus paper before I went in and take the I have not much time to do revision... But anyway, I think I did not so bad... As I have looked through beforehand some of the questions which may be asked by the lecturer... N there were also some tests in the recent uniform camp...luckily they were not a burden as we have our ways in answering the questions! Haha..only God and us know how! exams still ok de la...

Now to the 2 camps I went recently! First was a leadership training camp which I went voluntarily. It was a camp held at BTN Kundasang...a very cold place and we have learnt a lot there... The games and talks were just so good and useful to all of us.. N the way they motivate us was just so professionally... I miss the time there when we were all washing plates together...hearing talks...bathing in cold water n so on! Come on BTN!

On Uniform camp...just reach here this morning after spending 4 days 3 nights there...many things done... Learned a lot...for instance...tying knots...CPR...history of red crescent... Our friendship bond got stronger than ever...we learnt to respect each other more and do all the things together without any complains... Well, at least it's still not too little too late as we still 8 weeks in this semester to tie stronger knot between us! Yeah...although the schedule in the camp was very tight n hectic, but I can still find so many positives in it! So, thanks God!

I remembered lots of good time...washing dishes...hearing talks and taking exams... time...and most of all, the experience matters the most... We practically wore the same shirt over n over again in the few days the hot weather there... I got sunburnt since the first day of the camp...hehe...but I am not sad for that...I shall accept it willingly! Haha...our camp gt destroyed by the strong wind last night and that was another very meaningful experience for me...never had I had such experience before... Imagine yourself finding your precious things in dark, heavy rain n trying to hold on to a camp which was about to be blown away by the wind... Hahaha...I still can't believe I actually went through that last night!

After that, we had BBQ time till about some game similar to Manito... from strangers to friends...the feeling is just so so great! Hahaha...let's summarize all!!! I have been having a good good time for the pass 3 weeks... N i shall have another 8 weeks more before this semester come to an end! Yeah..peace! Smile ppl!!^^

Thursday, August 30, 2012

2 days Left in August 2012!!

Hmmm...2 days left in the month of August! Well, sorry guys n gals for the lack of post this particular month... I was indeed busy n have no time to spare here... Things was just so great...holidays...assignments... and a lot of other stuffs stopped me from blogging... But then, I promise you all I shall do better in the coming month!! September...can't wait for the best month is getting nearer n nearer dy!!!

Tomorrow is the 31st of August!! Our country's independence day!! Yeah...great great...n it's a holiday...just something i need the most right now... wahahaha...well, good day ppl!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raya Celebration at Home!

The feeling of being at home is just so great! Hahaha..1 more week to go... Well, these few days gonna put down all the works n burden first... For the sake of raya n friends who are coming back this kind of season! la la...i love it so much!!^^

Friday, August 10, 2012

8 Long Weeks!!! Wow...Ups & Downs!!

Well, after 8 weeks here in KK, it’s finally time for me to take a break from all these and get back home for some well earned rest. But first of all, I need to go to school for one week of School Based Experience at SJK(C) Kwong Hua. Yeah, u guess right. It’s in Sibu as usual. Lol, I just hope that everything will go ok and I can be able to successfully teach 2 periods of maths there. Come on Allen, u can do it. Wish me luck.

So, these 8 weeks have been such a long duration for me. Done lots of stuffs here and there. Have so many ups and downs. But it’s all over now. No point thinking back. All of them shall be put in nostalgia section from now on. I just wanna enjoy my 2 weeks in Sibu and finish my assignment in a peaceful manner. No rushing and the most important thing is I must enjoy! So, let’s say hi to Sibu in 3 hours time. Haha!^^ La la la…

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Assignment Period! OMG!!

Last week was indeed busy, I actually had no time for blogging. Too many things happened within a limited of time. 1 assignment has been handed in but I still have 5 more in my hand. Although I don't need to pass up them in the next week, I can still feel the pressure building up. 2 of them need to be passed up right after the August raya holiday while the other 3 were required to be handed in within that week or the week after as well. Wow, what a busy month of August. Well, just have a blink of an eye, the time has gone by. So, I might as well start early as there shall never be last minute work for me!! Haha!^^

Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Sour Grape!^^

Well, today I realized something. We must never say something which taste like "sour grape". There must be a reason behind all things. It just don't happen so suddenly without u realizing it. So, come on! Just act cool and make as if nothing happened. Be yourself and never overreact something which may just cause disarray in you and the others. Oh well, I can only wish you all the best and may God bless you and guide you in the rest of the time. Good day!^^

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Appreciate Life And Time!^^

We only live once in this world as we are all deemed to leave this world for a better place next time. So, why don't we just live the fullest out of our life? We don't need to demand perfection all the time. Just make sure it's enough for us to consume. We need not put on a sad and disappointed face every time we come up against a new challenge. All we need to do is sit down and think over how to accept the challenge. Tell the whole world that you have that challenge accepted. 

There are more and more assignments coming in day by day. Well, I have manage to finish one (Calculus) and there are many more to be done. Not that hard actually but all needs to be done. Anyway, this past week have been so far so good for me as it's not as busy as the weeks before. Maybe I have indeed settle down in my semester 4 here. Two more weeks before I am going back for my 4th School Based Experience. This time I shall be doing it at a really different place, I guess it can be called Kampung Area la. Anyway, may God bless me.

Without realizing, it's near to the end of July dy. We often complain about how slow time can pass by but if we keep ourselves too busy at times, we might just realize that time is actually ticking every moment we are complaining! So, appreciate every moment we spend now and then as we never know what will happen the next second. Who knows what will land in front of us. Good luck guys and gals! And may all of us have a nice weekend ahead of us!^^

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words!!^^

Yesterday RCH(Rafflesia Chicken Hut) n today SR(Secret Recipe)...hahaha... I can really spend well when I have the money beside me... Well, last weekend was just too great for me... I can actually went shopping without realizing the time was actually catching up with me. But luckily for me I could catch up with my works and assignments... Lol...n the feeling is just so so nice! Haha..nothing beats the feeling of finishing something which you think is impossible...wahahhaa..not much to say this post...I just wanna express my feelings through the pictures below~~ So, enjoy ya guys and gals...^^

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...