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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Thursday once more and this means that the weekend is just about to arrive in a few moments time. This weekend I am gonna spend my weekend with a weekend getaway from KK. Keningau, here we go! A camp which I gave excuse of not going every year as it always bump with the school holidays! This time there's no more excuse. This is a church camp(Kem Barnabas) I must attend to no matter what happen. I could not care much more as this is my once and only last chance already! So, Allen, Let's Do It! 
Although there are many works to deal with nowadays, I guess I can still be grateful that I am physically ok with the surrounding. Thanks God I am not sick and still can deal with the things with the help of my friends. Though not all have the same head with me, but the things are being settled one by one eventually. With this, the time eventually pass by swifter than we realize. Now I can tell myself that there are 85 more to go here! And in another 16 more days, I need to temporarily …

Time + Friends = Everything!

A few weeks have passed by since my last step at my beloved home. In 2 weeks plus time, I will be back once more. Counting down the time to be back at home has been my favorite pastime here. It just bring me so much pleasure! Been through 2 days of "Kursus Kewangan" for yesterday and today. I did learn a lot of things such as budgeting, insurance, money management and etc. Although I am not so into these kind of course but it's still not so bad as time pass by even swifter with their presence.

A lot of things to handle these days as the class monitor for the final semester. I did not really expect it to be like this. How to manage 21 heads in the class? I am just a normal human being and I cannot make everyone in the class happy. So, in the end, I can just say good luck to a few and sorry to the other few. Anyway, just leave the unhappiness to God and He will know how to guide me! I still have lots of other works to come. For instance, assignments, action research, proj…

Let It Be! Come on Allen!

Not everything goes to plan all the time. We can always complain that why the reality is so cruel and why is it so not into our hand. So what about trying to solve the problem using a plan B rather than complaining all the time. Time is gold and we don't have the greatest of time to achieve what we have planned all along with the duration of our beloved life. All we can do is try and try and try again in order to get what we wanted. This in the end may probably give us the happiness which we have been seeking all along.

Even minor stuffs can make one laugh till crazy. For instance, we were just sitting in the classroom like normal days and then suddenly someone came up with a topic on animal. I only know that cats can be gay too today. I laughed my heart out as never in my life I can ever imagine that this can happen. So now I realize that not only human can be gay but animals too. Oh my! Where have I been all along?

The weather nowadays are kinda good and is just fine for hibern…

Motivations In Doing Something We Do Not Believe!

Ok, to start of this post, I shall say hi to all my dear friends. It's been a while since my last feel to write arise from my mind. It's just hard when we do not have the real motivation to do something. We always need some pushes in our life to do something. We change because of the stimulus which are situated deep in our heart. We do not simply change. As we all know, we human are sometimes kinda stubborn. We may get used to be who we are and not tend to listen to the others. It's indeed hard but if we do not give it a try, who can guarantee you that you would fail.

So, after trying it and all we get are just failures, what should we do then? Give up and stop trying. For me, I will choose that path but with a little bit add on. I will stop for a while and reflect back what have I actually done wrong. What was the problem and can that be overcome? That's how life should be. If we keep on trying and trying without reflecting, there must be something wrong and we are w…