Sunday, October 30, 2011

Preparing The Battle Against Finals!!^^

Oh well o well, I am back to the place which I will pursue my degree of teaching for 5.5 years once again. It's time to face the reality once again. Have to really put my heart down and study hard for final exams in this 11 days. I hope that I can actually do it and make myself happy and satisfied with the results once more. 4 subjects, 4 papers! These are all the things which we learn for the whole semester and it's time to show the lecturers what have we done for the whole semester! No one can help us except we ourselves. So, good luck to all of us sharing the same feeling right here right now! May God bless us abundantly~~ Come on, Finals~~^^

Saturday, October 29, 2011

One Week Holiday = 2 LOST!! week holiday spend at home... N I watched 2 Chelsea Football Match...hahaha...n guess what happened? They lost both their matches...against London rivals...Queens Park Ranger and Arsenal! Hmmm..this is just too too rare... I can't believe this actually happened and I am starting to wonder...what a match~~ Oh well, lost is still lost no matter how I complain about it. Sad but live still goes we lost 5-3! Argh...not happy... There is only one way to cure it!! KFC~~ Wahahahhaa...come on Chelsea!!^^

October, October..Oh October~~^^

October has been a really meaningful month for me. Just like every year in the past, I would be rather active in blogging compare to any other month of the year. Maybe it's because it's my birth month. I am really grateful to be born in this month and on the day as well. Many of my friends actually told me that the date was really special as not many have the same birth date as me. Well, so I am the special one? I shall leave that question mark there and be answered by all of you out there. 

Church Activity and Tanjung Aru Trip!

To be precise, anyone in this world is special and there shall not be another person who will have the same personality as you. You may look alike in some matters but you can never have the same 100% gene of likeness in you with another person. So, what I am trying to say here is that please do appreciate yourself. Be happy with what you have because this is how God made you. He made you with his own looks. Think about it. 

Upperstar Birthday Celebration With Kavil n the Gang!

October brings back a lot of memories as well, some nice some bad. I have been thinking back of something really weird for the past few days. It still hurts but it's not as painful as before. I have started forgetting about it. It's just so weird that I really have no idea how could I survive back then. No one gave me the idea as I was just following the flow. The thoughts of enjoyment had overfilled my mind back then. Thinking back just reminded me of how stupidity can conquer one's mind without the person realizing it at all.

Food On Birthday!

In short, we all know that we can never change the history. It's something which shall remain there forever. Nothing can be done to better it or worsen it. What has happened is already the past. We can only stare at our future and not think too much of the past. Live on our life. History may be painful but not the future of someone. Since we know that thinking back just brings sorrows and pain, so, what's the point of thinking back? Just live your nice and happy life everyday.

Food, Enjoy and Nice Time!

October is going to come to an end in the year 2011 in two days time. Time just flies and suddenly November pops up without us realizing it. I certainly enjoyed this year's October month. Many events took place and it shall fill my happy memories. Remembering these happy events shall make our life merrier and make us cherish the ones beside us more than ever. All in all, be grateful of what you have now as you can never guarantee what will happen in the next moment. No ones know except our dearest God! Good day!^^

How Wonderful Sibu Can Be!

Enjoy the pictures guys and gals. Come on!

Friday, October 28, 2011

2 More Days Here~^^

Ok, great life indeed. After celebrating my birthday, it's time to prepare my heart to be back to KK once again. 2 days more here in Sibu. Less than 2 weeks to the final exam for semester 2, I guess I am on a quite good progress in my studies. Both major covered so far so good. 4 days of exam period which are 10th(EDU 3103), 15th(MTE 3103), 16th(MTE 3104) and lastly 17th(PJM 3102). After that, the holidays will arrive as usual. So, there will be another 6 weeks of long holidays for me. How nice. Can't wait but first of all I have deal with these exam papers first. Oh well, good luck to all of you out there who are facing the same old problem. Haha, typical student life.! All the best and have a nice day!^^

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday, Allen!!^^

October 2011 is gonna end really really soon and today is the climax of the nice October month. It's the 27th!! Hahaha! Which also means that it's my birthday. This year I am celebrating it back at my hometown, Sibu with my family n two of my best pals, Andy n Sylvester! Come on guys, you people really rocks and I appreciate all the sweet time we took in making the cake and treat you all gave me! Last 2 years I was away from my home and celebrated it at KK! Indeed, this time is much much different from before.^^

Just like the year before and the years before this, I have received hundreds of blessings in the form of sms, calls and most common way of all, facebook wall post! Thanx a lot guys and gals for the nice wishes as you all really make my day. I love you all. Come on, let's rock our friendship till the end of our life. Friendship forever and may God bless you all always!

 Before today, my friends in IP have actually celebrated my birthday with me before hand. They treated me to a dinner and bought me a shirt. How nice! Thanx ya, Eudora, Jun Ning, Kavil, Mei Ling, Ning Ning, Bernard, Cindy n Esther! All the best guys! Other than that, I celebrated today's birthday by making a cake with Andy n Sylvester! Thanx man for the cake n treat you 2 gave me. Not forgetting my mum n dad for the delicious and magnificent dinner at Hong Fu! Nice one and I am indeed so so happy today~ Anyway, Happy 22nd Birthday, Allen!!^^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bye bye 21~~ Come on 22!!

A few more hours to go in my 21st. After this, I will be a 22 year old boy! Haha, come on. I wish for a better life, a better surrounding and of cause a better resolution. Along this year, many have happened and mostly are great. I love my life and I appreciate all those who have came along with me all this while. You all have been magnificent and I love you all. Things come and go all the times but our friendship shall always bond together no matter where you are or whatever you are into right here right now.

A Trip to Manukan~~

Maths Nite 2011 was magnificent~~

Trip to Mahua~~

Tanjung Aru Beach with classmates before exam period

School visiting~~ This is Wandy!

My first camp in IP..

A Trip to KL(5 days 4 nights with Ichum n Wandy)

Lok Kawi Trip!

Class Photo during PJ Amali

Tanjung Aru! Makan-makan~

Ranau Trip with classmates! friends, I guessed? hahaha...

Ham President n Vice President!

6 people at 6 different places around the world!! 

Best Friends Forever!!

Many of the things I have been through are quite new as well, you all indeed bring me many fond memories. There shall be many more years for us to go on together. Life is just like riding a roller coaster. There will always be ups and downs but we shall face them with our bravest heart all the time. Fight them with all our wills, remember guys and gals, Never Give Up! Let's enjoy the last few moments of my 21st ba. Hehe..^^

Deepavali n Cheese Cake!^^

It just feels so nice hearing all the bumping of music the way I like it back here. It's home of cause. No one is at home as everyone went out working and studying. Walalala. The whole house belongs to me but sometimes I do feel kinda boring too la. Everyday just read book, sleep, play, on9 and eat~~ So, today me n my friends decided to do something else. Making Cheese Cake. Wahaha..this is for the sake of next year's CNY. We wanna make a ham cake. Yeah, our very own ham cake. It's not that hard to make a cheese cake actually, so wish us luck ya..^^ Happy Holiday n Happy Deepavali to all my friends!!

Our cheese cake will be something like this..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Green Light

Give me the green light,
give me just one night
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

I see you more, I'm checking your smile
working your back like it's going out of style
Shake just a little bit faster
shake just a little now girl
Dying to meet you, so lets mess around
I've got an obsession of us getting down
Come just a little bit closer
I just need permission so just...

Give me the green light,
give me just one night
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

Do I have a girlfriend...technically no.
If you'll be my girlfriend then I'll make it so
You'll be my only true lover
no competition, no others
Baby its just the thrill of the chase
but I've got a feeling that I'm winning this race!
Baby I'm in much closer
I just need permission so...

Give me the green light,
give me just one night
I'm ready to go right now
I'm ready to go right now

Monday, October 24, 2011

Two Important Quote!~~

Two important quotes of the day for me. The first one sounds like this, " If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place. " while the second one sounds like this, " Everyone thinks that every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy..... CRAP........ In fact, Every girl's dream is to eat without getting fat.... (^_^ ) "

Analysis on the first one, well well well, ask and you will be given. Do we really need to ask for it before given? Some times it's just not as easy as said. It's so easy to talk crap and in the end still end up with nothing in our hand. Going after it require lots of energy, time and money. Many ways to go after and I shall try most of them until I succeed but the most essential one is to really say it out from my own golden mouth. Never ask, never know. Is this so? 3 days to my birthday and my wish this year actually has something to do with this. I hope that it can come true and make me a very very happy man on this year's birthday! Come on.

Now to the second quote, so they like to eat as well, hehehehe. How come I have a thoughts that many girls will actually disagree to this statement? It's about girls so it's not so proper for me to comment here. Hahahaha.

Defeat Is Still Defeat!^^

Come on la guys and gals, we celebrate the win is not because we hate them so much ba. It's just not so nice winning all the things every time. Erm, share share ba. Didn't anyone taught u to share your things with others? Dominating the whole league for so long make u grow into a giant. And when there comes a David vs Goliath, u just can't accept the defeat huh? Oh my. Accept it. A lost is still a lost. It's only 3 points by the way but just that it create another big history to your page.

When you win, u will celebrate. While when you lose, you will just try to find all sorts of excuses for your team. What type of loser are you? Ask yourself how u handle the problem. The more supporters you got, the more anti-supporters will follow in. Haha. Although I just can't stop laughing last night but eventually my smile fade away as well. Cause Lee Chong Wei lost and Chelsea lost as well. Come on, it's only 3 points. The winner of the night was Manchester City!! So, here I have attached a few photos in one go. Enjoy guys and gals!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Challenging For The Best!!^^

The best things in life are the things we were never supposed to do in the first place. Come on! So, based on this quote what can we talk about? It's like taking a risk. If we don't dare to do this and that in our life, how can we actually live a meaningful and interesting life? All we want is to live in a peaceful manner, have enough money, shelter, food and etc. Well, I totally despise this kind of life. Living a dream to be better than achieving this has been my motto all along. I want more than this. So, eventually I thirst for more in my life.

It's holiday now and I am back at home once again. In case some of you didn't realize, I have spend all my holidays at home from the start of my foundation years in IPG Kampus Gaya. This time around I shall spend most of my time with exam books and notes. It's not that easy to concentrate here but I at least I can feel a bit relax compare to being stuck with all the books back at KK. Studying here made me think back of the time when I was studying in the secondary school.

Form 6 was really not easy and I actually played with fire that time. Not only did I not study the right manner, but I also have fun all the time. Kinda regret for doing so and thinking back made me feel how stupid was I back then. I hope that I can make amends this time around and do well in my degree years. Last semester has been great. So, I hope I can better or equal the target I set for myself. Nothing is easy and I shall not underestimate any subjects which come along me.

The first two days of my holidays has been so far so good. Read some books and explore some examples of questions which might come out in the exams. Three words to express here, "I Love It"! Hahahahaha..come on. 4 more days to go and things gonna change once again. Expecting new things to happen and a different self from before. Good luck to me and all the best. People come, people go! Life goes on no matter what happen. Let's rock the days coming by.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Holidays Guys n Gals~~

Hi guys and gals, it's time to leave KK and back to Sibu once again. Haha, I wonder how many times have I repeated this sentences this year. Come on. Holiday ba, I spend every holiday of mine back at my hometown no matter if it's one week or two weeks. No need to mention 3 weeks or even 1 month.

After counting down for 40 days this time, it's finally here. Gonna make it a good and meaningful 1 week for me back at my hometown. Seeking some peace and freedom from the burden and stress I am having now. Don't want to think of this and that. I just want to release all of them on my books. 4 papers coming soon. Maths 1, Maths 2 and PJ should not be that hard but one problem is EDU. I can hardly remember anything which I learnt for this half year on this particular subject. 

So, what to do. All I can do is to study on my own then. Good luck to all my classmates and myself. Hope that we can achieve the best possible results and continue our journey in this IP. Hehe.

On the other hand, I would like to take a deep rest from any waste of time thinking something which is just so hard to achieve. I am sorry guys and gals but I think I am gonna make you all disappointed once again. I need more time and I think the other side needs it too. No way am I gonna clap the hand alone. Cause this is not how things works. 111111's plan is not over yet and before that days really arrive, nothing is impossible!

Come on!! Happy Holidays Guys n Gals~~ No need to think so much. Concentrate more on books rather than so much nonsense! Whether someone cares for you or not is easy to find out. As the one who you are thinking of while reading this is the one you actually care the most. Muahahahaha..^^

It's Time To Wake Up

Wake up!! Wake up!! No more dreaming. It's not the time to do so and pls dun do so. I will more serious and not be so stupid anymore. The previous post has been hide and it will not come out unless it's permitted by the author. Haha. Have a nice day people.

A Confession From Pasta!^^

Dear Secret Girl,

I am writing here to tell you that I never realize that you were so important to me before this. Maybe because we were just like friends. Time shall prove everything and when the time is right, then nothing can eventually stop me. How are you now? What's up with studies? I still don't want to speak out or let go of the grudge now. Maybe because of my weak courage. I like you deep into my heart. My feelings wouldn't be wrong. If someone dares to say I love you, I would dare to say I love you a million years! Take care, my dear secret girl.



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Waiting For It~~^^

The first birthday present I received from The G.C Group members!

Woke up earlier than before today..maybe it's because of the flight tomolo ba.. Well, maybe I m just too anxious for it dy.. Haha..spending 9 days there is like spending 9 days in heaven.. Although I need to bring my books back this time, I am sure that I can have a better surrounding to do my revision. It just don't suit me the best here. Not despising anyone but I really think that home is the best place for everyone. So, I sometimes I feel weird when some people who has the ability to go home yet chose not to. Only because of that few hundred ringgits? Hmmm...think about it.

I was actually tricked into buying this shirt...oh my...haha

It's like 1 day to home..there r still classes later and tomolo morning.. Some trials going on..I do hope for the best in them as I am in a struggling condition with these 4 major subjects this semester. At least on the 2 of them. They are not hard. Just that they need more attention. I dun blame the lecturers as I know that in this level of studies, we can never omit the term self studying. We must try our best shot and guarantee ourselves the best results possible. No regrets after doing it. 10th of November is the first paper's date.

We celebrated at Upperstar Damai...hmmm...

So fast so swiftly October has come to the 20th dy. 11 more nice and beautiful days to go before Octoberfest is all done n dusted. But the most important date of the year has not arrived it. So, before that happens, I am still 21~~ Haha...come on...7 more days...a week... Lord, grant me a rainbow and make all my wishes come true! October oh I wish you could be a bit longer than ever so that I can have much more holidays and need not think of the long suffering exams.

I really love this shirt la..^^

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kavil!~~

Well, I specially dedicate this post to a very special friend of mine, Kavil Takshya! Haha! is her 22nd Birthday! Although we didn't know each other for a long period of time, but the friendship bond between us and the other group members is stronger than anyone else can imagine. It's my pleasure to know you and I hope that this friendship between all the 9 of us can be everlasting! Hehe...good luck in everything that u hard and study smart... Be happy always...dun worry too much... Time will pass so swiftly and before you realize it, everything is gone like the wind...^^ Happy Birthday by the way!~~

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts During Mid Oct!~~

Doing revision while listening to some oldies might just help you in linking some of the things you used to not understand. 
Try to feel the songs and you will feel more relax than ever. 
Somethings not said may not necessary be a bad thing after all. 
That's why there are something called secrets. 
Well, I am starting to feel my home as days goes by. 
3 more days to Sibu once again. 
5 weeks plus here this time. 
Not long yet not so short as well. 
I really felt so lucky that I can be back home as some of my friends have not step in their house's for more than 4 months.

Just updated my status in facebook. 
This is how it sounds, " People are just too realistic. They will automatically find you when they are in need of your help. 
If not, don't you even dream of them thinking about you. 
Pure sadness." 
Well, can someone actually disagree with me in this? 
There are just too many this kind of people surrounding us nowadays. 
We can just see them stepping in our room once every blue moon. 
How I wish I can shut their mouth up and ask them to get lost. 

Another recent issue is that I really dislike people with last minute behavior. 
I just can't stand them doing so. 
We can finish the easy task in just a few flip but all we wanted is to rush in the last seconds. 
As if someone is pointing towards our head and ask us not to do our job or what. 
Pure craziness. 
Study last minute, eat last minute, plan last minute, everything last minute la. 
Try change a bit la. 
All I can wish you is all the best and good luck to your everyday life in the future. 
Change for a better future.

I don't deny that I can't be forcing anyone else to think just like me. 
Everyone thinks differently. 
The way you think is right may not necessary make me feel as right. 
Recently some stupid guy actually try to force me into doing something for him which I think is so damn ridiculous. 
What a childish act. 
Come on man. 
Wake up from you childish and stupid dream la. 
She won't even put that in mind. 
It's the past and please just be yourself. 
Once again I need to repeat myself. 
Respect others before you want others to respect you. 
It's not like you will always get what you wish for. 
Face it. 

It's the reality!  

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