Monday, March 26, 2018

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of first time! It's not easy to do but I have done quite a few stunning things. Now the problem is do I need to continue on doing these things. One month has passed by just like that, without realizing. Will there be more months to go? Or perhaps I was just having a long long dream? Do I actually need to wake up now? Or shall I continue on sleeping and dream for some more time? I tend to seek consultation from my dearest friends but this time I have decided to follow my heart. I will do whatever my heart tells me so. So, can you all just pray for my success? Hopefully I don't give up that easily. Good luck Allen! I really hope I can do it this time! *fingerscrossed

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Be Patience In The Things We Do Every Now And Then!

It's been half a month since I last step foot here. Yeah, indeed I have said this quite often but I am gonna say it again. Time passes by really swiftly. Well, we just cannot control time. Day by day passed by just like that. There are different events occurring in our daily life. Sometimes expected while sometimes unexpected. We do not know when, where, who and how some things might just happen in front of our eyes. Who are we to judge. Who do we think we are to think like the others. We can only accept that we are nobody. Everyone has their own different path of life including you and me. We can only give advice and whether the other person listen to the advice or carry out the action is another totally different matter. 

Anyway, I can say that there are a lot of first time which happened to me for the past half a month. I am indeed grateful for all the occurring. All I wish for is that all may just be continued onto the another step. Everything need to be done step by step. We cannot rush all the time and in the end regret our  own decision. Not to be passive or negative, sometimes we just cannot be too over persistent in doing something. Be patience and wish for the best is much better at times. So, let's just wait patiently guys and gals. I believe that one day will arrive sooner or later. I shall not give up until I totally succeed or totally failed disastrously. All the best to myself.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Real Life Situation in School!

Every person in this world will have their own timing from time to time. You may be well ahead of me at this moment of time but you can never know what and how I may just overtake you and go ahead of you without you realizing. So, let's just respect the others when we give our thoughts. Some may not accept them too easily and might even get hurt in between. Humans shall always remain as humans. We have feelings and are easily affected even by the smallest things surrounding us any time of the day. The things you have said may have your own logic but that does not mean you have to keep on mumbling it in front of the others. Others may tend to get fed up easily and in the end, what do they do? They will just ignore us and walk away. 

In life, we may meet a lot of different characteristics of people surrounding us. Learn to accept and make more friends. We need to keep in mind that making friends is much better than making enemies. It's not easy to maintain a friendship but we should minimize the opportunity to make an enemy. Why do we still hold a grudge onto the others and refuse to talk to them? This is because we cared too much of them and we have been hurt too deeply by them. Well, we usually thought that time will heal but some just won't. The scars left are just too deep and cannot be undo so easily. We lost trust and we no longer care. Life goes on. We live ours, they live theirs. No one human need to depend on another human to survive in this big big world around us.

Misunderstanding happen all the time. We did not communicate the right way. The messages was not conveyed the right way and in the end, no one gave a damn. So, what are the consequences? You blame me and I blame you back. Will the matter be solved? No way. Why don't we just learn to sit down in a round table and talk to each other. Cannot settle talk till we settle it. Nothing is impossible. Well, we should not give up that easily! The show must go on! The struggle has just started and we certainly will not let it end so early! Anyway, good luck guys. Just some sharing of the things I see in my daily life nowadays! Good day people.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Allen's New Year Resolution 2018!

So, here we go again. I guess this is the place which I turn to nowadays after I deleted my mobile legend game from my cellphone. I am no longer obliged to log into the game everyday and finish the tasks given from time to time. Well, now I shall have more time with my life. I can concentrate better with my surrounding people. All is good. That's what I tell myself nowadays. With this, I am setting a few targets for the year 2018. I certainly hope that this is not too late for me to set my 2018's new year resolution. January is gone, February as well but no matter what, we still have nearly 10 months to go. So, let's do it without further procrastination.

Lose at least 10 percent of my weight now. Okay, only me myself know my weight today! Now let's just keep that to myself. I will tell you all again if I managed to lose my weight! No worries. After living in denial for so long, I guess this is the most suitable time to do it. No more waiting! We shall start from tomorrow, 5.3.2018! I shall be doing exercise everyday, be it jogging or swimming. Let's eat less, eat healthy, eat less rice and surely eat less meat! And one most important thing, I shall limit myself to only one KFC in two months time, which essentially show how determined I am to cut lose of it. 

Apply for PhD before this year end. I don't want to wait any longer anymore. In life, we do not have too much time to be wasted. I am sure that I won't have much time to do so when I am involved in some other commitment in my long life. We also cannot expect the things which might occur from time to time. So, let's just get it over with as soon as possible. I know it's never easy to study for a PhD but if that is my dream, I shall pursue for it no matter what. I have done degree and masters which I never think was easy. I have gone through both stages and why shall I stop now? 

Get an other half of my life. This is something we cannot deny every now and then. There are just too many voices and sounds surrounding us who are keeping on nagging at us non-stop. Honest speaking, I tend to get really fed up easily with this. But, what they said do have their point as well. I know that age are catching me slowly as time passes by. However, it is really not an easy thing to accomplish. I shall try my best this time, no joke. In order to achieve this feat, we need to be patience and do not give up easily. When the time is right, love will appear naturally. *fingers-crossed

Make my way outside of ASIAN. After I have traveled to Taiwan in the year 2014, I have been travelling in the Asian countries only. I have make my way to Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand recently. This coming May I shall be in Vietnam, Cambodia and maybe Laos. So, there is only Philippines and Myanmar left for the Asian countries. This time around I am determined to follow one of my course mate for the trip to Korea. I want to see this country and have some time with the winter season! So, I really hope that my dream can come true. Without this Korean trip, I don't think I can think anymore further. Now let's just make this a successful trip! Come on.

Now to the last resolution of all. Transfer back to Sibu. I know this might appear shocking to some but this time I really wanna move back compare to the other times. I know there are another 15 teachers who are competing for places with me but who cares. I just want to go back. I cannot stay here anymore longer as it is really taking away my life. I want to go back and serve my own hometown. I do not want to be in the boat express every Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon any longer. Why can't I have the life of the other people who can spend time with their family on a sunny Sunday afternoon or hang out with my friends at night? After being in Kapit for three years, this is the first time I am so determined to move away! I really really hope that they can release me and I shall say Halo Sibu!

Yeah, this is one of the longest post which I have written before and let it be la. It's not always that I write so long. So, let's just hope I can achieve all 5 of my new year resolution for the year 2018! Wish me best of luck guys and gals out there. With this, I shall bid farewell with you all once again. See ya all again in my next post! Adios! 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hope For The Best!

It's been some time since I last took my time off and sit down with my blog spot. There are just too many other things to do and I have not been able to keep up the pace with them. I have been indulged in a game by the name mobile legend for the past 8 months. And last night, I have decided to call it a day. It's the end for me. I am not gonna play that game anymore. It's just too time eating for me. I shall concentrate more on the other things from now onward. I have not much time left as we all know, time can never take a u-turn one. So, what can we do to utilize time. 

For those of you who know me, you will know that my age is blinking really fast these days. It's the age which people call red alert. I need to act real fast before some hazardous stuff occur. I know it's not easy but what to do, life goes on. I need to work harder and sacrifice more time in that. No more procrastination! Need to rise up and tell the world that I am no different from the others. So, no worries guys and gals, everything is well in progress. Don't think too much and we shall just be friends for now. There is always a new beginning of something good to come. We cannot expect too much from the things we are new. With this, let's hope that God can show me the right path to take.

I am writing today to express how I really feel. I do not know if love a first sight really exist in this world but who knows, let's just give it a try. Never say no to something which we have never even try before. Try it first then tell us the experience. Do not judge too fast and surely do not act too fast and furious. Too fast may scare the other half or even make the thing end up in a mess. We need to plan and do things step by step. I guess that's enough mumbling for a day. So, hopefully we can meet again soon in my next post. Good luck and have a nice day guys and gals!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

What I Can Say Is

OK.. What I can say is.. Humans don't simply fall in love! It's because we are humans. We cannot simply say that we love someone just like that. We might like a lot of people but we can only fall in love with a single person at one time! One at a time, not many at one go! The people who claim so are definitely a big liar, don't believe in what he or she say!

So, once we have decided to put our heart on the table n open our heart to the other person, we may simply hope that our love may be accepted! But then, that's actually the hardest part in a relationship. To start or to initiate something to say is not an easy stuff to do. Not all can do it properly n many may just stuck at the halfway point! If we don't be determined enough to continue doing what we have been doing all along, we cannot say too much or complain too much! This is because we have given up hope even before the real race start!

In short, we need to keep on trying n aim for the best! There is no more return after we have stepped foot in the things we have done! It's not easy but we have to constantly do it in order to maintain the things we do! So, all the best to all of you out there! I seldom post nowadays but my heart shall always stay with this blogspot of mine! See ya all again next time! Bye bye!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Sigh Of Relieved!

Do you ever have that one feeling of a sigh of relieved after you have finished something big in your life? I guess I have done mine for the past 20 months of mine. 5 semesters of masters assignments and examinations have been done. I have finished them all and now suddenly I feel like I need some more excitement in my life. Shall I continue on to the next level? Or do I need to just stay put for now? Everything is still a mystery for now. Let's just wait till after my convocation ceremony first for now. I shall rest my mind and put more focus on my teaching profession for now. 

As some of you may know, I am teaching the best class for the mathematics subject this year. The aims was to get all of them to pass the exams and more importantly, I need to achieve 9 As from a total of 25 students. So now we still have one month and 10 days to the long awaited exams. However, I don't think the students are that ready just yet. I need to drill them more and more. No more joke after this. Things are gonna get rough and all of us need to be more focused than ever. I know they can do it and we shall all march towards the end of the line together.

Other than that, since I have more time to spare after my masters course, I need to be indulge in more exercise. Need to seriously loose some weight before it become more and more chronic. So, there shall be swimming time everyday in the afternoon unless there is heavy rain. No more procrastination and more laps need to be done. Everything shall begin this afternoon. So, before I stop my mumbling here, I wish everyone a good month ahead. May all of you be happy and have a good life ahead of you! Come on people!

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...