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11.35 am Flight Departure!!

I am going away today for my further studies all the guys n gals out there..all the best to all of you there.. I will always keep a part of u in my heart.. No matter what,we r still friends and there will nothing which can change that fact.. For my "Ham" group fellow matter where we are,we remain as loyal "Ham" group members!! We must always remember our motto~~May our Bird shine with glory,shine with Dignity!! Haha...let us continue our haming when we are back for holiday ba... may be hard to get use to it ba..but just pray hard for all the best lo... La la la..see ya next time ya..
When it's time, it's really time... They is no more returning anymore after this. No more regrets. It's really time to go and from now onwards don't look back. Tears roll down bit by bit. How and what is happening... Don't worry's just 7 weeks before u come back again ma.. But why am i doing this? I am crying in front of my computer and don't deny it although i am a boy. Who says boys can't cry? Argh....i can't ever bear my emotions anymore longer and it suddenly just burst out just like that... Goodbye my dear ones..goodbye to all my friends in Sibu.. I am missing u all now and forever... Haha..cheers!!


2 more days to I don't really shed tears but it's kind of hard to accept the truth too anyway... Haha...still got something undone de la... I know that i will miss this n tat de la...i have bought so many things yet I still don't feel quite enough... Hope it's still ok de la... Wow..these few days...went to so many nice places...RH Hotel..Tanahmas..Chin San..Cafe Cafe.. ah..really too rich liao lo... Lolz..


Such an tiring few days la... Thinking of this and that...Went to so many places doing this and that..busy from morning till night... least I can feel the reliefness deep inside of myself... Haha...what I've done is just enough..i think la... Haha... Lolz..

Unimas here i come!!!

Yeah..yeah... I got unimas civil engineering ei... Haha...

Final Countdown!!

Seems like it's really time to let go of it le ba... After so long of waiting and patientless's finally here... Tomolo we will know we will be heading to where as the results will be known... Haha...jia you to all my classmates n frineds who are waiting for the IPTA results ya... La la la...

Gathering Nite!!

Haha..a great nite of gathering between all the excos n ajks of the recent Qin Fei De Yi Camp... La la la...we sang and sang... We shout and shout... N also took lots of pics together... Lolz...

A Teapot of Tea~~

Finally...after so long of waiting n waiting again... We found a teapot of tea to drink... Wahahahaha..."Ham" Group as u all know..likes to drink tea... Oh well..let's drink some of these magnificent tea ba... Lolz..tea time..

Chelsea!!! The Best Team In The World~~


Ham Group Activities~~

Exploring other schools...this one is some where near Sibu Jaya...

Eating "ham"...our favourite...tat word must be read in chinese ya...

Go library looking for "friends"...haha...reading newspaper...

Eating burger...yeah...

Our favourite drink!!! Chinese Tea Peng...some times wan qing sui la..
We even too wu liao till we buy JoJo...sok leh...

Ya..u guess right le... Chinese Tea Peng again...n this time...we bought something too...
We plan for our future too ei...buying begs..

Football...our favourite pastimes.. Hehe..

We really like football a lot la... Haha...

Hard ah!!!

It's just too hard to do matter how hard one can try over n over again..


I have been very honest this few days and my daring spirit is living very high... To say it out is just great... I feel a free man and I dun have to be scare of anyone after all.. Haha..dun wanna write more tired now..

100 truths

About me :
001. Real name : Allen Yong Bee Khai
002. Nickname(s) : Alien, Tembikai, Sikai, Khaifire
003. Age: 20
004. Zodiac sign : Scorpio
005. Male or female : Male
006. Elementary : Chung Hua Kindergarten(Brunei)
007. Middle School : SJK Chung Hua(Brunei), SJK Methodist
008. High School : SMK Methodist
009. College school : Not yet la..
010. Hair color : black
011. Long or short : I m a male la..of coz short la..
012. Loud or Quiet : Loud gua..wahahahahha..
013. Sweats or Jeans : Jeans..
014. Phone or Camera : PHONE!!!!
015. Health freak : no
016. Drink or Smoke? : Can i not choose any of them ma? Lolz..
017. Do you have a crush on someone : Yup..of coz la..
018. Eat or Drink : eat!
019. Piercings : No.
021. Social or Anti-Social : Social
022. Righty or lefty : Righty
023. First piercing : -_-!!
024. First relationship : Err..dunno got count ma.. Haiz..
025 First Best Friend : Brunei friend..Liaw Vun Kang..Primary school..
026. First Award : Forget liao..too many..
027. First Kiss : Haha. ==
028. First Pet :…

Ok ma..

Life is just so not so ok at times. Feelings can just change from bad to worst in just a few seconds. Every moments we went through is another experience in our short and challenging journey. We meet those who care and who is just another normal person in our life. Never know who is the most important for us. What to do when we see so many challenges ahead. Tend to think too much and face turn red so easily often in my path. Try to cure by stopping to take a rest but something just keep on pushing me ahead. At times, we must take a deep breath before continuing our long journey ahead. This is for our own good.

Haming all the way,...

Ham,ham,ham...ham for whole day yesterday le... Today jiu dunno liao... Haha..

Uniform Camp 2009

Yeah..finally get through here le... After 2 days in the uniform camp helping and playing along... Being judge in the flag making part...marching part... Oh summarize the whole camp's ups n's pretty "ok" for me la... Haha..everything was just like what i predicted in the previous post... Hmmm..everything starts from the nite before the camp..the preparation was like zero.. Haiz..time went over and over... Many things were delayed.. Some games needed to be cut short... Some groups finished earlier while some jiu slower lo... Aikz..the food was completely G.G la... the principal can feel the pain liao.. Who ask him to do so at first?? The place we slept was still ok de la..maybe xi guan liao.. Hmmm...the timetable.. lolz.. Anyway,the participants was so far so good.. Anyway,it's all over liao... I am so relieved now... Yeah...achieve another high in my life... First time as a teacher in charge of Uniform Camp...the other 2 times was as…

Susah de Uniform Camp@!

Big headache!!! Sien qu...2 more days to camp and yet they din even have any meeting de!!! Wat to do now??? I really dunno what to expect from this time's uniform camp la.. Like what others say de..the main organizer seems so relax ei... But why i feel thet there's still lots of problem leh??? Sien qu...wth are they preparing to give us oh??

Random Thought

I just wanna write something here or squabble something here but just dunno wat to do next. Oh well,i might as well go step by step ba.. Today is the 8th already... Have not study for more than 6 months.. I really think that I have played enough this time.. Just hope that my brain won't become too rusted when I got into Uni in just less than 3 weeks time... God,please grant me Unimas(Civil Engineering)... I thrist for that now I am sure what path am i heading towards... A lot of people is doing the same thing and I dun think this would be a bad thing either.. Wanna buy a laptop for myself now..3000++.. haha..half of my salary as a temporary teacher liao.. Anyway,still ok de la since I still have some extra 2 months' pay safe n sound with me now... I wanna have the best for me and not just cincai pick one which i might regret next time... La la schedules are just too too tight nowadays...bbq..badminton..futsal..limteh..camping..meetings..dinners..reunion.. Omg..i d even… day!!

Since today is Sunday, I might as well take a day off for myself and my hp... Din sms as usual..i dun wanna make myself fallen into that deep trap which beckon near and near.. No way am i gonna make a friendship turn into a nightmare as before.. Haha...take a deep breath first before continue my long journey ahead!!

Tag By Rina

1. Name the persons you tagged.
- Barbara
- Jason Ling
- Steven Chung
- Andrew Law
- Xerois

2. Describe yourself in one word.

- happy-go-lucky(should be one word gua..)

3. Who would you pick, someone who really loves you, or the one you love?

-err..can i choose both ma? Although i know sometimes this may be too impossible qu... But..who knows??? Lolz..

4. Have you ever loved someone before but never had the courage to tell him/her?

- yup,of coz..maybe my time haven arrive ba..

5. How if people reject your confess face to face?

- T.T..i will be very sad lo.. Coz i never got rejected before..oh well,i never tried confessing anyway..

6. God is giving you just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven, IF you love someone special, what will you say to that person?- To all of my friends n family..i love u all and will always keep u all in my prayers and God bless u all.. To my special one and only one,I Love You forever!! No matter how far the distance,no one can ever break the bond between us 2~~Have …

No Holidays

Holidays just like no holidays la... busy having fun...

Wat A Way

Wat a way time passes.... Just like tat..we r into the weekend of this week's holiday le..,another week plus to go before school reopens.. Not tat it matters to me la...just wanna inform some my school friends xia lo... La la la...has been keeping myself really really busy these days..spending lots n lots of money... Oh well...the point is tat i m quite happy lo... In about 3 weeks time,i will be flying out for my further studies in Uni liao... Very fast leh...they say tat the results will be out on 19th of june lo... So,i must really to face the reality of my life.. I hope i can get civil engineering at unimas lo... So tat i can come back really really easily lo... Lolz..n i kind of like to go under the sun gua... Haha..another busy week next week... Maybe going kuching gua..still not confirm yet...

Oh well..well..well..

Oh well...finally i manage to do so... I went out with her with a bunch of church friends tonight... Haha...n in the end,find some topic to start smsing her... Lolz..feel so relief... La la la...

Wat To Do?

La la la...i think i am in trouble le ei... Something kind of happened now... That gal keep on turning around in my mind.. Haha..maybe just yi shi de huang jue ba... Aiks..but many other ppl also like her ma... Hmmm..wat should i do??? Msg her or not msg her?? Haiya..susah betul...

Youth Camp(30/5/09-2/6/09)

Yo,yo...everybody... I m back from my great and wonderful youth camp... But this time really was an another kind of feeling coming back from there... This time round i was the organizer and not the once participants. I found out so many new things than the one i already knew before... I got to do new things,some i never did before ones. Like holding the microphone in front of hundreds of people and talk aloud..being a MC.. Oh well..before that,I had did a lot of preparations for this camp.. So,I was really satisfy with what I have done lo.. La la la... Happy happy~~ I got new buddies.. Some knew long time ago but never got this close before.. I enjoy it so much mo...tis is life... I do this n tat and others congratulate me... Argh..............feel so good after shouting out.... Here,i clarify that i really miss them a lot la... Haha....although there were also some ups n downs in the camp,but i still like it very much and will forever keep it deep inside my memory... Bef…