Saturday, October 27, 2012

My 23rd Birthday!^^

Yeah..I m back dy..after being at my foster family's place for 3 days 2 nights... Haha, indeed learned a lot and experienced a lot more than last time. This time my feelings for them are much deeper than ever. I actually missed them from the first step I walked away from the house. Haha, lol...not ashamed to say it here, I cried. Yeah, I cried the whole way from the house to the train station. The feeling just came out itself. But eventually I settled down and felt relieved that they love me so so much.

Another big and eventful thing is that...yeah, I am 23 today! Lol...gosh...went through so much. People at this kind of age might have graduated from here dy but I still have 2 years more... All because of the road I chose. 2 years in form 6, I never regret that. After all, I still need to walk my road. I shall be strong and be myself. I know this is the right n best choice available. Come on. Happy Birthday to myself and good day to all...^^ Btw, pictures taken from Dora's blog~~^^

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

3 More Days to Go! Encounting~~

Gosh..I can't believe's just 3 days to go to the Big Day to arrive. So swiftly one year has gone by..well, what to do..this is just something we gonna adapt and get use to it. Time passes every now and then. It's just another one year older and one year mature. This past year has indeed been another most memorable one of my life. I shall always keep it in my memories for as long as I live. And I look forward to another 2 years I have here.

This time around I can't celebrate at home unlike last year where I can be with my family. So, this year I am gonna do it a different way which is by celebrating it with my foster parents at Kampung Brunei. Haha, will be visiting there and stay there for 3 days 2 nights starting tomolo. Just hope that everything goes to plan and I manage to study some over there. Come on, I know God will bless me no matter what happen.

Well, exams are just around the corner as well. Next Monday shall be the first paper, physical education. This paper is not that hard, just need a little bit of polishing with the notes and tips given. Then to Wednesday, the paper of education, and then to the major sub. That sums up for the first week. All in all, everything seems to be well-placed and I am ready for the things in front of me. So, 15 days to Holidays!! Come on!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

No more Distraction, Please!

Ok, finally reach the time to face the truth n reality... No more playing after this. As u all know, exams are coming really really soon in a week time. So, no more distraction after this. Let's just fully concentrate on the exams before anything else occur. Haha, come on! Good luck n all the best to all my friends having the same conditions!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanx Ya Guys n Gals for the Day!

Picture credited to Dora!
Haha, hi there guys and gals... Well, although it's only the 18th, my friends from the TESL class have helped me n Kavil celebrated our birthday as they fall in the same month, October! My beloved October, you shall always be the best! Now thanks ya friends for the wonderful wallet and lunch you gave me! I appreciate it so  much...come on! Friendship Forever! Haha...although there r less works dy now compare to the few weeks before this, there are still exams behind me. Many exams ahead, got some trial exams paper today n they actually look quite disastrous to me. Lol...what can I say? All the best to all n God bless...haha...^^

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh My October!^^

Many things happened during this big month of mine. Half of it is gone, so I just hope that the other half will be much better to me as the day is approaching so so soon. Last year was so different as I was back at home when the day eventually arrive. This year though I need to do it here once again, like usual. Anyway, I am not upset or what. I am just grateful that another year is gonna pass by just like that. All the best to all of us having the exams soon and may all of us be able to settle down after the long long semester 4, dear batchmates of mine!^^

Recent Updates!

It's been 2 weeks since I last blogged. Too many things happened in between such as BIG( a camp which lasted for 3 days 2 nights), semester 8 dinner n most recently Karnival Kokurikulum. There were indeed a lot of different and memorable experiences in these 2 weeks. I have new foster parents, live with them and learnt their culture. We played and ate all the time. That was 3 great days I had there. Semester 8 dinner was another big and busy night of mine of all time. I have never tried to get myself into such busy-ness!! Haha, I ran the whole place like a crazy fool to control this and that as I was the performance committee. I had to make sure the songs was played on time, karaoke ready, videos are played correctly, the lights of the place and etc. But thankfully, I still manage to eat my food. If not, I dunno how crazy I would get. Just tat not as peacefully as one would wish to.

Now to the recent Karnival Kokurikulum. I was the commander of my group, BSMM. We did our best and I actually shouted my heart out. All of these came out spontaneously. The truth is I never think of doing like tat. What surprised me was that my friend from block C actually say that he can hear my voice from there. Haha. Gosh. How loud can that be. Then to the bantu mula competition. Not bad la. Although I was one of the penganjur, I didn't really help much. Thanks to Ichum. He is the real boss! Hahaha...come on...1 more day to go before I am really really free to revise for my final exams in less than 2 weeks time!^^

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Optimizing The Usable Tools!!

Well..without realizing, we have come to the month of October. But the works doesn't end here. Many more coming soon. And it's just not that easy to overcome them. During the process of solving the problem, we would tend to face some obstacles of life. They are so annoying some time that we are just too lazy to see eye to eye with them. Why waste our saliva and time on such no sense of thinking? People speak of the real and important thing but they just like to annoy us.

I know that it's just not easy to help someone else but does it really hurt us a lot to help others some time? Why do we need to be so selfish? Yeah, the more the merrier in doing some thing. But, if 4 people can cooperate among each other in finishing the job of 20 people, does it really make sense if you order 10 people to do the same thing? Is it not too crowded? Think about it! Don't be stupid la. Noob!!!

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...