Thursday, January 24, 2013

Let's Overcome the Obstacles In a Hilarious Way!^^

 Today let's share something about this semester's studies and activities. Yeah, it's one of the busiest semester of all in a degree year. This semester we are gonna organize a Sports Carnival and we shall be the ones who will determine the success of it. We need to go for a brief one month of practical, then also be involve in a visiting to any sports stadium or what for physical education class. Other than that, we also need to prepare a  traditional game for physical education class as well. Gosh, assignments are pouring in day by day. Another mountain will be built up soon without me realizing about it.

How to deal with all these works? Music probably, I can't imagine my life without it. Not forgetting church time. I shall never postpone my time with God. Nothing come first as without God, we are all nothing. Just came back from a celebration of a new bishop from my church. Great! Ate a perfect lunch there and then came back here ready to finish the undone business! Come on, God shall give me all the strength in overcoming all these obstacles! Do it in a hilarious way and there will be done in no time!^^

Sunday, January 20, 2013


One week passed by~ Another week coming in as soon as tomorrow... Haha, this shall be a better week as we will have one day less to study! Thursday is a public holiday! Thanks to Maulidur Rasul! Come on, gonna take it step by step as I have always goes on no matter what! But then I shall always keep in mind one thing, 我明年毕业!! le...went to an Old Folks Home visitation this morning with some of my church members..great time there seeing them, next week having Meridien Buffet!!! Wahahhaa...good day people!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Youth Fellowship Gathering

Felt so blessed and calm after coming back from a church gathering. It's something I would do every Thursday night! So, nothing can stop me from attending it! I can feel the peaceful and nice feeling within me from just now up until now which hasn't fade a bit. The praise and worship part is the greatest of all. I can feel the power of love from God within me. It's just too mesmerizing and I would like to have it every now and then. Come on, Youth Fellowship Gathering!! I promise you to be there every week. You can have my word!! Yeah, happy happy to all of you out there!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Football Shoes For Me!!

Got myself a new pair of Umbro football shoes today~~ I guess I had to do so as I dun really own a proper football shoes to play on every evening here while studying. Lol, although the price tag was not some which I would normally buy I shall not regret in buying it! This is what we called passion! I love football and I shall practice it! Come on!! Looks not bad la! Wahahaha..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jungle Trekking for a Start to 2013!!!

Hello guys and guys from all over the world out there!!! After abandoning this blog for so long, imma back here once again! Since it's the first post of the year 2013, I shall make it as long as possible. And I will continue my blogging business from now on! Come on Allen Pasta! Hahaha...

The story of the year so far is of course about my camping experience for the last 2 days. Just came back from a church camp by the way. We went for a normal and peaceful leadership camp up until a group of 4 guys who were too boring till nothing to do and had to find something "interesting" to do. Yeah, Allen, Bie Hin, Ah Li n Ah Xian went for a jungle trekking trail which was called the rubber trail.

We searched here and there for the entrance. In the end, we found it and there was a sign which showed "Start: 3.9KM, 1KM" Before we start considering whether to take the road or not, we have started climbing that drain road. We climbed up and down the whole hill. 100m, 200m n 300m was full of hard ways up. There was fulls of challenges but we still manage to overcome them all and thought of reaching back the resort right on time. But then, something unexpected happened. Reaching 400m was not that hard and we were quite happy that time.

The next thing on the mind was of course finding 500m!!! This was the one thing we have searched for so long inside that hill!! Went to the wrong path, turn back and walk again. Fell down, get back up and walk again. Any turning back? NO! We were determined to walk again. Other members of the camp called us at first and we were still so confident in finding the way back. We knew we can do it. Just that it might take a bit longer time.

After a few times of searching here and there for the "500m" sign, I was like starting to get worried and scare that we really got lost dy as there actually a really hard and challenging road ahead which heads to no end one. That was like so damn scary. So, I asked a friend outside for help. Esther called, Ung gave advise. We were actually calm that time. Except me. Lol. In the end, we just stay put for a while and then waited for help. We prayed. And then went up the hill as we were actually quite deep into the jungle dy that time. Can't even hear of see anything else around us except trees!!!

After that, we were told that there will be some guys from the resort who are coming in for us. So, we turned back. Many unexpected things happened. I nearly lost my slippers, fell and fell like never before. I nearly gave up but luckily my friends gave me guidance and help all along! Thank you all ya. We reached back safely and I was so damn tired!! Lol, no more next time for me. I have learned a lot today! Come on!!!

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